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This guide explains what Ebooks are and shows how to find and read Ebooks.

This grid provides criteria to evaluate a web site to distinguish between reliable and unreliable information on the web.

This guide presents tips and tricks for following conversations between authors in the popular and scholarly literature and to find reactions to articles...

This tutorial, created by the Purdue University Libraries, teaches students how to read a scientific paper and explains the anatomy of a scholarly research...

This interactive guide helps students evaluate resources by using criteria including scholarly versus popular, primary versus secondary, expertise, bias,...

This tool prompts students to enter citation information depending on the type of resource they have to cite. NoodleTools generates an MLA Works Cited list...

This grid helps students differentiate between popular, scholarly and trade publications and includes an explanation of peer-review.

This tutorial is designed to help students research women's human rights using the archives at the University of Texas at Austin and take them step-by-step...

This guide shows how to find opinion and editorial articles in print and online. It provides a list of publications with opposing viewpoints and shows how...

This guide explains the purpose of background information in academic research and shows students how to find background information on their topic.


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