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This log helps students document their research strategy and keep track of where they found their sources. Instructors can require students to turn this...

This assignment asks students to find a peer reviewed article relate to a course assignment or course material and evaluate it.

This assignment teaches students how to find an article by brainstorming keywords, choosing a database, constructing a search, and citing the article.

This assignment helps students map their controversy and find a variety of viewpoints.

Prior to beginning a research paper or project, students are asked to write a short abstract that carefully considers their research question, their role as...

This worksheet is tailored specifically for evaluating a primary or archival source by addressing issues of audience, authority, bias, accuracy, and tone....

First-year students learn best from assignments that provide concrete and specific guidance on research methods. We can help you design assignments that...

This assignment asks students to evaluate sources they use for their research. Students are asked to cite the source, identify the source type, discuss the...


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