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This interactive tool guides students through the process of creating an effective keyword search for their research topic using the model described below and then allows students to email the results to themselves and their instructor. Students can also launch the search in the Library Catalog, Academic Search Complete, or JSTOR.

This is step-by-step tutorial to teaches students to brainstorm keywords, choose, and search an article database.

This log helps students document their research strategy and keep track of where they found their sources. Instructors can require students to turn this document in with their papers.

This guide presents tips and tricks for following conversations between authors in the popular and scholarly literature and to find reactions to articles and blog posts.

This resource supports instructors to teach their students how to think about what evidence they will need to synthesize into their research papers, and find and evaluate that evidence. It includes exercises for three classroom scenarios and a worksheet.

This guide supports instructors to teach students how to brainstorm effective search terms. It includes exercises for three classroom technology scenarios. Instructors may also have their students use the included worksheet or online tool to turn their topics into effective searches.

This assignment teaches students how to find an article by brainstorming keywords, choosing a database, constructing a search, and citing the article.

This assignment helps students map their controversy and find a variety of viewpoints.

Prior to beginning a research paper or project, students are asked to write a short abstract that carefully considers their research question, their role as a researcher (synthesizer, reviewer, problem-solver, etc), the importance of their research question, and the information resources they will need to consult to answer that question. This assignment helps students move beyond researching a broad topic and towards narrowing the focus of their project to a research question. Adapted from an assignment in Professor Stephen Reese's UGS 302: Understanding 9/11 in Fall 2011.

This guide walks students through the steps to find an article from a citation.


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