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Description: This test package can be uploaded to Blackboard to assess student comprehension of the How to Read a Scientific Paper Tutorial.

Tips and usage ideas: Follow the steps below to import the 5-point test into your Blackboard course:

  • Download the test package to your computer (
  • Log in to your Blackboard course and click Control Panel
  • Under Course Tools select Test, Surveys, and Pools
  • Click on Tests, then Import Test
  • Click the Browse button and locate the test package you saved in step 1.
  • Now, decide where you'd prefer the test to live and from the left-hand column, click on either Course Documents or Assignments.
  • From the Create Assessment drop-down tab, select Test. The How to Read a Scientific Paper Test should appear in the Add Test window. Select it and hit Submit.
  • After you have successfully created the test, the screen will display Test Options. Under “2. Test Availability,” click Yes by “Make the Link Available” to turn the link on for students and under “5. Test Feedback,” check all four boxes if you want to display the feedback for correct and incorrect answers built into the test package. Click “Submit.”
Contact us if you'd like help adding this to your Blackboard course.

Tags: articles assessing student learning

Created: Fall 2011