How We Can Support Your Course

There are a variety of approaches to teaching the Signature Course information literacy competencies. You may request any of these approaches based on your preferences and what works best for your discipline. Regardless of the method of delivery, best practices indicate that students learn best when teaching is tied to a specific research assignment and timed when students have an information need. Popular approaches include:

  1. Library instruction sessions
    If your course has a research component, schedule an instruction session to have your students work hands-on with a librarian. We will work with you to ensure the session is scheduled after students have chosen topics and when you can be present. Use the request form to schedule a session.
  2. Exercises/assignments and tailored research guides
    Librarians, in consultation with you, will develop research guides tailored to your course and assignments, as well as create exercises that will teach information literacy skills. These exercises are assigned by you as part of the course workload. We are also available to assist you in the development of research assignments. Browse the Toolkit for assignments and exercises and request a version tailored to your class, or use the form to request a resource you don't see in the toolkit.
  3. Training for Teaching Assistants
    Librarians are available to work with TAs from lecture-format courses to provide training, materials and exercises which support the teaching of these information literacy learning outcomes within the discussion sections. Contact Teaching & Learning Services at for more information.
  4. Alternatives to the research paper
    Your course does not have to include a research paper to incorporate research and information evaluation skills. Librarians are available to assist you in the development of alternatives to the research paper that teach information literacy skills and deepen understanding of the course content. Browse the Toolkit for alternatives to the research paper and request a version tailored to your course, or use the form to request a resource you don't see in the toolkit.
  5. Online tutorials
    We have tutorials available to teach your students the basics such as finding articles and books, as well as more complex concepts such as how to avoid plagiarism and recognize the elements of a citation. Browse the toolkit for tutorials you can incorporate into your course. If you have an idea for a new tutorial, please contact Teaching & Learning Services at
  6. Embedded Librarians
    Add a librarian to your course (through Blackboard or any other course management system). We will provide research assistance to your students over the course of the semester. Use the form to request a librarian.