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Description: This course received a Embrey Women’s Human Rights Initiative grants to support the use of primary source materials to teach students about women's human rights in the context of the course material. The librarian and the archivist for the UT Human Rights Documentation Initiative consulted with the Teaching Assistant to identify online primary source material documenting contemporary women's rights issues in Russia. The librarian presented several scenarios for using the primary sources to support the discussion section, including having students compare and contrast two primary sources on the same topic, choosing two primary sources on a topic from different periods of time and having a discussion about how they differ and what's changed, and using a contemporary primary source that could facilitate discussion of the themes of the novels being reading read in the course. The teaching assistant chose an interview with a Russian sex worker and discussed the video during class, relating it to a course lecture on sex trafficking and tying it to the novels that were being discussed in the course.

Faculty: Jennifer Beer and Tatiana Kuzmic
Created: Spring 2012


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