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Celebrating the Life

Description: This course required students to do two research assignments. The first, a book review, required students to read a book about a child in another culture and write a review informed by background information about that culture. The librarian created a research guide teaching students how to find the book in the Libraries, find book reviews to get a sense of how they are written, and explore scholarly encyclopedias for background information.

The second, larger research assignment asked students to research a topic related to the course, write a paper and do a multi-media presentation. This assignment was scaffolded with a paper topic, a list of sources and source analyses, and drafts due at different points. The librarian created a research guide and led an instruction session to help students find and evaluate books, articles and statistics for their paper and find still and moving images for their presentation. The librarian also created a Source Analysis Worksheet students turned in with their three initial sources.

Faculty: Nancy Roser
Created: Spring 2011