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In-depth Tutorials



Audacity Wiki
Developer-maintained wiki featuring a troubleshooting section, an FAQ, brief tutorials and links to further resources - Up and Running with Audacity
One-hour video tutorial, ideal for both beginners and advanced users who wish to explore the capabilities in Audacity.

Garage Band - GarageBand Essential Training
Four-hour course on GarageBand basics. Topics include Working with Loops, Recording Real Instruments, Arranging and Mixing and Controlling GarageBand with an iPad.

Stanford University - Music Composing in GarageBand
Simple text-and-image tutorial aimed at novice users. Designed to help beginners bring a basic composition to life.

Apple - GarageBand Help
Introductory lessons on getting started with GarageBand. Topics include GarageBand Basics, Create a Song Arrangement, Mix and Automate and Share Projects.

Adobe Audition

Adobe TV - Sound Your Best with Adobe Audition
Short video tutorials produced by Adobe, offering tips on subjects such as restoring audio clips, editing efficiently and integrating Audition with Premiere and After Effects

Adobe Audition Help
Concise instructions for navigating the software and performing basic functions such as importing audio, applying effects, waveform editing and multitrack mixing. - Adobe Audition CC Essential Training

Five-hour tutorial course designed to instill core skills in audio editing and sound design with Audition. Topics include Importing and Managing Media, Working in the Waveform Editor, Cleaning and Repairing Audio, Multitrack editing, and SFX.


Animation and 3D Graphics

Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Knowledge Network - Getting Started
Developer-produced text-and-image tutorials designed to introduce Maya to new users. Topics include Maya Basics, Polygonal Modelling, Animation, Texturing, Painting and Fluid Effects.

Autodesk Knowledge Network - Maya Learning Path
Developer-produced tutorials targeted at new users. Designed to instill core skills and promote familiarity with the Maya interface.

Youtube - Maya Learning Channel
Project-oriented video tutorials produced by Autodesk. Topics range from general and beginner-focused (Navigating the Maya Interface, Manipulating Objects, etc.) to more advanced and specific (Creating a Python Command Plug-in, Working with Maya and Mudbox, Color Profiles, etc.) - Maya Tips and Tricks
A collection of short, project-oriented videos that cover a broad range of techniques in Maya. Topics include Customizing the Interface, Working with Scenes, Using the Hotkey Editor and Referencing Files.

Autodesk Mudbox

Autodesk Knowledge Network - Mudbox Learning Path
Developer-produced tutorials targeted at new users. Designed to instill core skills and promote familiarity with the Mudbox interface. - Mudbox Essential Training
Four-hour course covering essential tools and techniques for the Mudbox digital sculpting suite. Includes topics such as Optimizing a Wacom tablet for Mudbox, Navigating the 3D space, Sculpting with Stamps, Stencils and Layers, Painting Textures, Lighting a Scene and Posing Characters.


Blender - Tutorials
Developer-produced tutorials on a broad range of topics,ranging from general (Blender Basics, Introduction to the Interface, etc.) to very specific (Creating a Realistic Human Head, Rendering a Sports Car, Dissolve Your Logo in Blender, etc.)

Blender - User Manual
Very extensive online manual, organized in a wiki format.Covers topics from getting started for beginners to highly advanced techniques. - Blender Essential Training
Comprehensive training course designed to instill core skills in 3D modelling. Topics covered include The Blender Interface, Modelling, Lighting, Simulation, Animation and Compositing.

Web Development


iWeb Support
Basic instruction from Apple on getting started with iWeb and performing functions such as creating hyperlinks and adding multimedia content - iWeb Essential Training
Extensive course designed to help users build a website quickly and confidently. Subjects include Working with Text, Photo and Movie Pages, Blogging and Podcasting and Publishing.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe TV - Learn Dreamweaver CC

Adobe-produced course designed to instill a working knowledge of Dreamweaver. Covers subjects such as interface navigation, using HTML5, CSS, layouts, style and integrating code to publish your website. - Creating a First Website in Dreamweaver CC 2015

Introductory tutorials designed to provide a grounding in the basics of web design with Dreamweaver. Covers subjects such as Understanding Web Site Design, Stylizing Content, Creating a Flexible Layout, Inserting Images and Videos and Uploading and Testing a Website. - Adobe Dreamweaver CC Essential Training

Extensive course covering the essential attributes of web design with Dreamweaver. Topics include Understanding Site Structure, Uploading Files to Your Site, Generating clear and accessible code, Working with CSS, incorporating images, Creating Links and Working with Forms.

Adobe Fireworks

Adobe TV - Learn Fireworks
Simple video tutorials that explain the key features of Fireworks CS6 and how it can enhance web design. - Fireworks CS6 Essential Training
Comprehensive training for developing professional web graphics and web site mockups with Fireworks. Covers topics such as Learning Fireworks Menus and Shortcuts, Drawing with Fireworks, Working with Objects, Using Symbols and CSS Integration. - Fireworks Workshop
Further training and skill development for Fireworks CS6. Includes exercises for vector drawing, working with text, using bitmaps, creative symbols and designing for mobile platforms.

Flash Software

Adobe Learn and Support
Brief tutorials designed to help users get started with Flash animation projects, plus a link to the online user’s manual

Flash Professional Help
Flash instruction organized by specific topics, including Animation, Audio, Video, Effects and Application Design - Up and Running with Flash Professional CC
Thorough training course that attempts to demonstrate how Flash integrates with websites and how users can create an assortment of Flash content. Subjects covered include Introduction to the Flash Interface, Importing Graphics, Structuring a Flash Document, Drawing Basic Shapes, Symbols, Effects and Masks, Video, Audio and Publishing. - Flash Builder
Short, project-oriented tutorials for beginners and more advanced users.

Source Code Editing

General Coding for the Web

Tuts+ - 30 Days to Learn HTML and CSS
Short, project-oriented lessons designed to give users a basic grounding in HTML and CSS coding languages. Free but requires registration. - HTML Essential Training
Extensive training course targeting beginners who need to understand the fundamentals of HTML programming. Topics include What is HTML?, Applying Style, Aligning Images, Using Links, A CSS Primer and Embedding Audio and Video.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text 3 Documentation
Learning resources provided by the developer, designed to introduce key features and workflow in Sublime Text 3

Tuts+ - Sublime Text 2 Tips and Tricks
Shortcuts, add-ons and techniques for maximizing productivity in Sublime Text. Written for an earlier version of the software, but still largely applicable to Sublime Text 3.

Tuts+ - Sublime Text Perfect Workflow
Developer-endorsed video tutorial course covering essential features and techniques of Sublime Text. Produced for an earlier version of the software, but still largely applicable to Sublime Text 3. Free, but requires registration.


Introduction to Editing and Fundamentals - Foundations of Video: The Art of Editing
Introductory course explaining the basic techniques and terminology of digital video editing.

Final Cut Pro

Izzy Video
Free video tutorials providing a basic introductory course to Final Cut Pro. Conveniently organized into specific sections, with short corresponding videos. - Final Cut Pro Essential Training 
7-hour tutorial course, covering topics such as Understanding Nonlinear Editing, Moving and Removing Clips, Adjusting Audio Levels, EQ and More, Importing and Analyzing Footage from Multiple Platforms, Sharing and Exporting Projects

Communities (Apple)
List of Apple-endorsed blogs, discussion forums and community groups that exchange information and training for Final Cut Pro.

iMovie - iMovie Essential Training
Comprehensive tutorial course, covering topics such as Importing Video, Organizing Clips, Editing Video, Working with Effects and Sharing Your Movies. - iMovie Tutorials
Thorough range of text-and-image tutorials aimed at novice users

Apple iMovie Help
Brief, text-based instructions on basic iMovie techniques

iMovie Tips
Concise guide to expanding basic iMovie skills by utilizing the software’s special features

Mac Apps Support - iMovie
Troubleshooting and advice on using iMovie effectively.

Adobe Premiere

Adobe TV - Learn Premiere Pro CC
Adobe-produced video tutorials, targeted at beginning and advanced users. Topics include A Tour of the Interface, Get Editing Quickly, Add a Simple Title, Fades and Music, Adding and Removing Special Effects and Working with After Effects - Premiere Pro CC Essential Training

Tutorial series designed to train beginners in the most essential skills of digital video editing. Subjects covered include Importing Media, Editing Essentials, Working with Transitions, Audio Editing and Mixing, Color Correction, Creating Dynamic Titles and Exporting Frames, Clips and Sequences.

Adobe After Effects

Adobe TV - Learn After Effects CC
Adobe-produced video tutorials, targeted at beginning and advanced users. Topics include What is After Effects, Basic Workflow and Terminology, Compositing, Animating and masks, applying effects, rotoscoping, and Working with 3D objects. - After Effects CC Essential Training
Comprehensive course on key components of animation, effects and compositing. Covers subjects such as Introducing the Workspace, Importing Footage, Creating Compositions, Building Graphics, Timing Animations to Audio, Animating 3D Type, Rotoscoping, Smoothing Shaky Footage, motion tracking and Building Backgrounds with Effects..

Tuts+ - Cinematic Effects in After Effects
Two-hour course focusing specifically on cinematic effects, such as lens artifacts, depth blurring and close-ups. Free but requires registration.

Creative Bloq - 50 Amazing After Effects Tutorials
Diverse set of tutorials in varied formats (video, text, slideshow). Ranges from general (Intro to After Effects, Learn Basic Techniques, etc.) to very specific (Creating Glass Reflection, Create a Smoke Effect, How to Mix Stop Motion with 3D Layers, etc.)

Graphics and Visual Design

Graphic Design Fundamentals - Introduction to Graphic Design
This course teaches the fundamentals of professional-quality graphic design using Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, and covering subjects such as color, typography, image manipulation and basic digital drawing. - Graphic Design Theory: 50 Resources and Articles
Extensive list of resources for beginning and advanced graphic designers. Organized into sections such as General Design Theory, Layout Principles, Color Theory and Typography.

Adobe Photoshop - Adobe Photoshop CC One-on-One: Fundamentals
Introductory course that aims to teach new users the most essential techniques of Photoshop CC. Covers subjects such as interface navigation, image sizing, understanding file formats, applying effects and enhancing portraits. - Adobe Photoshop CC Essential Training
Comprehensive tutorial series aimed at instilling a working knowledge of Photoshop’s most commonly used features. Topics include Retouching and Editing in Camera RAW, Cropping, Scaling and Rotating Images, Working with Layers, Toning and Changing Colors, Filters, Adding Type and Working with Video.

Adobe TV - Learn Photoshop CC
Adobe-produced video tutorial series designed to ground users in basic Photoshop techniques. Explains the Photoshop Workspace, Layers, Filters, Adding Text to Images, 3D Images and more. - Photoshop CC for Photographers: Fundamentals

An introduction to Photoshop aimed specifically at the needs of photographers. This tutorial covers the most essential skills: cropping, improving exposure, painting color and light with masks, converting to black and white, thinking creatively with filters, retouching, and publishing photos online and in print. - Photoshop CC for Web Design
This course explores Photoshop as a tool for web design, with a focus on graphic elements and stylizing images. Topics include Screen Size and Resolution, Coloring Web Graphics, Working with Transparency, Optimizing Images and Integrating with Adobe Creative Cloud.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe TV - Features of the Illustrator Workspace
Brief tutorial explaining how to navigate the Illustrator Workspace and locate some popular tools.

Adobe TV - Learn Illustrator CC
Adobe-produced video tutorials on topics such as Exploring the Workspace, Creating artwork with vectors, working with shapes, applying color, tracing artwork, creating patterns and gradients, adding text, using brushes and transforming objects

Creative Bloq - 100 Amazing Adobe Illustrator Tutorials
Diverse set of tutorials in varied formats (video, text, slideshow). Ranges from general (5 Tips for Drawing in Illustrator, 10 Things Beginners Want to Know How to Do, etc.) to very specific (Create Your Own Leather Texture, How to Create a Vintage Type Postcard, Create a Comic Book Style Character, etc.) - Illustrator CC One-on-One: Fundamentals
More comprehensive course designed to instill essential Illustrator skills. Covers subjects such as document type and creation, interface navigation, building shapes, tracing images, freeform painting and using the pen tool. - Illustrator CC Essential Training
Extensive training course in key Illustrator concepts and techniques. Addresses specific applications for Illustrator, such as web design, printing and integration with other Creative Suite software. Topics include Understanding Vector Graphics, Working with Fills and Strokes, Understanding Paths, Using Type, Using Symbols and Managing Layers.

Desktop Publishing

Adobe InDesign

Adobe TV - Learn InDesign CC
Introductory videos covering some important software basics, such as workspace navigation, InDesign’s toolbar, layout principles, importing or linking content and working with graphics. - Getting Started with InDesign
Brief tutorial that explains the InDesign interface and how the software can be used for a wide range of projects. Covers topics such as Adding and Editing Text, Adding and Replacing Graphics, Moving Objects and Printing and Creating a PDF. - InDesign CC Essential Training
Comprehensive training course designed to instill core skills in design, layout, content organization and presentation. Topics covered include Understanding Your Workspace, Creating a Document, Entering and Editing Text, Placing Graphics, Formatting Objects, Working with Color, Frames and Paths and Packaging, Printing and Exporting.

DesignBolts - 30 Useful Adobe InDesign Tutorials
Project-oriented tutorials designed to teach specific techniques, such image collage, CV/resume design, combining images and type, text wrapping and fixing corrupt files.

Creative Bloq - 44 Brilliant InDesign Tutorials
Diverse set of tutorials in varied formats (video, text, slideshow). Ranges from general (How to Get Started with InDesign, Improve Your Workflow, etc.) to very specific (Create a 3D Calendar, How to Simulate Screenprint Effects, etc.) - InDesign Secrets
A series of “10-minute Tips” designed to strengthen basic skills, improve workflow and reveal time-saving techniques for overall mastery of InDesign.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe TV - Learn Acrobat XI
Adobe-produced video tutorials, designed to impart essential information about using Acrobat effectively. Covers subjects such as creating and editing PDFs, working with comment tools, shared files and collaboration and creating forms. - Up and Running with Acrobat XI
Introductory course that explains core features of Acrobat. Teaches users how to create new projects with by understanding the Acrobat workspace, combining and modifying PDFs, inserting, extracting and replacing pages, scanning hard copies of documents and integrating Acrobat with Microsoft Office documents.