Creating a Learning Environment

Imagine you are attending a presentation in a room with the air conditioning on full blast and you didn't bring a sweater. How well will you be able to concentrate and absorb what is being presented? There are a number of things that you can do to create the most effective learning environment possible. Keep these points in mind the next time you prepare your teaching space.
Arrive Early
Know where to get a key or whom to contact to open the room. If there is another session scheduled in the room prior to yours, signal to that instructor that you are waiting so they will conclude on time.
Check Equipment
Test any equipment you or the students will be using. If applicable, make sure all computers are logged on to the network. Make sure the projected image and everything you write on the board are visible from the back of the room.
Arrange Seating
Arrange seating to fit your session needs and be sure you have additional seats in case you have a bigger turnout than you expected. Make sure to have a seat to the side for the faculty member.
Set Temperature
Temperatures between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal. It is not distractingly cold or so warm that students will get drowsy.
Set Lighting
Plan for when you might need different lighting during the session. If you can control the lights, make sure they are on when students are entering the classroom.
Consider Playing Music or a Video

Streaming services like Pandora or Spotify allow you to create playlists appropriate for pre-class entertainment. A well-chosen YouTube playlist can also help set the mood for the class. Choose music or videos that will appeal to a broad audience or ask students who arrive early to choose an artist or video.