Faculty Feedback - Sample Email

Sample Quiz Questions

  1. To find a book in the library, I will search:
    1. The Library Catalog
    2. The University of Texas Libraries Online
    3. Lexis Nexis Academic Universe
  2. I have an article citation and need to find the article in print in the library. I will search Library Catalog for:
    1. The title of the journal
    2. The title of the article
    3. The author of the article
  3. Analyze the following citation:

    Adoption and the race factor: how important is it? Rita J. Simon. Sociological Inquiry Spring 1998 v68 n2 p274(6)

    Title of the article:
    Title of the journal:
    Volume number:
    Issue number:
    How many pages long is this article?

  4. How can you tell you are looking at a popular magazine? (Choose two.)
    1. Articles are written for the general public
    2. Articles are in-depth and often have a bibliography
    3. Issues have lots of photographs
    4. Issues have few, if any, advertisements
    5. Usually published quarterly (4 times a year)
  5. You can find articles in Library Catalog.
    1. True
    2. False