Sample Email for Contacting a Faculty Member

Dear Dr. Peabody,

I will be leading the library session for your Construction of French Humor class on Tuesday, March 20 from 3-4:30 in PCL1.339. I’ve looked over the syllabus and assignment you sent. It looks like your students will be working on compiling sources for their research summaries due at the end of the month. As such, I’ll focus on finding articles and satirical pieces that present a viewpoint.
I’ll also go over

  • Web evaluation
  • Finding background information in order to identify aspects of a controversy
  • Creating a research strategy/brainstorming keywords
  • Finding viewpoint articles in our LexisNexis and InfoTrac Newsstand / finding satirical pieces like cartoons
  • NoodleTools and getting help from a librarian

If you have any suggestions for changes to the class plan, any concerns about what you’d like covered, or any questions, please let me know.
If you have a moment before the class to send me some of the paper topics your students have selected, it would help me tailor examples in class and choose databases to demo.
I look forward to seeing you and your students on the 20th,

- Libby A. Librarian