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Celebrating the Life

Try some of these activities in your class.  You can find more ideas in the Signature Course Faculty Toolkit.

  • Lead a discussion about important ideas or concepts, such as using popular vs. scholarly sources.
  • Have small groups review a relevant reference source and tell the class why it is valuable.
  • Brainstorming keywords (including broader and narrower terms!).
  • Conducting and recording database searches with their own or an assigned topic.
  • Web searching with the advanced screen and evaluating the returned sites.
  • Searching for best subject headings in Library Catalog.

Ready to Try It?
The next time you plan a session, pick a skill or concept that you would like your students to learn and build an activity around it. Pay attention to how it well it works, ask for feedback, modify it as needed and try it again in another session. Keep doing this until you feel you have a successful activity.