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Find Background Information

Gale Virtual Reference Library
Searches over 300 different and subject-specific reference sources (encyclopedias, almanacs, dictionaries) at once.

  • No results? You may be searching too specifically. Instead research a broader topic (marijuana legalization), and, in most cases, you’ll find more specific info (marijuana tax revenue) in the results.

CQ Researcher
In-depth reports written by journalists and experts which include background information, controversies, bibliography, and more.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context

Find newspaper articles, opinions, editorials, and articles from multiple perspectives.

Brainstorm Keywords

Use this tool to generate keywords during the research process.

Find & Evaluate Viewpoints

How to Find Articles

How to Find Opinions, Editorials and Opposing Viewpoints

How to Evaluate Viewpoints

Selected Article Databases

LexisNexis: Find articles, including editorials, from local, state, national and international newspapers.

Academic Search Complete: Find scholarly, popular and some newspaper articles from across disciplines.

  • To limit to editorials, enter “editorial” as an additional keyword or choose Editorials in the Document Type menu.

Alt-Press Watch: Find articles, including viewpoints, from the alternative and independent press in America.