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Students are familiar with image and video searching on the Web, but when they look for images associated with their topics, keyword strategies become important as people describe images in a myriad of ways.

Students should still evaluate the visual resources they find, just as they would evaluate a website. For instance, a Google image search for "school lunch program" retrieves everything from pictures of tater tots, to government graphs, to clip art of fruits and vegetables. Students may need to read the site on which the image appeared to get more context about what it depicts, where it came from originally (if it's not the author's) and if it's relevant to what they're looking for.


  • When you search for images on the Web, what problems do you run into? How have you had to edit your keyword search to retrieve the images you want?
  • How do authors use images to convey their message? Can you think of some examples?
  • How can you use imagery to invoke emotion and sway an audience to your viewpoint? Can you think of some examples?

Assignments, Activities and Resources:


  • See the Resources page for Images/Visual Resources and Political Cartoons



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