Using Library Press Display in the Classroom

Library PressDisplay provides a full-color and full-page collection of newspapers from around the world.

  • includes over 300 titles from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and the United States
  • 60-day archive is available, searchable by country, language, title, frontpage image, photograph, or headline
  • does not include the New York Times or Wall Street Journal
  • includes Austin American-Statesman
  • Once inside the newspaper, click on a headline to read the article or zoom in to read the article as it appears in print.
  • We only have 11 simultaneous users for this database. Please select the logout option before you leave your session. When the limit is reached, a username and password prompt will probably be displayed. If this happens, simply wait 15 minutes and then try the link again.

Using Library PressDisplay in the Rhetoric Classroom

  • If students are having difficulty distinguishing between viewpoint articles and informative articles, you might consider using Library PressDisplay in the classroom as a way of contrasting content from different sections of the newspaper.
  • This can be particularly useful for students who aren't familiar with the print layout of newspapers and have trouble understanding where to find arguments.
  • Library PressDisplay is also a useful tool to use when discussing visual rhetoric and/or rhetorical context because it displays the article in its original context within the publication once you click on a headline or browse a newspaper title.
  • When you enter Library PressDisplay, you're viewing an aggregation of articles from the front pages of that day's press.
  • On the left-hand side of the screen, select "Editorials and More" to see an aggregation of articles from the Editorials and Opinions sections of the newspapers.

library press display editorials


library press display editorials


library press display

  • Use the "Select Title" pulldown menu at the top of the page to view an individual newspaper. You'll be presented with a Table of Contents that you can use to navigate towards the Opinion or Editorial section of the newspaper.

library press display select title

library press display preview article