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Introduction and Background

These pages were created as a knowledge-sharing community between Rhetoric instructors and Teaching & Learning Services (T&LS), formerly Library Instruction Services, in order to facilitate the integration of research skills into the RHE 306 classroom. The content was first created during a Fall 2008 semester-long pilot where T&LS librarians collaborated with four Rhetoric instructors and Dr. Mark Longaker, the Rhetoric 306 Director. During this collaboration, these four instructors taught library research themselves rather than scheduling a library instruction session. The material on these pages represents a mix of materials T&LS librarians felt would be useful and materials requested by RHE instructors over the course of the pilot. The materials are constantly being updated as resources and the curriculum change.

Our goal for moving away from the single library instruction session and to this integrated model is to improve student learning of important research and information evaluation skills. Teaching these skills over the course of a semester, rather than in a one hour class, means that students can be introduced to concepts at the point of need over the course of the entire semester, skills can build upon each other, and fundamental concepts can be revisited.

Materials to Support your Teaching


The materials listed under Topics are designed to support you, as instructors, to teach information literacy skills in your class.  You can use the left-hand navigation to work through the topics, unit-by-unit; the content was created and structured to follow you throughout the semester as you build upon research concepts with your students. The Topics pages are generally structured the same way - first there is an explanation and tips about how to introduce the topic in class, suggested exercises you can use to reinforce the concepts you just covered, handouts, if available, and links to relevant resources and how to search them. You can also search the teaching materials using the search box at the bottom left. You should feel free to modify any materials here for use in your classroom, as well as request explanations, guides and resources that you don't see listed here already.

Resources for RHE 306 

The Resources for RHE 306 page consists of search tips, guides and database suggestions. These resources are also linked from the relevant Topic section.  Some of these resources (such as database search tips) are designed to help you teach while others (such as guides to finding different types of material) are designed for you to share with your students if you find them helpful.

Plagiarism Prevention

Want to teach your students about plagiarism? We have a tutorial, classes and activities to help students avoid plagiarism.

Classroom Reservations

Use this form to reserve a hands-on classroom in the libraries for one meeting of your class.

Materials for your Students

The For RHE Students page is designed for your students as a research guide for the course and you are encouraged to share the link with them. It is also linked from the For Students box on the Libraries home page. The page covers resources (primarily, but not exclusively, library databases) helpful to your students and tips for using these resources.

Contact T&LS Staff

We look forward to working with you and supporting you as you incorporate this material into your course. Please don't hesitate to contact Michele Ostrow or Elise Nacca.


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