Finding Background Information

 Resources: Gale Virtual Reference Library / CQ Researcher / Opposing Viewpoints





Gale Virtual Reference Library!

  • searches over 300 different and subject-specific reference sources (encyclopedias, almanacs, dictionaries) at once.

  • TIP! No results? You may be searching too specifically. Instead research a broader topic (college sports), and, in most cases, you’ll find more specific info (commercialization in college sports) in the results.

CQ Researcher!

  • Articles summarize controversies in the news, over time.

  • Written by journalists and experts, and each topic is an in-depth report that is divided by chapter into background information, current state of affairs, pros/cons, cited resources, chronology, bibliography, and more.

Opposing Viewpoints!

  • contains articles on controversial topics from differing points of view.

  • find newspaper articles, opinions, editorials, and articles from multiple perspectives.

  • explore this database to see that there are multiple points of view on a controversial topic, not just two.