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Celebrating the Life

Avoiding Plagiarism

Are you confused about what is and isn’t plagiarism?  Do you wonder how to avoid it as a writer and researcher?  This session covers mistakes that can lead to plagiarism, strategies for avoiding these mistakes, and practical techniques for using sources correctly.  For undergraduates.


September 9                              10-11am

Krystal Wyatt-Baxter and Grace Atkins

Presentation 2013 (.ppt) 
Paraphrasing and Quoting Handouts from the Undergraduate Writing Center
Recording 2014 (42:20)

Become an Advanced Google Searcher 

How does the Google search engine work? How do I focus my searches and get more relevant results? Learn the mechanics behind Google searches, along with advanced search tricks, and use this knowledge to become a savvier searcher.


In person: PCL 1.124:

September 9                              10-11am

Colleen Lyon

Online Guide 
Recording 2013 (59:40)

Best Resources for Graduate Students

The Libraries offer an amazing collection of print and electronic resources for all disciplines taught at the University. Advanced academic resources and strategies relevant to attendees' interests will be highlighted.

In person: PCL 1.124:

October 2                                 10-11am

Sheila Winchester and Robyn Rosenberg

Online Guide


Book Repair for Your Personal Collection

Dropped your favorite book in the bathtub?  New puppy grabbed your precious edition?  Wondering how best to store your comic book collection or irreplaceable family documents? Come learn the basics of caring for your personal collections, along with a few simple book repair techniques. Sample books and supplies will be provided for in-class instruction.

In person: PCL 1.124:
October 21                               12-1pm
Wendy Martin

Handout (.pdf) 2011


Conducting a Literature Review in the Behavioral and Social Sciences

Come to this class to learn how a literature review is structured, how to use background information to shape your research question, how to find examples of literature reviews, and to get a brief overview of the types of tools and resources available to find, evaluate and cite sources. For graduate students and research staff.

This session will focus on the social sciences, area studies and humanities.

In person: PCL 1.124:

September 17                            12-1pm

Janelle Hedstrom and PG Moreno

Online Guide
 2010 (54:00)


The Efficient Researcher

Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go have shifted how we access our favorite television programming, but what does that have to do with scholarly publishing? Come find out how you can set up one service to notify you of new research by specific authors, journal titles, or search terms in library databases. This class is particularly useful to graduate students and faculty.

In person: PCL 1.124:

September 23                            11-12pm

Cindy Fisher

Handout (.pdf) 2014



EndNote’s® publicity says, “Bibliographies made easy!” This introductory class covers some of our tricks for using this product with library databases such as Web of Science. We’ll also touch upon our other databases, indexes and the Library Catalog.

In person: PCL 1.124:

September 18                            9-10:30am

Larayne Dallas and Dennis Trombatore

October 1                                  11-12.30pm

Nancy Elder

November 6                               1-2:30pm

Joe Dobbs

Handout x6 2013 (.pdf) Handout x7 2013 (.pdf)

EndNote® - Mac Users

This introductory class covers some of our tricks for using this product on a Mac.  Users should bring their own Mac laptops with a fully charged battery and a copy of EndNote® installed.

In person: PCL 1.124:

September 18                            12-1:30pm

Nancy Elder




Find Articles

Learn how to find articles on any research topic using the databases and electronic journals available to the campus community.  This introductory class is geared toward new library users.

In person: PCL 1.124:

September 16                            10-11am

Geoff Johnson

Online Guide





Find Books and Media

Learn how to find books, e-books, DVDs, CDs, journals and more. We will cover how to use the Library Catalog, e-books, GoogleBooks and WorldCat.

In person: PCL 1.124:

September 3                              10-11am

Elise Nacca, Aizul Ortega, Emily Johnson

September 10                            10-11am

Elise Nacca and Alyssa Guzman

Online Guide


Find Funding 

Learn how to find grants, scholarships, and other funding sources. This class focuses on using online sources, including funding databases, and government agency, foundation, and society web sites. You will also learn how to set up a personalized alerting service to find out about new opportunities as they arise. This class is especially useful for graduate students and faculty.

In person: PCL 1.124:

September 30                          10-11am

Larayne Dallas and PG Moreno

Handout 1 (.pdf) Handout 2 (.pdf) Handout 3 (.doc) 2014


Find Images

Learn how to find images on any topic, with a focus on specialized image databases available to the campus community.

In person:  FAL 4.104          

October 22                              12-1pm

Sydney Kilgore

Online Guide


From Evidence to Argument

Trying to write an argument?  Come with your own project and learn to identify your claims and assumptions, then find and interpret evidence to support those claims. Taught in conjunction with Undergraduate Writing Center staff. For undergraduates only.     

In person: FAC 211:

September 26                            3-4pm

Michele Ostrow and UWC Staff

Online Guide


Google Books and Google Scholar

Learn how to use these two specialized Google searches in conjunction with library resources for research and discovery.


September 16                            1-2pm

Elise Nacca

Online Guide

Google Drive

Learn how to use Google Drive to share and collaboratively create documents, spreadsheets, and slide presentations online.


September 24                            10-11am

Elise Nacca

Online Guide
Recording 2013 (38:54)


Introduction to the UT Libraries

Learn about the libraries on campus, and the services and research resources available to you.  This class, designed for new users of the UT Libraries, includes a brief introduction to the Library Catalog and article databases.

In person: PCL 1.124:

September 4                              10-11am

Rebecca Pad and Katherine Kapsidelis

September 9                              1-2pm

Elise Nacca and Stacey Wilson

Online Guide


Online Identity Management

Have you Googled yourself lately?  Learn tips and tricks to present yourself in the best light online, and use online social networks to your advantage.  This class includes online identity dos and don’ts for sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as general tips for managing personal information on the Web.


September 18                            2-3pm

Krystal Wyatt-Baxter and Grace Atkins

Online Guide
Recording 2012 (37:52)


Say it with Infographics

Pictures are worth 1,000 words and in this class we will survey ideas, tools, and resources for creating your own charts, graphs and visualizations to display information in a meaningful and less textual way. This class will introduce attendees to basic concepts of data visualization.   

In person: PCL 2.400:

October 29                               12-1pm
Cindy Fisher     

Online Guide


Time Management for Researchers

Scholarship on graduate student and faculty success strongly suggests that academics who publish on a regular basis don’t necessarily work more than anyone else, but use their time strategically. This three-hour workshop will provide a quick overview of the research on scholarly writing and its relationship to time management and procrastination. The final third of the workshop will concern apps, programs, and practical strategies for managing the writing process effectively.

In person: PCL 1.124:

October 24                               1-4pm

Patricia Roberts-Miller, University Writing Center

Alerting Services Guide 

Alerting Services handout (.pdf)

Using Maps with Your Research
Learn how to incorporate maps into your research without having to learn GIS.

In person: PCL 1.124:

October 16                               12-1pm

Katherine Strickland


Zotero - Managing Citations

Learn how to use this free, web-based tool to collect, manage, and cite your sources. Each course will introduce the basics of Zotero and move into more advanced concepts to be selected by attendees.

In person: PCL 4.102:

October 8                                 1-2.30pm

Elise Nacca and Aizul Ortega

In person: PCL 1.124:

November 5                             12-1.30pm

Aizul Ortega and Elise Nacca


October 15                              1-2:30pm

Allyssa Guzman

Handout 2014 (.pdf)