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Building a Vertical Team to Support the High School-to-College Transition

Friday, June 14th at the University of Texas Libraries, University of Texas at Austin

The University of Texas Libraries invites high school librarians to join us for a daylong summit about information literacy. High school librarians and librarians from the UT Libraries will share expertise, identify overlap and scaffolding of skills, and create mutually beneficial instructional content that can begin to lay a shared foundation of information literacy skills.

In recognizing that the needs and skills of our students are diverse, we would like to invite ten librarians from across Texas to participate in a learning community at UT-Austin. Accepted applicants will receive full funding for their housing and travel arrangements, and food and refreshments the day of the Summit. Librarians attending the Summit may obtain CEUs for their participation.

When: Friday, June 14th, 2013, 9am - 4:30pm
Where: University of Texas Libraries, UT-Austin, Austin, Texas
What to expect: Librarians will work in groups and individually during the day of the summit. All attendees will be expected to actively participate in discussion and activities geared toward information literacy throughout the day and share the opportunities and challenges they face in their home institutions. The application process also asks librarians to describe an example of how they currently address information literacy skills.
Who should should apply: High school librarians excited to share, create, and collaborate in a learning community to better prepare our students for college-level research and beyond.
Who is facilitating: Library Instruction Services; contact Cindy Fisher at for questions.

Interested? Application details below:
Link to application:
Deadline to submit an application: April 3rd
Notification of acceptance: End of April

Applicants will be selected based on their ability to address how they are currently addressing information literacy in their schools and their interest in participating in a learning community with their colleagues. LIS is also seeking applicants that represent different types of school environments and geographic regions of the state.

Application Questions
You may find it easier to type your answers out in another document and then copy and paste them into the online application. Here is the full list of essay questions for your reference:

  1. In what context(s) do you teach students to do research: one-on-one, as an elective, in support of an English course, other (please specify).

  2. Describe a lesson, assignment, or partnership where you teach information literacy skills. Discuss your learning outcomes, your lesson plan, what you think works well about this activity, and what you might change.

  3. Explain how the campus culture and environment of your school affects the way that you teach research skills and your opportunities to support the development of your students' research skills through partnerships with teachers.

  4. In a dream scenario where time, testing, money, and/or partnerships weren’t an issue, how would you go about preparing your students for the demands of college-level research?

  5. What do you think your students struggle with in preparing for a transition to college-level research? If you've heard back from students after they've graduated, what have they told you about doing college-level research?

  6. Participants in the summit will be expected to actively and collaboratively participate in this learning community. How would you benefit from and contribute to this learning community during the summit and beyond?

  7. What do you need to help grow your ability to teach information literacy?