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The Signature Course Information Literacy Award celebrates excellence in library research and the practical application of the UGS Information Literacy Competencies for First-year Students.  Three awards are given each year for research projects submitted in a UGS 302, UGS 303 or TC 302 course.  The first place winner receives $500.  All three winners receive a certificate of recognition and their work is archived and made accessible through the University of Texas Libraries Digital Repository.  The panel of judges consists of librarians from Teaching & Learning Services and members of UGS.  It is presented during Research Week each year.    



February 1, 2016 (for nominations of student work from any semester in calendar year 2015).

Application Procedure

Applications initiated by faculty members, TAs or students will require the following sets of materials:
Faculty-nominated or TA-nominated Student-nominated

Step 1:  Complete the nomination form, which includes a brief, one paragraph justification for your nomination.

Step 2:  Submit a copy of your syllabus and assignment prompt/description to

Step 3:  The Libraries will contact the student(s) for the work nominated and confirm your nomination via email.


Step 1: Complete the self-nomination form.  

Step 2:  Submit a copy of the following to

  • A final version of the project as of the day it was turned in (no further revisions should have been made since submission to the faculty or TA)
  • A bibliography or other appropriate listing of sources consulted
  • A 400-600 word research strategies essay describing research strategies and application of library tools and resources in completion of the project.  For group projects, only one essay is required.

Step 3:  Ask your faculty member/TA to email a one paragraph statement  supporting your self-nomination to

Project requirements:

  • Written projects should be double-spaced; there is no minimum or maximum length.
  • Digital projects: If the project still lives online and is widely accessible, please provide a link to the online content. If it not available online, please provide a DVD or CD copy of web- based projects.
  • Please include your name on all documents.



  • Faculty and TAs may submit more than one nomination for the same course. Please use a separate form for each nomination.
  • Group projects may be nominated. One form may be used for all students in the group.  If a group project wins, the prize will be split amongst the group members.
  • Any type of research project may be nominated, including multi-media projects.


  • Individuals must be current University of Texas undergraduate students.

  • Eligible projects will have been submitted by an individual in a Signature Course (UGS 302, UGS 303, or TC 302) in the prior calendar year. 

  • Individuals must agree to contribute their papers to the University of Texas Libraries Digital Repository. Individuals will maintain copyright and the work will be made available online.


Evaluation Criteria

Successful projects will:

  • Make use of library resources and collections in any format.

  • Demonstrate effective application of information literacy and fluency principles:

    • determining information needs

    • evaluating and analyzing information

    • managing, organizing, and synthesizing information

    • applying information in the context of the project

  • Provide appropriate and accurate citations and credits.

  • Demonstrate originality of thought, mastery of content appropriate to class level, clear writing, and overall quality of presentation.

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