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Please submit your request at least two weeks in advance to ensure the availability of a librarian, access to an instruction room, and preparation of materials.   

Please submit a copy of your syllabus/class schedule and assignment at the time of your request. Please provide at least two date choices and schedule your session during your regular class or discussion section meeting time.  We will use both your syllabus/class schedule and date preferences to pick the most effective date for a library session.

Please schedule your session during a research assignment. Students should have chosen their topic before the session.  As a general rule for undergraduate classes, we only teach when students have to do research for the course and do not provide general orientations or overviews of the library. If you would like assistance developing library research assignments, please contact us at the above noted email.

Please schedule your session when you or your discussion section Teaching Assistant(s) can attend.  We are not able to take attendance or pass around sign in sheets.


Thank you.

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