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Celebrating the Life



Katherine Barhnart
Jerusalem's Status in the Tenth-Ninth Century B.C.E.

Katherine's project was nominated by Dr. Jonathan Kaplan from the Department of Middle Eastern Studies and was submitted in his Fall 2013 Signature Course "Jerusalem."  This project was selected for its deep analysis of sources in conversation with one another.
2013 Dounya Alami-Nassif
Manipulating the Portrait of the East: Evidence of Negative Cross-Cultural Narratives within The Picture of Dorian Gray and Dracula
Dounya's project was nominated by Dr. Elizabeth Richmond-Garza from the Department of English and was submitted in her Fall 2012 Signature Course "Modernity, Anxiety, and the Art of the Uncanny." This project was selected for both its sophisticated analysis of sources and the range and quality of sources used.



Jessica Wan
Jessica was nominated by Dr. Chiu-Mi Lai from the Department of Asian Studies for the research inquiry assignment completed in the Fall 2011 Signature Course The Good, Bad, and the Ugly in Chinese Literature. This project was chosen for its excellent synthesis and evaluation of sources.



Rebecca Wortmann
Romani Political Struggles in the European Union 
Rebecca was nominated by Dr. Ian Hancock from the Department of Linguistics.  The paper was submitted in his Signature Course "The Price of Identity: Romani Reality and Gypsy Myth." This paper was recognized for its incorporation of a variety of sources into a sophisticated and well-documented analysis of a very complex topic.



Lauren Peña
El Dia De Los Muertos:
“Celebrating the Cycle”

Lauren was nominated by Dr. Lorenzo Candelaria, for the paper and annotated bibliography she completed in the course Music, Art, and Ritual in Mexican Catholicism.  Lauren’s paper  was recognized for its incorporation of a diversity of sources, including books and journal articles appropriate to the assignment, and her excellent work evaluating the sources in the annotated bibliography.