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Michele Ostrow, Head Librarian
Perry-Castañeda Library (PCL) 2.312T \ 512.495.4534
Michele’s webpage

Sarah Brandt, Librarian for First-year Programs
Perry-Castañeda Library (PCL) 2.312Q \ 512.495.4145

Cindy Fisher, Learning Technologies Librarian
Perry-Castañeda Library (PCL) 2.312N \ 512.495.4333
Cindy’s webpage

Elise Nacca, Learning Programs Librarian
Perry-Castañeda Library (PCL) 2.312R \ 512.495.4361
Elise's webpage

Krystal Wyatt-Baxter, Learning & Assessment Librarian
Perry-Castañeda Library (PCL) 2.312P \ 512.495.4144
Krystal's webpage

Mailing Address

Teaching & Learning Services
University of Texas Libraries

Post Office Box P
Perry-Castañeda Library (PCL) (S5475)
Austin, TX 78713
Fax: 512.495.4296
Phone: 512.495.4501


Grace Kretschmer, Graduate Research Assistant
Perry-Castañeda Library (PCL) 2.312\ 512.495.4243

Andrew Wilbur, PCL Media Lab Manager
Perry-Castañeda Library (PCL) 2.312F \ 512.495.4449