How to Create a Link to an Article

 What you need:

  • Persistent link  
  • Proxy prefix  

What is a persistent link?

A persistent link, sometimes called a permalink, persistent URL, stable URL or durable URL, is an Internet address that connects directly to the full text of an article in a library database or online journal.  Some vendors use the DOI system to create a permanent link to the full text.

What is a proxy prefix?

A proxy prefix enables students to access library resources from off campus. If the proxy prefix is placed at the beginning of a persistent link, students will be prompted to log in to the UT Libraries resources with their EID and password.

The UT Libraries Proxy Prefix:

How do I create the article link?

Best Option - scoUT

  1. Find the article you want through scoUT. If you’re not sure how to do this, see the Find an Article from a Citation guide.  
  2. Click Preview, which will expand to offer a Permanent Link, which you can then use to copy and past the URL into your course page. This is the preferred method and will always link your students to the ScoUT record where they can easily click to get to the full text.

Other Option – Library Database

    1. Find the article you want through a library database. If you’re not sure how to do this, see the Find an Article from a Citation guide.
    2. Find the persistent link. This differs from one resource to another. See the instructions for selected resources.
    1. Copy and paste the persistent link into your course page.
    2. Check for the Proxy Prefix.
    1. If it isn’t already appended, add the Proxy Prefix to the beginning of the URL to allow your students off-campus access.

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