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Borrowing Policies

Using InterLibrary Services

ILS Borrowing is a free service to facilitate access to library material not owned by The University of Texas Libraries provided to patrons associated with the University of Texas at Austin, including:

  • Currently enrolled students.
  • Currently enrolled Distance Education Students.
  • Faculty and Emeritus Faculty (See Proxy Card Guidelines).
  • Staff.

Requesting Loans

Patrons may request loans of any library item not owned by The University of Texas Libraries on any available format, such as:

  • Books, Magazines and Newspapers.
  • Manuscripts and Photographs.
  • Compact Discs, Records and Tapes.
  • Digital Video Discs and Video Tapes.
  • Microfiches and Microfilms.
  • Thesis, Reports and Dissertations.

ILS items may be picked up at the library you selected when placing your ILS request.
You may pick up your items whenever the circulation desk is open at your chosen library(*).
Please see UT Libraries Hours for more information on opening, closing, intersession and holiday hours.

(*) Please note that not all ILS items can be picked up at a library other than PCL.

The following items must be used or picked up in PCL

  • Library Use Only materials
  • Oversized items
  • Heavy or bulky items

Due dates and charges resulting from overdue fines, damaged, or lost items are set by the lending institutions. Patrons are responsible for any such charges.

Requesting Articles

Patrons may request copies of items not owned by The University of Texas at Austin Libraries. Common copied items include:

  • Chapters of Books.
  • Chapters of Manuscripts.
  • Journal, Magazine or Newspaper Articles.
  • Sections of Library material.

The policies for what material can be copied depends on Copyright Law and on the specific regulations set by the lending institutions.

Copied items need not be returned to ILS.

ILS Guidelines for Proxy Card Users

Proxy Borrowers may pick up items requested by faculty members since both the faculty name and proxy name appear on the Proxy Card and the intended user is the faculty member. Regardless of who picks up the materials, the items will be charged to the faculty member's account.

Proxy users should not request items to be picked up by the faculty. Since all ILS requests are linked to the UT EID of the person who requested the items, faculty members cannot seamlessly pick up items requested by their Proxies. If the Proxy (a Research Assistant, for instance) requests an item, that item is linked to the Proxy's UT EID, is charged to the Proxy's account, and has no connection to the faculty member. If a faculty member comes to pick up the requested items, the items cannot be transferred from the Proxy to the faculty account. Please contact ILS staff if you are a Proxy whose materials need to be picked up by your faculty member. We can try to make a work-around if you will let us know about the situation in advance.