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Celebrating the Life

Digital Projects

Continued excellence in UT Library's Digital Contributions


Welcome to the home of the initiative and committee devoted to ensuring Library resources are appropriated to continually improve upon the already astounding contributions the University of Texas Libraries make in digital collections. Here you will find information about our current projects and how you may propose projects as a faculty or staff member.

Current Projects

  • Performance Appraisal Software Evaluation
    Purchase and implement a third-party software package to manage the annual review/performance appraisal process for UT Libraries.
  • Visual Resources Collection Migration
    Move the Visual Resources Collection cataloging tool from DASe in the College of Liberal Arts to the UT Libraries so that it can be more fully integrated with other UT Libraries digital collections.
  • Revolution and Counterrevolution
    Digitize the 2,636 broadsides, campaign posters and miscellany identified in the guide "Revolution and Counterrevolution in Guatemala, 1944-1963" and make them accessible via a cross-indexed, online digital archive.
  • UT Bulletins and Publications
    Digitize UT Publications from the University of Texas Bulletin series, 1886-1937, and the University of Texas Publication series, 1938-1992 for inclusion in the UT Digital Repository.
  • Streaming Audio Workflow
    Develop and implement a workflow for selecting, purchasing, receiving, describing, and hosting streaming audio for UT EID holders and possibly the wider music community.
  • Texas Natural History Collection
    Digitize a complete set of all issues of two peer-reviewed science journals published by the Texas Memorial Museum (TMM) for inclusion in the UT Digital Repository.
  • Daily Texan Microfilm
    Digitize microfilm of The Texan and The Daily Texan from 1900-2009 for inclusion in the UT Digital Repository.

Completed Projects

  • School of Public Affairs' Policy Research Project
    Reports in the Policy Research Project series were digitized and are available in the UT Digital Repository:
  • Contributions in Marine Science
    Back issues of "Contributions in Marine Science" were digitized and are available in the UT Digital Repository:
  • Streaming Video Workflow
    A workflow for selecting, purchasing, receiving, describing, and hosting streaming video for UT EID holders has been implemented. Videos are discoverable through the catalog and may be accessed by clicking on the link in the record.
  • CLIR Grant for Hidden Collection Proposal Preparation
    Staff from the Architecture and Planning Library consulted with various members of DPOC and/or their staffs in preparing an application for a 2012 CLIR Grant for Hidden Collections. An application was submitted but was not awarded funding.
  • LSF/ILL Digitization Requests
    A workflow has been implemented for saving short (100 pages or less), out-of-copyright documents scanned (in their entirety) at the Library Storage Facility (LSF) for inter-library loan (ILL) requests. These files are available as part of the “Library Owned Content” collection within the UT Digital Repository:
  • ArchivesSpace Evaluation
    ArchivesSpace was evaluated for potential use within the UT Libraries and a recommendation was made against implementation of the initial version of the open-source application.

Digital Projects Oversight Committee


  • Linda Abbey, Grants Administrator
  • Chris Carter, Facilities and IT Infrastructure
  • Aaron Choate, Technology Integration Services
  • Melanie Cofield, Cataloging and Metadata Services
  • Ladd Hanson, Information Technology Architecture and Strategy
  • Jennifer Lee, Digital Curation Services (current chair)


The purpose of the Digital Projects Oversight Committee (DPOC) is to:

  • manage the digital projects proposal process
  • evaluate the technical feasibility and the time required to execute proposed digital projects
  • oversee the projects once they are approved by the library administration
  • and manage an annual review of projects.

[DPOC Project Proposal Process]

Furthermore, using the DCC's Curation Lifecycle Model as a guide, DPOC will:

  • Identify and document the ongoing, sequential or occasional digital curation activities we are currently undertaking. Examine how these stages interact with other stages and stakeholders, and which other steps we are engaged with indirectly.
  • Identify and document our needs in terms of digital curation. Things to consider: which steps are problematic or inefficient? Does the curation cycle break at any point risking our data? Are there any problems in our interactions with other stakeholders who form part of the chain?
  • Determine which tools we can use within our data management infrastructure to improve the quality and efficiency of our curation activities and ensure that future DPOC project efforts serve to fulfill those needs.

[Data Lifecycle Management]