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Documents 21-30 presented here.

21. ND 34-7 Guereda, Chad; Sudan (File Format: application/pdf)
CHARTS (Code; AGC) completely within this area a are partially within this area
should be retained until publication of the. Joint Operations Graphic, 1501 AirI
Consult the DOD Bulletin for publication and discontituance notices. Stop P725 ...
22. Search Results (Size: 19k)
Mauritania; Morocco [Not for navigational use] U.S. Defense Mapping Agency
Aerospace Center, compiled 1972, revised 1983 (14.6MB); ONC H-3 Algeria; . 5.
Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo. South Sudan, Sudan.
23. Dissertation (File Format: application/pdf)
In this project, I treat Sudan as an exemplary case study for the examination of
kinship and agency in contexts of layered imperialisms. I juxtapose a
contemporary postcolonial novel by Tayeb Salih (Mawsim al-hijra ila shamal /
Season of Migration to the North (1966/69)), and four contemporary unpublished
plays (1994 ...
24. Destroyed Village near Shataya (File Format: application/pdf)
Jun 21, 2004 ... COPYRIGHT 2004 DigitalGlobe, Inc. (All Rights Reserved.) DigitalGlobe and the
DigitalGlobe logos are trademarks of DigitalGlobe. Inc. The use and/or
dissemination of this data and/or of any product in any way derived there from.
License Tier: USG Clearview License Agreement with NGA. Source: ...
25. USGS 7.5-minute image map for Muleshoe TX (File Format: application/pdf)
0. 3. Willow. Lake. Muleshoe. Blackwater Draw. Blackwater Draw. Millen. Lake
Dam. Baileyboro. Progress. Lazbuddie. SW. Needmore. Lazbuddie. SE. Sudan.
Muleshoe. Muleshoe. NE. Baileyboro. NE. 30". 45'. 490. 37. 88. 102°. 37. 80. 7.
83. 7. 10. 87. 720. 37. 15. 000m. 18. 30". 14. 30". 37. 37. 07'. 37. 83. 86. 7. 37. 37.
26. AFRICA (File Format: application/pdf)
Sudan. Walvis Bay. Namibe. Lubango. Moundou. Omdurman. Hargeysa.
Mombasa. Beira. Cape Town. Port Elizabeth. Johannesburg. Durban. Kitwe.
Bukavu. Lubumbashi. Mbuji-Mayi. Kisangani. Pointe-Noire. Douala. Lagos.
Ibadan. Ogbomoso. Kano. Alexandria. Marrakech. Casablanca. Fès. Constantine
. Oran. Accra.
27. AFRICA (File Format: application/pdf)
Marrakech. Banghazi. Alexandria. Kano. Ogbomoso. Ibadan. Lagos. Douala.
Pointe-Noire. Kisangani. Mbuji-Mayi. Lubumbashi. Bukavu. Kitwe. Durban.
Johannesburg. Port Elizabeth. Cape Town. Beira. Mombasa. Hargeysa.
Omdurman. Moundou. Lubango. Namibe. Walvis Bay. Medina. Mecca. Jiddah.
Port. Sudan. Aswan.
28. Page 1 0n M February 1994, the nina states comprising Sudan were (File Format: application/pdf)
comprising Sudan were divided info. 26 naw statu. The naw afar# boun- dary an'
gnmenrs ara undai'armmad. %. CHAD. CENTRAL - lohn l al@ '. Sudan.
International boundary. --- State boundary. 'k National capital l State capital.
Railroad. Road. ~ Track. 100 l. 210€) Hllorrlatara i. T |. 100 200 Miles l.
29. Search Results (Size: 19k)
Anglo-Egyptian Sudan. Sudan. Angola. G 8640. DT 611 U5 1956 MAP ROOM.
Africa. Central Africa. G 8200 S1000 G7. G 8200 S2000 U52. Angra do Heroismo
. 66. List of UT Austin Geology Theses Arranged by Supervising Professor (Size:
77k). Musgrove, Lee Ann, 1982, Geophysical Investigation of the Southern
30. NE 34-8 Agoza, Chad; Sudan (File Format: application/pdf)
Page 1.
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