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1. Copyright by Kiersten Marie Madden 2007 - University of Texas ... (File Format: application/pdf)
icefishes, mysids, decapod and amphipod crustaceans, octopus, and squid (e.g.,
Castellini et al., 1992b; Burns et al., 1998; Davis et al., 1999). Of those studies
which have simultaneously recorded three-dimensional movements and foraging
events in Weddell seals, one has identified foraging dives and described their ...
2. Front Matter Template - The University of Texas at Austin (File Format: application/pdf)
conclusion is in line with the findings of Barba Navaretti and Castellini (2003)
who investigate Italian multinationals and also with the results of other previous
studies that mostly could not find any significant negative effect. As indicated in
the introduction, this result seems to underscore the conclusion that there are no
3. Copyright by Doh Chang Lee 2007 (File Format: application/pdf)
(5) Perez-Dieste, V.; Castellini, O. M.; Crain, J. N.; Eriksson, M. A.; Kirakosian, A.;.
Lin, J. L.; McChesney, J. L.; Himpsel, F. J.; Black, C. T.; Murray, C. B., Appl. Phys.
Lett. 2003, 83, 5053. (6) Konno, T. J.; Sinclair, R., Acta Metallur. Mater. 1995, 43,
471. (7) Yan, Q.; Kim, T.; Purkayastha, A.; Ganesan, P. G.; Shima, M.; Ramananth
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