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Updated 10/29/14
Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus
Oxford English Dictionary UT Austin users
Grammar/Usage Sites
Specialized/Subject Dictionaries

Translation Sites including Google Translate

General Dictionaries

English-Arabic (babLa)
English-Arabic (Google Translate)
English-Chinese (babLa)
English-Czech (babLa)
English Dictionary (Merriam-Webster)
English-French (ARTFL) UT Austin users
English-French (babLa)
English-French (Pocket Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary: English-French) UT Austin users
English-German (LEO)
English-German (Pocket Oxford German Dictionary: English-German) UT Austin users
English-German (Reverso)
English-Greek (Perseus)
English-Greek (University of Chicago)
English-Hindi (babLa)
English-Indonesian (Freedict)
English-Japanese (
English-Indonesian (Kamus)
English-Italian (Pocket Oxford Italian Dictionary: English-Italian) UT Austin users
English-Italian (Reverso)
English-Japanese (Freedict)
English-Korean (ZKorean)
English-Latin (Perseus)
English-Latin (Pocket Oxford Latin Dictionary) UT Austin users
English-Russian (Freedict)
English-Spanish (American Heritage Spanish Dictionary)
English-Spanish (babLA)
English-Spanish (Freedict)
English-Spanish (Pocket Oxford Spanish Dictionary: English-Spanish) UT Austin users
English-Spanish (Universidad de Granada)
English-Swahili (Freedict)
English-Welsh (Cardiff University)
French - English (
French-English (ARTFL)
French - English (Pocket Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary: French-English) UT Austin users
German-English (Pocket Oxford German Dictionary: German-English) UT Austin users
Italian-English (Pocket Oxford Italian Dictionary: Italian-English) UT Austin users
Latin-English (Oxford Pocket Latin Dictionary: Latin-English) UT Austin users
Multi-Language Dictionary (Allwords)
Multi-Language Dictionary Search Engine (OneLook)
Old English Dictionary (Old English Corpus) UT Austin users
Online Dictionaries (Word2Word)
Online Dictionaries (
Oxford English Dictionary UT Austin users
Portuguese-English (Routledge Portuguese Bilingual Dictionary) UT Austin users
Spanish-English (American Heritage Spanish Dictionary)
Spanish-English (babLA)
Spanish-English (Freedict)
Spanish-English (Pocket Oxford Spanish Dictionary: Spanish-English) UT Austin users
Spanish-English (Universidad de Granada)

Language Dictionaries in the Perry-Castañeda Library

Specialized Dictionaries

Acronym Finder
Acronyms (Library Spot)
Acronyms - Medical (Medilexicon)
Anagrams Database (
Biology and Botany Dictionaries
Business (Oxford Business French Dictionary) UT Austin users
Business (Oxford Business Spanish Dictionary) UT Austin users
Business (Washington Post Business Glossary)
Computer Technology Dictionary (Webopedia)
Computing - Other Dictionaries
Geology Glossary (American Geological Institute)
Historical - Johnson's Dictionary of the English Language
The two volumes of the dictionary can also be downloaded from
Idioms Dictionary (Cambridge)
Legal Dictionary (FindLaw)
Legal Glossary (Nolo)
Medical Abbreviations (Medilexicon)
Medical Dictionary (Medline Plus)
Medical Dictionary/Encyclopedia (Medline Plus)
Medical Dictionary - English-Chinese (Esaurus)
Multilingual Medical Glossary (European Commission)
Phrase Finder - English Phrase Meanings and Origins
Rhyming Dictionary
Sign Language Dictionary (Signing Savvy)
Sign Language Dictionaries - Links
Symbols Dictionary
Thesaurus (Merriam-Webster)
Many Links to Specialized Dictionaries (

Translation Sites

Keyboard Translator (Gate2Home)

Arabic Translation (Babylon)\
English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Czech, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Danish, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Persian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Thai, Ukranian, Urdu
American Translators Association - ATA Directory of Translation and Interpreting Services
Austin Area Translators and Interpreters Association
Bing Translator
Translation of web pages and text (many languages)
Free2Professional Translation
Translation of web pages and text
Google Translate
Translation of web pages and text (many languages)
Im Translator
Translation of text in several languages
Translation of web pages and text
Translation of web pages and text
WorldLingo Text Translator
Translation of web pages and text

Grammar, Usage and Other Language Sites

French Language Research Project (ARTFL) UT Austin users
Foreign Service Institute Language Course Books (Internet Archive)
Grammar Books (netLibrary) UT Austin users
Many grammar and usage books are available online for UT Austin users. Do a title search for "grammar"
I Love Languages (Formerly: Human Languages Page)
Online English Grammar
Pronunciation Guide - World Leaders (Voice of America)
UT Austin Undergraduate Writing Center and Writer's Advice Line
Writing and Grammar Handouts (UT UWC)