Recent Arrivals - Physics-Math-Astronomy New Books Collection | All Materials | All Languages New Books Collection | All Materials | All LanguagesTue, 01 Apr 14 00:00:00 -0500Handbook of graph drawing and visualization Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, [2014] Added: 04-15-2014Analyzing compositional data with R, K. Gerald van den, author. Heidelberg : Springer, ©2013. Added: 04-15-2014From Hamiltonian chaos to complex systems : a nonlinear physics approach New York : Springer, ©2013. Added: 04-15-2014Methods of solving complex geometry problems, Ellina. Cham ; New York : Birkhäuser, c2013. Added: 04-15-2014Discrete-time control system design with applications, Camille Alain, 1969- New York : Springer, c2014. Added: 03-25-2014Portrait of Gunnar Källén : a physics shooting star and poet of early quantum field theory c2014. Added: 04-15-2014Superconcentration and related topics, Sourav, author. New York : Springer, 2014. Added: 04-15-2014Inertial electrostatic confinement (IEC) fusion : fundamentals and applications, George H. (George Hunter), 1933-, author. New York : Springer, 2013. Added: 04-15-2014Partial differential equations : theory, control and approximation : in honor of the scientific heritage of Jacques-Louis Lions Conference on Partial Differential Equations: Theory, Control and Approximation (2012 : Shanghai, China) Berlin : Springer, [2014] Added: 04-15-2014RHEED transmission mode and pole figures : thin film and nanostructure texture analysis, G.-C. (Gwo-Ching), 1946-, author. New York : Springer, [2014] Added: 04-15-2014Stochastic processes : theory for applications, Robert G. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2013. Added: 04-15-2014