Recent Arrivals - Physics-Math-Astronomy Library | All Materials | All Languages Library | All Materials | All LanguagesFri, 01 May 15 00:00:00 -0500Transport theory and statistical physics. [New York, M. Dekker] Added: 05-18-2015Messenger (Hamburg, Germany) Garching bei München, Germany : European Southern Observatory Added: 05-05-2015Numerical methods in matrix computationsörck, Åke, 1934- Cham : Springer, 2015. Added: 04-27-2015Particles and astrophysics : a multi-messenger approach, Maurizio, author. Cham, Switzerland : Springer, [2015] Added: 04-27-2015Integral transforms and their applications, Lokenath. Boca Raton : CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group, 2015. Added: 05-11-2015Handbook of missing data methodology ©2015 Added: 05-11-2015Probability : an introduction with statistical applications, John J., author. Hoboken, New Jersey : Wiley, [2015] Added: 05-01-2015Generalized structured component analysis : a component-based approach to structural equation modeling, Heungsun, author. ©2015 Added: 05-11-2015Essential dynamics & relativity'Donnell, Peter J., 1964- ©2015 Added: 05-11-2015Introduction to general relativity, black holes, and cosmology, Yvonne, author. Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2014. Added: 05-21-2015Modern thermodynamics : from heat engines to dissipative structures, Dilip, 1952- author. Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom : Wiley, 2015. Added: 05-21-2015Electric field analysis, Sivaji, author. Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, [2015] Added: 04-28-2015Fundamentals of thermoelectricity, Kamran, author. Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2015. Added: 04-28-2015Mathematical methods in elasticity imaging, Habib, author. Princeton : Princeton University Press, [2015] Added: 04-28-2015Nature's third cycle : a story of sunspots, Arnab Rai, 1956-, author. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, [2015] Added: 04-28-2015The Oxford handbook of soft condensed matter Oxford : Oxford University Press, c2015. Added: 04-28-2015Pulsating stars, Márcio, author. ©2015 Added: 04-28-2015Lise Meitner : a life in physics, Ruth Lewin, 1939-, author. Berkeley : University of California Press, [1996] Added: 05-11-2015Toeplitz approach to problems of the uncertainty principle, Alexei, 1966-, author. Providence, Rhode Island : Published for the Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences by the American Mathematical Society, [2015] Added: 04-28-2015Large sample covariance matrices and high-dimensional data analysis, Jianfeng, author. ©2015 Added: 04-30-2015Black hole : how an idea abandoned by Newtonians, hated by Einstein, and gambled on by Hawking became loved, Marcia, 1950-, author. New Haven [Connecticut[ : Yale University Press, [2015] Added: 05-01-2015Einstein : his space and times, Steven, author. ©2015 Added: 05-01-2015Living with the stars : how the human body is connected to the life cycles of the Earth, the planets, and the stars, Karel, author. ©2015 Added: 05-01-2015Quantum mechanics I : the fundamentals, S. (Shanmuganathan), 1963-, author. ©2015 Added: 05-01-2015Rigor and structure, John P., 1948-, author. Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2015. Added: 05-08-2015The Bloch-Kato conjecture for the Riemann zeta function Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2015. Added: 05-04-2015Introduction to tropical geometry, Diane, 1974-, author. Providence, Rhode Island : American Mathematical Society, [2015] Added: 05-04-2015Expansion in finite simple groups of Lie type, Terence, 1975-, author. Providence, Rhode Island : American Mathematical Society, [2015] Added: 05-04-2015Essay on the psychology of invention in the mathematical field, Jacques, 1865-1963. Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c1996. Added: 05-18-2015The science of cold fusion : proceedings of the II annual Conference on Cold Fusion : "A Volta" Centre for Scientific Culture, Villa Olmo, Como, 29 June-4 July 1991 on Cold Fusion (2nd : 1991 : Como, Italy) Bologna, Italy : Italian Physical Society, ©1991. Added: 05-14-2015Gravity and stringsín, Tomás, 1964-, author. Cambridge, UK : Cambridge University Press, 2015. Added: 05-07-2015Advanced computational electromagnetic methods and applications Boston : Artech House, [2015] Added: 05-15-2015Amorphous semiconductors, Sándor, 1950- Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2014. Added: 05-11-2015Simulation and control of chaotic nonequilibrium systems, William G. (William Graham), 1936-, author. ©2015 Added: 05-12-2015Hyperbolic dynamics, fluctuations and large deviations Providence, Rhode Island : American Mathematical Society, [2015] Added: 05-12-2015Time series databases : new ways to store and access data, Ted, 1956- author. ©2015. Added: 05-21-2015The art of insight in science and engineering : mastering complexity, Sanjoy, 1969- author. ©2014 Added: 05-20-2015Gauge, Martin, 1981-, author. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2015. Added: 05-15-2015An introduction to stochastic dynamics, Jinqiao, author. ©2015 Added: 05-15-2015Nonlinear Optical Systems. Cambridge Univ Pr 2015. Added: 05-15-2015Neutrinos in high energy and astroparticle physics, José Wagner Furtado, author. ©2015 Added: 05-21-2015