Recent Arrivals - Life Science Library | All Materials | All Languages Life Science Library | All Materials | All Languages Mon, 01 Aug 16 00:00:00 -0500 ELF and VLF electromagnetic field effects Persinger, Michael A. New York : Plenum Press, [1974] Added: 08-04-2016 Indian journal of marine sciences. New Delhi : Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, [1972]-©2010. Added: 08-09-2016 A Sand County almanac and sketches here and there Leopold, Aldo, 1886-1948. London ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1968, ©1949. Added: 08-12-2016 The oldest living things in the world Sussman, Rachel, 1975- author, photographer. ©2014 Added: 08-02-2016 Draft work plan for remedial investigation for nineteen sites at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas Randolph Air Force Base, Tex. : Headquarters, Air Training Command ; Oak Ridge National Laboratory, [1987] Added: 08-17-2016 Leopards in the changing landscapes Singh, H. S., author. Dehra Dun : Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh, 2014. Added: 09-04-2015 Lab girl Jahren, Hope. New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2016. Added: 04-21-2016 Texas alligators : a wildlife profile Prescott, Darlene, author. ©2014 Added: 07-19-2016 Botanical drawing in color : a basic guide to mastering realistic form and naturalistic color Hollender, Wendy. New York : Watson-Guptill Publications, ©2010. Added: 06-09-2016 Climate change in wildlands : pioneering approaches to science and management Washington ; Covelo ; London : Island Press, [2016] Added: 07-27-2016 The genius of birds Ackerman, Jennifer, 1959- author. ©2016 Added: 07-15-2016 Economy and ecology of heathlands Zeist, The Netherlands : KNNV Publishing, [2013] Added: 08-09-2016 Hands-on herpetology : exploring ecology and conservation Schneider, Rebecca L. Arlington, Va. : NSTA Press, ©2001. Added: 07-06-2016 Amphibian decline : an integrated analysis of multiple stressor effects Workshop on the Global Decline of Amphibian Populations: an Integrated Analysis of Multiple Stressor Effects (2001 : Racine, Wis.) Pensacola, Fla. : SETAC Press, ©2003. Added: 08-03-2016 Contributions to the history of herpetology Oxford, Ohio : Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles, 1989-2012. Added: 07-07-2016 Contributions to the history of herpetology Oxford, Ohio : Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles, 1989-2012. Added: 07-07-2016 Remote sensing of vegetation : principles, techniques, and applications Jones, Hamlyn G. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2010. Added: 07-13-2016 Butterflies Marent, Thomas, photographer. ©2015 Added: 07-13-2016 Extreme birds : the world's most extraordinary and bizarre birds Couzens, Dominic. Richmond Hill, Ont. : Firefly Books, 2011. Added: 07-06-2016 HBW and BirdLife International illustrated checklist of the birds of the world Hoyo, Josep del, author. © 2014- Added: 08-09-2016 A message from Martha : the extinction of the passenger pigeon and its relevance today Avery, Mark (Mark I.), author. ©2014 Added: 06-23-2016 The vital question : energy, evolution, and the origins of complex life Lane, Nick, 1967- author. New York : W.W. Norton & Company, [2015] Added: 08-10-2016 The world of birds Elphick, Jonathan, author. ©2014 Added: 07-06-2016 Badgerlands : the twilight world of Britain's most enigmatic animal Barkham, Patrick, 1975- author. ©2014 Added: 06-23-2016 Bird populations Newton, Ian, 1940- author. ©2013 Added: 07-13-2016 The Butterfly Isles A Summer in Search of Our Emperors and Admirals. Granta Books 2011. Added: 08-17-2016 Claxton : field notes from a small planet Cocker, Mark, 1959- author. London : Jonathan Cape, 2014. Added: 06-23-2016 Cold blood : adventures with reptiles and amphibians Kerridge, Richard, author. ©2014 Added: 06-23-2016 Few and far between : on the trail of Britain's rarest animals Elder, Charlie, author. London ; New York : Bloomsbury Publishing, 2015. Added: 07-18-2016 The moth snowstorm : nature and joy McCarthy, Michael, approximately 1947- author. London : John Murray, 2016. Added: 07-06-2016 Rainbow dust : three centuries of delight in British butterflies Marren, Peter, author. London : Square Peg, 2015. Added: 06-23-2016 Terns Cabot, David. ©2013 Added: 07-06-2016 When eagles roar : the amazing journey of an African wildlife adventurer Currie, James Alexander, author. [South Africa] : Ukhozi Press, [2014] Added: 07-06-2016 Bats of the world : 103 species in full color Graham, Gary Lynn, author. New York : St Martin's Press, [2002] Added: 07-06-2016 Coastlines : the story of our shore Barkham, Patrick, 1975- author. London : Granta, 2015. Added: 07-06-2016 The Insider's guide to technical writing Van Laan, Krista. Laguna Hills, Calif. : XML Press, 2012. Added: 07-06-2016 Seven elements that changed the world : an adventure of ingenuity and discovery Browne, John, 1948- author. New York, NY : Pegasus Books, 2014. Added: 07-06-2016 What makes a hero? : the surprising science of selflesssness Svoboda, Elizabeth, author. ©2013 Added: 06-23-2016 Field guide to common Texas grasses Hatch, Stephan L., 1945- author. College Station : Texas A&M University Press, 2015. Added: 06-29-2016 Trees of Texas : field guide Tekiela, Stan. Cambridge, Minn. : Adventure Publications, ©2009. Added: 06-23-2016 Atlas of Anatomy (Gilroy) New York : Thieme, [2016] Added: 07-06-2016 Birding on borrowed time Snetsinger, Phoebe, 1931-1999. Colorado Springs, Colo. : American Birding Association, 2003. Added: 07-06-2016 Savoir-faire de bergers. English. ©2014 Added: 08-03-2016 Owls of North America and the Caribbean Weidensaul, Scott, author. ©2015 Added: 06-29-2016 The most complete food counter Nolan, Karen J. New York : Gallery Books, 2013. Added: 07-06-2016 A student handbook for writing in biology Knisely, Karin. Sunderland, Massachusetts, U.S.A. : Sinauer Associates, Inc., [2013] Added: 07-06-2016 The complete guide to nutrients : an A-Z of superfoods, herbs, vitamins, minerals and supplements Sharon, Michael (Nutrition consultant) London : Carlton Books, 2014. Added: 07-13-2016 What do I eat now? : a step-by-step guide to eating right with Type 2 diabetes Ross, Tami, author. Alexandria, Virginia : American Diabetes Association, [2015] Added: 07-13-2016 Phillipps' field guide to the mammals of Borneo : Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei, and Kalimantan Phillipps, Quentin, 1951- author. ©2016 Added: 06-21-2016 The Human microbiome handbook Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA : Destech Publications, [2016] Added: 07-13-2016 Enjoy writing your science thesis or dissertation! : a step-by-step guide to planning and writing a thesis or dissertation for undergraduate and graduate science students Fisher, Elizabeth. London ; Hackensack, NJ : Imperial College Press, [2014] Added: 07-27-2016 Merck veterinary manual Kenilworth, NJ : Merck & Co, 2016. Added: 08-03-2016 The illustrated encyclopedia of trees More, David. Princeton, N.J. : Princeton Univ Press, 2013. Added: 07-27-2016 National Audubon Society field guide to North American trees, Eastern region Little, Elbert L. (Elbert Luther), 1907-2004. New York : Alfred A. Knopf : Distributed by Random House, ©1998. Added: 07-27-2016 Seeds : a natural history Fry, Carolyn (Science writer), author. Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2016. Added: 06-29-2016 Grant's atlas of anatomy Agur, A. M. R., author. ©2017 Added: 08-03-2016 The secret lives of bats : my adventures with the world's most misunderstood mammals Tuttle, Merlin D. Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2015. Added: 07-27-2016 A dictionary of zoology ©2014 Added: 07-27-2016 Threatened birds of the world : the official source for birds on the IUCN red list Cambridge, United Kingdom : BirdLife International ; Barcelona : Lynx Edicions, 2000. Added: 07-20-2016 Field guide to birds of Texas Lockwood, Mark, author. New York : Scott & Nix, Inc., 2016. Added: 07-27-2016 The flavor thesaurus : pairings, recipes and ideas for the creative cook Segnit, Niki. New York : Bloomsbury, 2012. Added: 07-27-2016 Sibley field guide to birds of eastern North America Sibley, David, 1961- author, illustrator. New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2016. Added: 08-03-2016 Sibley field guide to birds of western North America Sibley, David, 1961- author, illustrator. ©2016 Added: 08-03-2016 Taste what you're missing : the passionate eater's guide to why good food tastes good Stuckey, Barb. New York : Free Press, 2012. Added: 07-27-2016 The mammals of Texas Schmidly, David J., 1943- author. Austin : The University of Texas Press, [2016] Added: 07-27-2016 Southwest gardener's handbook : your complete guide: select, plan, plant, problem-solve : Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Southern Nevada, Utah Maranhao, Diana, author. Minneapolis, MN : Cool Springs Press, 2016. Added: 08-03-2016 Texas gardener's resource Groom, Dale. Minneapolis, Minn. : Cool Springs Press, 2012. Added: 08-03-2016 Big farms make big flu : dispatches on infectious disease, agribusiness, and the nature of science Wallace, Robert G., author. New York : Monthly Review Press, [2016] Added: 07-27-2016 Eliminating the public health problem of hepatitis B and C in the United States : phase one report National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (U.S.). Committee on a National Strategy for the Elimination of Hepatitis B and C, author. Washington, DC : The National Academies Press, [2016] Added: 07-18-2016 Advanced Python for biologists Jones, Martin O., author. ©2014 Added: 07-26-2016 Voices of hope for mental illness : not against, with Goldstein, Jackie, author. San Bernardino, Ca. : Jackie Goldstein, [2015] Added: 07-27-2016 Great Basin wildflowers : a guide to common wildflowers of the high deserts of Nevada, Utah, and Oregon Blackwell, Laird R. (Laird Richard), 1945- Guilford, Conn. : FalconGuide, ©2006. Added: 08-10-2016 Sonoran Desert wildflowers : a field guide to common species of the Sonoran Desert, including Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, Saguaro National Park, Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Ironwood Forest National Monument, and the Sonoran portion of Joshua Tree National Park Spellenberg, Richard. Guilford, Conn. : Falcon Guides, ©2012. Added: 08-10-2016 Atlantic coastal plain wildflowers : a field guide to the wildflowers of the coastal regions of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and northeastern Florida Nelson, Gil, 1949- Guilford, Conn. : FalconGuide, ©2006. Added: 08-10-2016 Ozark wildflowers Kurz, Donald R. Guilford, Conn. : FalconGuides, ©2012. Added: 08-10-2016 Giant sloths and sabertooth cats : extinct mammals and the archaeology of the Ice Age Great Basin Grayson, Donald K., author. Salt Lake City : The University of Utah Press, [2016] Added: 07-27-2016 Forest Grove Dam and Reservoir on Caney Creek, tributary to the Trinity River, Texas (Henderson County) : final environmental impact statement, section 404, PL 92-500 Fort Worth, Tex. : The District, [1978] Added: 08-02-2016 Environmental impact statements : an analysis of six years' experience by seventy Federal agencies : report. Council on Environmental Quality (U.S.) [Washington] : The Council, 1976. Added: 08-02-2016 Environmental Impact Statement - DRAFT : Finance Docket No. 34284 Southwest Gulf Railroad Company Construction and Operation Exemption. Medina County Volume 1 - Executive Summary and Chapters 1-5. Surface Transportation Board. Section of Environmental Analysis, 2004. Added: 08-02-2016 Hubbard Brook : the story of a forest ecosystem Holmes, Richard T. (Richard Turner), author. ©2016 Added: 08-03-2016 Charles Darwin's life with birds : his complete ornithology Frith, Clifford B., author. New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2016] Added: 08-03-2016 North Central Texas wildflowers : field guide Curry, Mary (Naturalist), author, photographer, illustrator. Decatur, Texas : Mary Curry, 2015. Added: 08-16-2016 GMO sapiens : the life-changing science of designer babies Knoepfler, Paul, 1967- author. New Jersey : World Scientific, [2016] Added: 08-15-2016 Draft environmental impact statement for San Antonio, Texas wastewater treatment system Dallas, Tex. : The Region, [1978] Added: 08-05-2016 Environmental impact statement, proposed Texas high-speed rail project : scoping report : appendices Austin, Tex. : Woodward-Clyde Consultants, [1993] Added: 08-05-2016 Quarterly bulletin of the Alpine Garden Society. Farnborough, Kent : The Society, [-2000] Added: 08-12-2016 Final programmatic environmental impact statement : disposal of Kelly Air Force Base, Texas. [Washington, D.C.?] : Dept. of the Air Force, 1997. Added: 08-16-2016 Cooper Lake and channels, Texas : final environmental statement. United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. New Orleans : U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 1977. Added: 08-16-2016 Environmental impact report Sacramento, Calif. : The Commission ; [Washington, D.C.] : The Bureau, [1985] Added: 08-16-2016 Kelly Parkway from U.S. 90 to S.H. 16, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas : draft environmental impact statement Austin, Tex. : Federal Highway Administration, [2003] Added: 08-17-2016 Environmental assessment : general management plan [Santa Fe, N.M.] : Southwest Regional Office, National Park Service, 1981. Added: 08-17-2016 Applewhite Reservoir and Leon Creek Diversion Project : independent draft environmental impact statement. Ross, Philip M. [Place of publication not identified] : [publisher not identified], 1987. Added: 08-17-2016 Applewhite Reservoir : final environmental impact statement Fort Worth, Tex. : The Corps, 1989. Added: 08-17-2016 Environmental inventory of the Guadalupe and San Antonio River Basins : final report Dallas, Tex. : Ecology Audits, Inc., 1975. Added: 08-17-2016 Handbook of the mammals of the world. 3, Primates Anandam, Martina, author. ©2013 Added: 08-22-2016 Guide d'identification des arbres du Mali Sacande, Moctar, author. Richmond, Surrey : Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 2016. Added: 08-17-2016 Draft joint use supplemental environmental impact statement : Kelly AFB, Texas. [Washington, D.C.?] : [Dept. of the Air Force], [2000] Added: 08-18-2016 Unit 8-3-2, San Antonio Channel Iprovement Project : San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas : final supplement 1 to the final environmental impact statement Fort Worth, Tx. : The District, 1981. Added: 08-18-2016 The future of phylogenetic systematics : the legacy of Willi Hennig ©2016 Added: 08-22-2016 Final environmental impact statement : Brooks City Base Project, Brooks Air Force Base, Texas. [Washington, D.C.] : [Air Force], [2001] Added: 08-22-2016