Recent Arrivals - Geology Library | All Materials | All Languages Library | All Materials | All LanguagesSat, 01 Aug 15 00:00:00 -0500Shi you shi yan di zhi = Experimental petroleum geology Jiangsu Wuxi : "Shi you shi yan di zhi" bian ji bu Added: 07-22-2015Structural styles of the Andean foothills, Putumayo Basin, Colombiaénez, Juan Carlos, 1965- 1997. Added: 07-24-2015[Geologic interpretation of reconnaissance aeromagnetic survey of northeastern Alaska]é, William Peters, 1921- [Washington, D.C.] : U.S. Geological Survey, [1968] Added: 07-22-2015Maps showing porosity variations and geothermal gradients of the upper part of the Tensleep Sandstone and equivalents, Bighorn, Wind River, and Greater Green River Basins, Wyoming, J. E. (James Ellison), 1943- [Reston, Virginia?] : U.S. Department of the Interior, Geological Survey, 1975. Added: 07-21-2015Complete bouguer gravity maps and gravity models of the Date Creek Basin and vicinity, Maricopa, Mojave, Yavapai, and Yuma Counties, Arizona, Jeffrey C. [Washington, D.C.?] : United States Geological Survey, 1978. Added: 07-21-2015Three aeromagnetic profiles in the Bitterroot Valley area, Montana and Idaho Survey (U.S.) [Reston, Virginia?] : U.S. Geological Survey, 1966. Added: 07-22-2015Forages pour pétrole et gaz naturelébec (Province). Direction générale de l'énergie. [Quebec?] : Ministère des Richesses Naturelles, Direction Générale de l'Énergie, 1973. Added: 07-21-2015Carte géologique détaillée de la France Bureau de recherches géologiques et minières. Orléans : Bureau de recherches géologiques et minières, 1953-[19--?] Added: 07-21-2015Central Gulf Coast Company. ©1983 Added: 07-22-2015Powder River Basin Company. ©1980 Added: 07-22-2015The human impact on the natural environment : past, present and future, Andrew, author. Chichester, West Sussex [England] ; Hoboken, NJ : Wiley-Blackwell, 2013. Added: 08-17-2015Carta geológica de Angola : [escala 1:250,000] Direcção Provincial dos Serviços de Geologia e Minas. Luanda : Direcção Provincial dos Serviços de Geologia e Minas, [1961?]- Added: 07-23-2015Mid-congress field exursions guide book : Tectonic crossroads : evolving orogens of Eurasia-Africa-Arabia, Cultural and Convention Centre, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey, 4-8 October 2010 Crossroads: Evolving Orogens of Eurasia-Africa-Arabia (Conference) (2010 : Ankara, Turkey) [Ankara, Turkey?] : [publisher not identified], [2010?] Added: 07-30-2015CALM science : Western Australian journal of conservation and land management. Como, W.A. : Dept. of Conservation and Land Management Added: 07-22-2015Gold deposits, paleontology, and geology of the southern Great Basin region : Castle Mountain project, Searchlight DIstrict, Valley of Fire State Park, and North Shore Lake Mead, 24-26 October, 2014 Reno : Geological Society of Nevada, 2014. Added: 08-17-2015Round mountain and the lunar crater volcanic field : 5-6 October, 2013 Reno : Geological Society Of Nevada, 2013. Added: 08-17-2015Leopoldina. Halle/Saale, Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina. Added: 07-22-2015The geology and ground water resources of the Coal River basin, D. E. [Hobart] : Tasmania Dept. of Mines, 1971. Added: 07-25-2015The South African intertidal zone and its relation to ocean currents. VII, An area in False Bay, Joyce, author. London : Adlard & Son, Limited, 1939. Added: 07-25-2015Der Gebirgsrand zwischen Ligist und Stainz, Sieghard, author. Graz : [Geographischen Institut der Universität Graz], 1952. Added: 07-25-2015Seismic refraction studies in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico, Henri Samuel, author. [not before 1967] Added: 07-25-2015Site surveys in the North Pacific and Bering Sea from ANTIPODE Expedition, compiled by George G. Shor, Jr., George G. La Jolla, Calif., Marine Physical Laboratory, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, 1971. Added: 07-31-2015Geologic map showing springs rich in carbon dioxide or chloride in California, Ivan, 1931- Menlo Park : United States Geological Survey, 1975. Added: 07-27-2015Some dynamic characteristics of rocks, Werner, author. Alexandria, Virginia : Defense Documentation Center for Scientific and Technical Information, 1963. Added: 07-31-2015Earth and life processes discovered from subseafloor environments : a decade of science achieved by the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) ©2014 Added: 08-04-201520th World Gas Conference 1997 : Copenhagen 10-13 June 1997 = 20e Congrès Mondial du Gaz 1997 Gas Conference (20th : 1997 : Copenhagen, Denmark) [Groningen, Netherlands? : International Gas Union, 1997] Added: 07-31-2015CO₂-rich fluids during regional metamorphism on Naxos : a study on fluid inclusions and stable isotopes, Rob, author. [Netherlands?] : Krips Repro Meppel, 1977. Added: 07-25-2015Earth : videos of a planet : instructor's DVD New York : W. W. Norton, [2005] Added: 07-25-2015Instructor resource center on CD-ROM [to accompany] Earth, an introduction to physical geology, 8th edition [by] Edward J. Tarbuck, Frederick K. Lutgens. Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Pearson Prentice Hall, [2005] Added: 07-27-2015An account of the western trip : 1922, Martha Kessler, author. [Raleigh, N.C.] : Lulu Press, Inc., ©2013. Added: 07-20-2015Bibliography for the Caribbean, E., compiler. [Austin, Tex.?] : University of Texas Institute of Geophysics, [1994?] Added: 07-25-2015Studies of Historical Earthquakes in Southern Poland : Outer Western Carpathian Earthquake of December 3, 1786 and First Macroseismic Maps in 1858-1901 Cham, Switzerland : Springer Verlag [2015] Added: 08-06-2015Carta della pericolosità sismica della Regione Lazio combinata con elementi geologici e morfologici, G. Rome: SystemCart S.r.l, [between 2010 and 2015?] Added: 07-24-2015Tectonic map of northern-central-eastern Asia and adjacent areas for the Geological Map of the World, sponsoring body. St. Petersburg [Russia]: VSEGEI Printing House, 2014. Added: 07-23-2015Tectonic map of northern-central-eastern Asia and adjacent areas for the Geological Map of the World, sponsoring body. St. Petersburg [Russia]: VSEGEI Printing House, 2014. Added: 07-23-2015Fatal isolation : the devastating Paris heat wave of 2003, Richard C. (Richard Charles), 1969- author. Chicago : University of Chicago Press, [2015] Added: 07-23-2015The soils of Antarctica ©2015 Added: 07-27-2015The villa of Oplontis. Napoli : Carcavallo, 1980. Added: 07-23-2015Geologia e potencialidade para mineralizações de cobre, chumbo, zinco e prata da borda norte da Chapada Diamantina, Bahiação Filho, Valter Mônaco. Salvador : Companhia Baiana de Pesquisa Mineral (CBPM), 1993. Added: 07-27-2015Estratigrafia, sedimentologia e recursos minerais da Formação Salitre na Bacia de Irecê, Bahia, Samuel Leal de. Salvador : Companhia Baiana de Pesquisa Mineral (CBPM), 1993. Added: 08-03-2015Geologia e potencialidade para mineralizações de ouro e sulfetos da Faixa Rio Salitre, Juazeiro - Bahia Salvador : Companhia Baiana de Pesquisa Mineral (CBPM), 1993. Added: 08-03-2015Geologia e recursos minerais do Greenstone Belt do Rio Itapicuru, Bahia, Manoel Barreto da Rocha. Salvador : Companhia Baiana de Pesquisa Mineral (CBPM), 1994. Added: 08-03-2015Greenstone belt de Mundo Nova caracterização e implicações metalogenéticas e geotectônicas no Cráton do São Fancisco, Juracy de Freitas. Salvador : Companhia Baiana de Pesquisa Mineral (CBPM), 1994. Added: 08-03-2015México en síntesis. English. Aguascalientes, Ags, Mexico : National Institute of Statistics, Geography, and Informatics Added: 07-29-2015Volcanic studies at Katmai Research Council (U.S.). Panel on Volcanic Studies at Katmai. Washington, D.C. : National Academy Press, 1989. Added: 08-03-2015Volcano : Mount St. Helens, 1980, first seventy days, Robert D. Beaverton, Or. : Beautiful America Pub. Co., ©1980. Added: 08-04-2015Guidebook to the geology of southwestern Utah : transition between basin-range and Colorado Plateau provinces Salt Lake City : Intermountain Association of Petroleum Geologists, 1963. Added: 07-21-2015Hydroxyapatite : synthesis and applications, Yoshiki, author. ©2015. Added: 08-04-2015Women in the geosciences : practical, positive practices toward parity Hoboken, New Jersey : Wiley, 2015. Added: 07-20-2015Hallowell granite and associated rocks, South Central Maine., Daniel Stephen. 1961. Added: 08-04-2015The Edwards Aquifer : Understand, conserve, protect Aquifer Authority (Tex.) San Antonio, TX : Edwards Aquifer Authority, 2006. Added: 08-04-2015Megaspores from the Jurassic of western Kazakhstan., Irina Zakharovna. East Orange : Associated Technical Services, 1960. Added: 08-03-2015Spore-pollen complexes of Maastrichtian deposits of the Tym well 1-R, L. G., author. [East Orange, N.J.] : Associated Technical Services, [between 1960 and 1969?] Added: 08-04-2015The question of porosity changes in sandstones with depth, K. R. Glen Ridge, N.J., Associated Technical Services [between 1962 and 1969?] Added: 08-04-2015The ratio of pyrite iron to organic carbon in rocks as an indicator of sedimentation conditions, V. I. (Vasiliĭ Ivanovich), author. [East Orange, N.J.], [Associated Technical Services] [1962?] Added: 08-04-2015A method for the separation of spores︠u︡k, V. K. [Glen Ridge, N.J.] : [Associated Technical Services], [1964?] Added: 08-04-2015Contribution to the ecology of late Frasnian foraminifera and algae, B. I. [Glen Ridge, N.J.] : [Associated Technical Services], [1963?] Added: 08-04-2015Coccolithophoridae in Maastrichtian deposits of the western Siberian lowland, V. N., author. East Orange, N.J. : Associated Technical Services, [between 1960 and 1969?] Added: 08-04-2015Transformation of aqueous modifications of calcium sulfate'kov, I. I., author. East Orange, N.J. : Associated Technical Services, [1954] Added: 08-04-2015World oil : summary report Stanford, Calif. : Energy Modeling Forum, Stanford University, 1982. Added: 07-22-2015Rastitel'nye mikrofossilii Yuzhnogo Urala i Priural'ya. English, E. V. [Ottawa?] : Dept. of the Secretary of State, Translation Bureau, Multilingual Services Division, 1973. Added: 07-30-2015Method of interpreting seismic reflection data in the Vilyui syncline., A. E. Ottawa : Narional Research Council Canada, 1973. Added: 07-28-2015Foraminifera of the Tournaisian stage and uppermost Devonian of the Volga-Ural region and western slope of the central Urals; excerpt., O. A. [East Orange, N.J.], [Associated Technical Services], [1955?] Added: 07-30-2015Atlas of the Middle Tertiary & Miocene dispersed spores and pollen as well as microplankton forms in Northern Central Europe : Part II, the spores of the Anthocerotaceae & the Lycopodiaceae, Wilfried. Calgary : Geological Survey, 1974. Added: 07-24-2015Development of petrophysical techniques for evaluation of tight gas sands : quarterly report (July-September 1985) Houston, Tex. : ResTech, Inc., 1985. Added: 07-23-2015Phase analysis of dolomitized gypseous rocks., M. A. East Orange, N.J., Associated Technical Services [1956] Added: 07-30-2015Sulfate-reducing bacteria., L. I. (Lev Iosifovich), 1896-1988. East Orange, N.J., Associated Technical Services [1954] Added: 07-30-2015Kinetics of solvation of calcium carbonate, V. M., author. Glen Ridge, NJ : Assoc. Technical Services, 1953. Added: 07-28-2015Can we expect to discover higher plants from the Cambrian and Pre-Cambrian?, Winfried. [Glen Ridge, N.J.], [Associated Technical Services], [196-?] Added: 07-28-2015Spores and pollen from the petroleum of the Volga-Ural region and their importance for a solution of the question of petroleum migration, K. R. [Glen Ridge, NJ] : [Associated Technical Services], 1960. Added: 07-30-2015Comprehensive water and sewer plan for Atascosa, Bexar, Comal, Frio, Kendall and Medina counties, October, 1973. Area Council of Governments. San Antonio, Tex. : Alamo Area Council of Governments, 1973. Added: 07-31-2015A history of Canyon Dam, G. P. (Garith P.), author. [Texas] : [South Central Texas Regional Water Planning Group], [2000] Added: 07-31-2015Typhoon turning atlas, Weihong [Hackensack] New Jersey : World Scientific, 2014. Added: 07-27-2015Guidebook for excursion A10 Union for Quaternary Research. [Place of publication not identified] : [publisher not identified], [not before 1973]. Added: 08-05-2015Teratologia de algunos 'Aporrhais uttingeriana' del Plioceno de Barcelona, Evaristo. author. Barcelona : Museu Geològic del Seminari, [2015] Added: 08-11-2015Hydraulic fracturing, Michael Berry, author. Boca Raton : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, [2015] Added: 07-22-2015Bentonite clay : environmental properties and applications, Roland, author. Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, [2015] Added: 07-20-2015Remote sensing image fusion, Luciano, author. ©2015 Added: 07-29-2015Soil physics with Python : transport in the soil-plant-atmosphere system, Marco, author. New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2015. Added: 07-29-2015The sun's influence on climate, Joanna D. Princeton : Princeton University Press, 2015. Added: 07-20-2015Carta geológica do Estado de S. Paulo (Brasil)ão Paulo (Brazil : State). Commissão Geográphica e Geológica. [São Paulo?] : [Commissão Geográphica e Geológica], 1929. Added: 07-20-2015Mapa geológico de la Patagonia al sur del paralelo 42° y Tierra del Fuego, Egidio, 1897-1954, compiler. [Buenas Aires] : República Argentina, Ministerio de Agricultura, 1939. Added: 07-20-2015República Argentina, Océano Atlántico Sur, carta batimétrica del Fondo Continental Argentinoómez, Rolando A., cartographer. Buenos Aires : Servicio de Hidrografia Naval del Comando General de la Armada, 1975. Added: 07-20-2015吉林大学学报. 地球科学版 = Journal of Jilin University. Earth science edition. 长春市 : 《吉林大学学报 (地球科学版)》编辑部, 2002- Added: 07-22-2015冰川冻土 = Bingchuan dongtu. 兰州 : 中国科学院兰州冰川冻土硏究所 Added: 07-22-2015Hunan ki ji da xue xue bao. Zi ran ke xue ban = Journal of Hunan University of Science & Technology. Natural science edition. Xiangtan, China : Hunan University of Science & Technology, 2004- Added: 07-22-2015Geological map, Eastern Khartoum Province Maṣlaḥat al-Misāḥah. Khartoum : Sudan Survey Department, 1953. Added: 07-30-2015Geological map of the Barberton area = Geologiese kaart van die gebied Barberton Survey (South Africa) Pretoria : Geological Survey, [1955] Added: 08-03-2015Namibia sedimentary basins relief map [Windhoek, Namibia?] : PGS Nopec AS, 1994. Added: 08-04-2015Military hydrology. Report 6, Assessment of two currently "fieldable" geophysical methods for military ground-water detection, Dwain K. Vicksburg, Miss. : U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station ; [Springfield, Va.] : [Available from National Technical Information Servce], [1981] Added: 08-05-2015Geological map of Ghana Geological Survey, issuing body. Accra : Survey of Ghana, 1966. Added: 08-05-2015Accessory minerals of the Mesabi iron ore and protore, John Crawford, author. 1937. Added: 08-05-2015Seismic processing : velocity analysis programs : a review, D., author. [Massy, France] : [Compagnie générale de géophysique (France)], [between 1970 and 1990?] Added: 08-05-2015Water conservation in urban landscapes [College Station, Tex.] : The Station : The Institute, [1986] Added: 08-05-2015Review of existing tectonic maps, Philip B., 1903-1987. Washington, D.C. : The Survey, 1967. Added: 08-05-2015Sloop : a study of the feasibility of fracturing copper orebodies with nuclear explosives, and the extraction of copper by in-situ leaching methods Springfield, Va. : Available from the Clearinghouse for Federal Scientific and Technical Information, National Bureau of Standards, U.S. Dept. of Commerce, 1967. Added: 08-05-2015Concepts in carbonate sedimentation : a problem oriented field excursion on the origin and dynamics of carbonate sand and mud banks-- Biscayne Bay, Florida, Harold R. (Harold Rogers), 1942- Virginia Key, Fla. : University of Miami, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, 1974. Added: 08-06-2015Geological map of Libya al-Buḥūth al-Ṣināʻīyah (Libya). Idārah al-ʻĀmmah lil-Buḥūth al-Jiyūlūjīyah wa-al-Taʻdīn. Stockholm, Sweden : Esselte Map Service, 1985. Added: 08-06-2015Traité sur la science de l'exploitation des mines par théorie et pratique : avec un discours sur les principes des finances, Christoph Traugott, 1728-1779. Paris : Impr. de P.D. Pierres, 1778. Added: 08-06-2015Energy map of Mexico Economist Cartographic (Firm), cartographer. ©2015 Added: 08-07-2015Fossil forests of the Yellowstone National Park., Frank Hall, 1860-1926. [Washington], [Govt. Print. Off.] 1928. Added: 08-07-2015Provisional geological map of the Bechuanaland Protectorate Protectorate. Geological Survey Department. Lobatsi [Botswana] : Geological Survey, 1962 Added: 08-11-2015Geological map of Derudeb, Frances M. Khartoum : Sudan Survey Department, 1956. Added: 08-11-2015Carta geológica da bacia Sergipe, A.J., compiler. [Brasília?] : Departamento Nacional da Produção Mineral, 1975. Added: 08-12-2015Mapa geológico del Ecuador, escala 1:50.000 Dirección General de Geología y Minas. Quito : La Dirección, [1974]- Added: 08-12-2015Pattern analysis of aeolian dune crests in White Sands, New Mexico, Joe Kendall, author. [May 2015] Added: 08-12-2015Image processing and geologic interpretation of a Landsat Thematic Mapper Scene (path 9, row 62) covering an area of southern Ecuador Corporation, cartographer. Brea, Callifornia : Unocal Remote Sensing Laboratory, [between 1970 and 1999?]. Added: 08-12-2015Geological map Middle Magdalena Basin, north part, L.W., cartographer. [Houston?] : Sante Fe Energy, 1988. Added: 08-12-2015Mapa geológico generalizado del Departamento del Cauca : escala 1:350.000ín, Pedro. [Bogotá] : República de Colombia, Ministerio de Minas y Energía, Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Geológico-Mineras, Oficina Regional Popayan, 1979. Added: 08-12-2015Geologic map Senosri Hills anticline and vicinity Bocas del Toro, Panama, W.T., author. [place of publication not identified] : Union Oil Company of California Exploration Department, [between 1970 and 1999?]. Added: 08-13-2015Provisional geological map of the Bechuanaland Protectorate. Geological Survey Department. Lobatsi [Botswana] : Geological Survey Department, 1964 Added: 08-13-2015San Luis Valley Project : Wagon Wheel Gap Reservoir, Platoro Reservoir, Mogote Reservoir, Closed Basin Drain. Water Conservation Board. Denver, Colo. : The Board, 1939. Added: 08-13-2015Scleractinian corals from the Cretaceous of the Alps and N Dinarides : (Helvetic Unit ; Austroalpine Units ; Rhenodanubian Unit ; N Dinaric Platform ; Inner Dinarides) : with remarks on related taxa, Rosemarie C. Wien : Geologische Bundesanstalt, 2014. Added: 08-13-2015Public domain lands, Arkansas-White-Red River basins : Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas States. Bureau of Land Management. Denver, Colo. : The Bureau, 1961. Added: 08-14-2015Survey of selected agencies conducted to determine the extent to which the nation's coals are adequately characterized University Park, Pennsylvania : Coal Research Section, The Pennsylvania State University, 1977. Added: 08-14-2015Interpretation charts for electric logs and contact logs. Fort Worth, Tex. : Welex, 195-? Added: 08-14-2015Application of radiation-guard surveys to carbonate reservoirs. Fort Worth, Tex. : Welex, [1956?] Added: 08-14-2015Preliminary Examination and Survey Report : feasibility of channel control dams, Lower Rio Grande. [Washington, D.C.] : Department of State, International Boundary and Water Commission, United States and Mexico, 1957. Added: 08-14-2015Mineral deposits and minerals of the Humboldt and Trinity ranges and Majuba Hill : 2-4 May, 2014 Reno : Geological Society of Nevada, 2014. Added: 08-17-2015