Recent Arrivals - Classics Library | All Materials | All Languages Library | All Materials | All LanguagesFri, 01 Aug 14 00:00:00 -0500Religion romaine archaïque. Englishézil, Georges, 1898-1986. Chicago, University of Chicago Press [1970] Added: 07-31-2014Histoire romaine Dio Cocceianus, author. Paris : Les Belles Lettres, 1991-<2014> Added: 08-06-2014Histoire romaine Dio Cocceianus, author. Paris : Les Belles Lettres, 1991-<2014> Added: 08-06-2014Early Greek mythography, R. L. (Robert Louis), 1954- Oxford New York : Oxford University Press, 2000-2014. Added: 07-25-2014The transport amphorae and trade of Cyprus Aarhus : Aarhus University Press, c2013. Added: 05-14-2014Choruses, ancient and modern Oxford, United Kingdom ; New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2013. Added: 05-14-2014Didymos of Alexandria, Commentary on Pindar, Bruce Karl, 1933-, author. ©2013 Added: 08-01-2014Keramik aus klassischen Kontexten im Apollon-Heiligtum von Ägina-Kolonna : lokale Produktion und Importe, Gudrun. Wien : Verlag der ÖAW c2012. Added: 08-14-2014Ione di Chio : frammenti elegiaci e melici, Francesco, author. Bologna : Pàtron Editore, 2013. Added: 08-05-2014Archives et bibliothèques dans le monde grec : édifices et organisation, Ve siècle avant notre ère - IIe siècle de notre ère, Gaëlle, author. Oxford : Archaeopress, 2013. Added: 07-14-2014Les finances des cités grecques : aux périodes classique et hellénistique, Léopold. Paris : Belles lettres, 2014. Added: 08-05-2014Fragmente Römischer Memoiren ©2013 Added: 08-01-2014Bona Dea and the cults of Roman women, Attilio, author. ©2014 Added: 07-15-2014Wasser, Wein und Öl : die Lebenssäfte der römischen Welt, Karl-Wilhelm, author. ©2013 Added: 08-05-2014The law of ancient Athens, David D., 1971-, author. Ann Arbor : The University of Michigan Press, [2013] Added: 08-04-2014Divination, prediction and the end of the Roman Republic, Federico, author. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2013. Added: 07-22-2014Ot Evrazii k Evrope. English, I︠U︡. V. (I︠U︡riĭ Viktorovich) Louvain : Peeters, 2013. Added: 07-21-2014Mycenaean Messenia and the kingdom of Pylos, R. Hope. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania : INSTAP Academic Press, 2014. Added: 08-04-2014Epistulae ex Ponto. Liber 1. Latin (Tissol), 43 B.C.-17 A.D. or 18 A.D., author. Cambridge, United Kingdom ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2014. Added: 07-31-2014Per Maristella Pandolfini : cên zic zixuxe Pisa : Fabrizio Serra Editore, 2014. Added: 07-16-2014Pliny the Younger : a life in Roman letters, Rex, author. London : Bloomsbury, 2014. Added: 07-18-2014Crises and the Roman Empire : proceedings of the Seventh Workshop of the international network Impact of Empire, Nijmegen, June 20-24, 2006 of Empire (Organization). Workshop (7th : 2006 : Nijmegen, Netherlands) Leiden ; Boston : Brill, 2007. Added: 07-21-2014Crisis management during the Roman Republic : the role of political institutions in emergencies, Gregory K., author. Cambridge : Cambridge Univesity Press, 2013. Added: 07-21-2014Viriathus and the Lusitanian resistance to Rome 155-139 BC, Luís, 1971-, author. Barnsley, South Yorkshire : Pen & Sword Military, 2013. Added: 07-21-2014Theodosius II : rethinking the Roman empire in late antiquity Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2013. Added: 07-21-2014Integration in Rome and in the Roman world : proceedings of the Tenth Workshop of the International Network Impact of Empire (Lille, June 23-25, 2011) of Empire (Organization). Workshop (10th : 2011 : Lille, France) Leiden ; Boston : Brill, c2014. Added: 07-21-2014Kreta in der geometrischen und archaischen Zeit : Akten des Internationalen Kolloquiums am Deutschen Archäologischen Institut, Abteilung Athen, 27.-29. Januar 2006 München : Hirmer, c2013. Added: 07-22-2014The chora of Metaponto 5 : a Greek farmhouse at Ponte Fabrizio Catti, Elisa, author. Austin : Institute of Classical Archaeology, Packard Humanities Institute, University of Texas Press, 2014. Added: 07-31-2014Augustus, Pat, 1948- Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge, 2013. Added: 07-22-2014Theoderic and the Roman imperial restoration, Jonathan J., 1980- New York, NY USA : Cambridge University Press, 2014. Added: 07-22-2014Athens, Thrace, and the shaping of Athenian leadership, Matthew A. Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2013. Added: 07-23-2014The ancient sailing season, James, 1972- Leiden ; Boston : Brill, 2013. Added: 07-23-2014Cicero : politics and persuasion in ancient Rome, Kathryn, author. London : Bloomsbury Academic, 2014. Added: 07-23-2014Galerius and the will of Diocletian, Bill. London ; New York, NY : Routledge, ©2009. Added: 07-24-2014Rituals of triumph in the Mediterranean world Leiden, The Netherlands ; Boston : Brill, 2013. Added: 07-28-2014Laughter in Ancient Rome : On Joking, Tickling, and Cracking Up, Mary, 1955-, author. Berkeley : University of California Press, [2014] Added: 08-04-2014Stymphalos : the acropolis sanctuary. Volume 1 Toronto ; Buffalo : University of Toronto Press, [2014] Added: 08-04-2014Speeches. Selections, Michael, author. Berlin ; Boston : De Gruyter, [2014]- Added: 08-04-2014Heroicus ; Gymnasticus ; Discourses 1 and 2, the Athenian, active 2nd century-3rd century, author. ©2014 Added: 08-04-2014Heroicus ; Gymnasticus ; Discourses 1 and 2, the Athenian, active 2nd century-3rd century, author. ©2014 Added: 08-04-2014Sanktuar und Ritual : heilige Plätze im archäologischen Befund ©2013 Added: 08-14-2014