Recent Arrivals - Center for American History | All Materials | All Languages for American History | All Materials | All LanguagesWed, 01 Apr 15 00:00:00 -0500Ansel Adams, Ansel, 1902-1984. Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y. : Morgan & Morgan, c1972. Added: 04-15-2015Ansel Adams, Ansel, 1902-1984. Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y. : Morgan & Morgan, c1972. Added: 04-15-2015[Fine arts programs]. of Texas at Austin. College of Fine Arts. Austin, Tex. The University, 1938- Added: 03-26-2015Big Bend National Park, Texas. Nashville, Tenn. : Cullom & Ghertner Co., [1944] Added: 04-14-2015Texas labor market review Austin, Tex. : The Commission, [1977]- Added: 03-23-2015Who's who in America. Chicago : A.N. Marquis, ©1899- Added: 04-06-2015Preachers and pastors conference and missionary institute of the Corsicana district, Texas : reply to J.H. Wiseman Episcopal Church, South. [Corsicana?] : [s.n.], [1913] Added: 04-14-2015Preachers and pastors conference and missionary institute of the Corsicana district, Texas : reply to J.H. Wiseman Episcopal Church, South. [Corsicana?] : [s.n.], [1913] Added: 04-14-2015Proceedings of the Anti-Slavery Convention of the Black River Conference. Episcopal Church. Black River Conference. New-York : Published by the Board of Managers of the Union, 1858. Added: 04-03-2015Lamm Family Papers, 1907-2013. family. Added: 04-14-2015Texas : das Verderben deutscher Auswanderer in Texas unter dem Schutze des Mainzer Vereins, L. Berlin : G. Reimer, 1847. Added: 04-03-2015Texas : das Verderben deutscher Auswanderer in Texas unter dem Schutze des Mainzer Vereins, L. Berlin : G. Reimer, 1847. Added: 04-03-2015Many are Called, Walker, 1903-1975, photographer. Cambridge : The Riverside Press Added: 03-23-2015Texas Observer Records, 1952-2014. Observer. Added: 04-14-2015Jewish Galveston Immigration Collection, 1908-1914, 1992. Added: 04-14-2015True stories of "Old Nat" told in his own language, 1870-1880, Walter, author. [193-?] Added: 04-09-2015Texas Jewish Historical Society records, 1824-2014. Jewish Historical Society. Added: 04-14-2015Life and death : place the print at a distance and see a human skull. & Ives, publisher. New York : published by Currier & Ives, 152 Nassau Street, [1860?] Added: 03-24-2015Just that, Pannill Brown, author. [Corsicana?] : [Pannill Brown Le Master?], [1828?] Added: 04-09-2015A man without a country since prohibition, Johnnie Harry, 1840- [Place of manufacture not identified] : [manufacturer not identifed], [date of manufacture not identified] Added: 04-09-2015Texas : profit by knowledge of her resources. Garrett & Sons, author, publisher. Baltimore : Robert Garrett & Sons, [1928?] Added: 04-09-2015Geue, Ethel Hander, papers, 1842-1978, Ethel Hander Added: 04-13-2015In the Court of Claims : December term, 1891 : George H. Giddins v. The United States, Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache tribes of Indians : Indian Depredation, no. 3873 : petition, filed Augt 12, 1891, to the honorable, the Chief Justice and Judges of the Court of Claims. States. Court of Claims, issuing body, author. [Washington, D.C.?] : [Court of Claims?], [1891] Added: 04-07-2015Nebraska land list : Richards, Keene & Co., general Nebraska real estate dealers : Fremont, Neb. : Nebraska farms and farm lands in twenty-five counties of Eastern and Northern Nebraska : individuals, parties of settlers, colonies and investors fitted out and located., Keene & Co., issuing body, author. Fremont, Neb. : Richards, Keene & Co., [1888?] Added: 04-06-2015Vote to promote Martin Dies to the U.S. Senate : Martin Dies, Congressman, second Texas District : who is Martin Dies? : What has he done? : What is the Dies program : Why should he be promoted to the U,.S. Senate? : keep America for Americans, of every race and creed! [Place of manufacture not identified] : [manufacturer not identifed], [date of manufacture not identified] Added: 04-06-2015Bill Bull's beller, by, of and for Bill Bull of Blanco, candidate generally., Bill, author. [Blanco] : Office of Bill Bull of Blanco, Justice of the Peace, Notary Public and School Trustee, Precint 13, [1934?] Added: 04-08-2015This grand old state of Texas is good enough for me, Nathan Ward, Col., author. [Place of manufacture not identified] : [manufacturer not identifed], [date of manufacture not identified] Added: 04-06-2015The giant world of Texas : condensend from the forthcoming book "Inside U.S.A.", John, 1901-1970, author. Pleasantville, N.Y. : Reader's Digest, July 1946. Added: 04-08-2015Three Poems : Independence Day, Texas Under Six Flags, Mother's Rocking Chair, Howard W. (Howard Wallace), 1856- [Place of manufacture not identified] : [manufacturer not identifed], [date of manufacture not identified] Added: 04-08-2015A campaign in Texas. [New York : Leonard Scott, 1846] Added: 04-07-2015Miller, Townsend, collection, 1952-1983., Townsend, 1919-1989. Added: 03-24-2015Map of Texas compiled from surveys at the Land Office of Texas, Chas. W., cartographer. Wolfenbüttel : Engraving and printing of L. Holle's office, 1851. Added: 03-27-2015Riley Grannan's funeral, W. H., author. [Place of manufacture not identified] : [manufacturer not identifed], [date of manufacture not identified] Added: 04-10-2015The Zoot Suit Riots, Kevin, 1963- Detroit, MI : Omnigraphics, ©2013. Added: 03-25-2015Harris, Richard, Papers, 1927, 1948-1949, 1960-1991, Richard, 1926-1987. Added: 04-14-2015Rough country : how Texas became America's most powerful Bible-belt state, Robert, author. Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, [2014] Added: 09-23-2014Red state : an insider's story of how the GOP came to dominate Texas politics, Wayne J. (Wayne Jacob), 1944- Austin : University of Texas Press, 2014. Added: 09-04-2014"We never retreat" : filibustering expeditions into Spanish Texas, 1812-1822, Ed, 1969-, author. College Station : Texas A&M University Press, 2015. Added: 03-12-2015Six-shooters and shifting sands : the Wild West life of Texas Ranger Captain Frank Jones, Bob, 1947- author. Denton, Texas : University of North Texas Press, 2015. Added: 04-07-2015Gateway to freedom : the hidden history of the underground railroad, Eric, 1943-, author. New York : W. W. Norton & Company, [2015] Added: 03-04-2015El Paso's muckraker : the life of Owen Payne White, Garna L. ©2015 Added: 03-23-2015W. Eugene Smith : master of the photographic essay, W. Eugene Millerton, N.Y. : Aperture, cop. 1981 Added: 03-23-2015Red River Dam near three miles in length : reservoir shoreline nearly 1, 000 miles : compliments of Sherman Democrat, Sherman, Texas. Sherman, Texas : Sherman Democrat, [1938?] Added: 03-23-2015From cattle range to cotton patch : written specially for the Sunday Magazine Supplement of The News, Don Hampton, 1869-1957, author. [Dallas, Tex.?] : [Dallas-Galveston News], [1905?] Added: 03-24-2015Hogan, Ben, Family Papers, ca. 1900-2009. family. Added: 03-24-2015Stunock, G. W., Cattle Bill of Sale, August 30, 1887., G. W. Added: 03-24-2015Howdy neighbor, Percy, author. Kerens, Texas : James E. Taylor, august, 1939. Added: 03-25-2015Sequences : strategies for shooting video in the real world, John, 1943- Mountain View, Calif. : Mayfield Pub. Co., ©1992. Added: 03-26-2015Rights in the digital era ©2015 Added: 03-26-2015The enduring first lady of Texas : Ima Hogg's influence on historic preservation in Texas, Elizabeth Sodek. [Fort Worth, Tex.] : Texas Christian University, 2014. Added: 03-31-2015The troubles of journalism : a critical look at what's right and wrong with the press, William A. Mahwah, N.J. : Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2001. Added: 03-31-2015Complete Texas writs of error table : courts of civil appeals cases passed upon by the Supreme Court : from earliest times to June 20, 1917. St. Paul : West Publishing Co., [1917] Added: 04-09-2015The School of American Archaeology., Edgar L. (Edgar Lee), 1865-1946, author. Santa Fe, New Mexico : Archaeological Institute of America, february 1913. Added: 04-09-2015Louise, Wharton County., W. F., author, publisher. Louise, Tex. : W.F. Appling, dealer in Real Estate and Live Stock, [1906?] Added: 04-09-2015A live issue, W. A. (William Andrew), 1839- author. Beaumont : American Printing Company, [1909] Added: 04-09-2015Alleged election outrages in Texas : testimony taken by the Subcommittee of the Committee on Privileges and Elections of the United States Senate, under authority of the following resolution passed by the Senate January 26, 1887. States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Privileges and Elections. [Washington?] : [G.P.O.?], [1887?] Added: 04-10-2015Masonic burial service. Gonzales, Texas : Inquirer Print, [1904?] Added: 04-10-2015Women of the New Testament : a question study course prepared for the use of The Woman's Auxiliary of The Columbus Avenue Baptist Church, Waco, Texas, Pauline Foster, author. Waco, Texas : The Columbus Avenue Baptist Church, [1925] Added: 04-10-2015Your Texas, do you know it? : challenging questions that can be answered from the wealth of information in The Texas Almanac and state industrial guide for 1939-40 : a guide booklet, Carter, 1881-1965, author. [Dallas] : published by The Dallas Morning News, [1940?] Added: 04-10-2015Bryson, John, Archive, 1945-1995., John, 1923-2005. Added: 04-13-2015Union and single church evangelistic campaigns. Nanticoke, Penna. : W.L. Leas-Printer, [1925] Added: 04-13-2015Eggers, Harold Townes Van Zandt Collection 1950-2000., Harold. Added: 04-14-2015Jones, Lou, Photographic Archive, 1976-2011., Lou, 1948-. Added: 04-14-2015Reed, Alan, Collection, 1968., Alan Added: 04-14-2015Breihan Family History Collection, 1838, 1870-2013 family Added: 04-14-2015Davis, Marian B., papers, 1925-2000., Marian B. Added: 04-14-2015Greetings from Brehnam, Texas. Dallas, Texas : Walraven Brothers, Inc., [193-?] Added: 04-14-2015James Van DerZee, the picture-takin' man, James, 1941-2005. New York : Dodd, Mead, ©1979. Added: 04-15-2015Jessie Tarbox Beals, first woman news photographer, Alexander. New York : Camera/Graphic Press, ©1978. Added: 04-15-2015Photojournalism : an introduction, Fred S. Belmont, CA : Wadsworth/Thomson Learning, ©2002. Added: 04-15-2015Literature & photography interactions, 1840-1990 : a critical anthology Albuquerque : University of New Mexico Press, ©1995. Added: 04-15-2015McMillan, Bob, photographic archive, 1977-2004., Bob. Added: 04-15-2015This is the American earth, Ansel, 1902-1984. San Francisco : Sierra Club, ©1968. Added: 04-15-2015Ansel Adams : letters and images, 1916-1984, Ansel, 1902-1984. Boston : Little, Brown, 1990, ©1988. Added: 04-15-2015Masters of the camera : Stieglitz, Steichen & their successors New York : Holt, Rinehart and Winston, ©1976. Added: 04-15-2015The history of photography : from 1839 to the present day, Beaumont, 1908-1993. New York : Museum of Modern Art ; Boston : distributed by New York Graphic Society, 1964. Added: 04-15-2015Life: World War II Boston : Little, Brown, ©1990. Added: 04-15-2015"Click" : a pictorial history of the photograph, Russell New York : Arco, 1974 Added: 04-15-2015Harry Benson on photojournalism, Harry. New York : Harmony Books, ©1982. Added: 04-15-2015The picture history of photography : from the earliest beginnings to the present day, Peter, 1909-1978, author. New York : Henry N. Abrams, Inc., 1977. Added: 04-15-2015Documentary expression and thirties America, William, 1940- Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 1986. Added: 04-15-2015Morris, Eleanor, Photographic Archive, circa 1981-2002., Eleanor, photographer. Added: 04-15-2015Hoover's bargains : Hoover's Curio Shop, Laura, Ohio.'s Curio Shop (Laura, Ohio), compiler, publisher. Laura, Ohio : Hoover's Curio Shop, [189-?] Added: 04-15-2015Temple (Tex.) stereographs, circa 1890-1900. (Tex.). Added: 04-16-2015Texas College Baseball Team photograph, 1918. College. Added: 04-16-2015South, Charles Lacy, papers, 1935-1965., Charles Lacy, 1892-1965. Added: 04-17-2015UT Texas Memorial Museum Photograph Collection Texas Memorial Museum. Added: 04-20-2015UT Texas Student Publications (UT TSP) Photographs, circa 1895-2004. Student Publications, Inc., photographer. Added: 04-20-2015