Recent Arrivals - Center for American History | All Materials | All Languages for American History | All Materials | All LanguagesMon, 01 Dec 14 00:00:00 -0600A history and encyclopedia of country, western, and gospel music., Linnell. Nashville, Tenn. : Clairmont, ©1969. Added: 11-20-2014Billboard's international talent directory. [Los Angeles, Billboard Publications] Added: 11-21-2014Opera, once over lightly. Introd. by Sigmund Spaeth; illus. by Charles Fisher., Reuben A. New York, Perennial Press [1955] Added: 12-11-2014Opera, once over lightly. Introd. by Sigmund Spaeth; illus. by Charles Fisher., Reuben A. New York, Perennial Press [1955] Added: 12-11-2014Rod Kennedy Presents, Inc., records, 1947-2008. Kennedy Presents, Inc. Added: 11-24-2014Süden und Norden. English, Charles, 1793-1864. New York : J. Winchester : New World Press, [1844] Added: 12-15-2014Vandale, Earl, Papers, 1897, 1908-1967., Earl, 1882-1952. Added: 12-10-2014The Texas way : money, power, politics, and ambition at the university, William H. (William Hughes), author. Austin, Texas : Briscoe Center for American History, 2013. Added: 01-21-2014When Mexicans could play ball : basketball, race, and identity in San Antonio, 1928-1945ía, Ignacio M., author. Austin : Universiy of Texas Press, 2013. Added: 01-21-2014Instructor's manual : Rock and roll : its history and stylistic development, Joe, author. ©1989. Added: 11-26-2014F is for flowers : for the undoor un-gardener, Ellen, author. ©1980. Added: 11-20-2014Home dyeing with natural dyes, by Margaret S. Furry [and] Bess M. Viemont., Margaret Smith, 1899- [Santa Rosa, Calif.] Thresh Publications [1973] Added: 11-19-2014Red state : an insider's story of how the GOP came to dominate Texas politics, Wayne J. (Wayne Jacob), 1944- Austin : University of Texas Press, 2014. Added: 09-04-2014The unknown American Revolution : the unruly birth of democracy and the struggle to create America, Gary B. New York : Penguin Books, 2006. Added: 11-17-2014The forgotten man : a new history of the Great Depression, Amity. New York : Harper Perennial, 2008. Added: 11-17-2014First ladies : the saga of the presidents' wives and their power, 1789-1961, Carl Sferrazza. New York : Quill/William Morrow, ©1990. Added: 11-17-2014American slavery, 1619-1877, Peter. New York : Hill and Wang, 2003. Added: 11-20-2014New York burning : liberty, slavery, and conspiracy in eighteenth-century Manhattan, Jill, 1966- New York : Vintage Books, 2006. Added: 11-20-2014Young patriots : the remarkable story of two men, their impossible plan, and the revolution that created the Constitution, Charles A. Naperville, Ill. : Sourcebooks, c2005. Added: 11-20-2014Mr. Songman : the Slim Whitman story, Kenneth L., 1941- Elgin, Ill. : Brethren Press, ©1982. Added: 11-20-2014Jimmie the Kid : the life of Jimmie Rodgers, Mike, author. ©1977 Added: 11-20-2014How I write songs, why you can, Tom T. New York : Chappell Music Co., ©1976. Added: 11-20-2014A guide to record collecting, Jerry. Phoenix, Ariz. : O'Sullivan Woodside, ©1979. Added: 11-20-2014Joel Whitburn's Pop memories, 1890-1954 : the history of American popular music : compiled from America's popular music charts 1890-1954., Joel. Menomonee Falls, Wis. : Record Research, ©1986. Added: 11-20-2014The New Lost City Ramblers song book New York : Oak Publications, c1964. Added: 11-20-2014The Illustrated history of country music Garden City, N.Y. : Dolphin Books : Doubleday, 1980. Added: 11-20-2014Country singers as I know 'em, Mae Boren. Austin, Tex. : Sweet Pub. Co., ©1973. Added: 11-20-2014King of country music; the life story of Roy Acuff, by A.C. Dunkleberger., A. C. Nashville, Williams Print. Co. [©1971] Added: 11-20-2014American premium guide to jukeboxes and slot machines : gumballs, trade stimulators, arcade, Jerry. Florence, Ala. : Books Americana, ©1985. Added: 11-20-2014Miller, Townsend, poster collection, 1953, 1968-1986., Townsend, 1919-1989. Added: 11-20-2014Osborne and Hamilton's original record collectors price guide, record albums. Phoenix : O'Sullivan, Woodside & Co., ©1980. Added: 11-21-2014BMI country hits, 1944-1975. [New York] : Broadcast Music, ©1976. Added: 11-21-2014Billboard country music sourcebook. [Los Angeles, Billboard Publications] Added: 11-21-2014Celebrated Luckenbach, Texas : standard of the world, Bryan. Houston, Tex. : Printed by D. Armstrong, ©1974. Added: 11-21-2014Sing a sad song : the life of Hank Williams, Roger M., 1934- Garden City, NY : Doubleday, 1970. Added: 11-21-2014Country music U.S.A : a fifty-year history, Bill C. Austin, London : published for the American Folklore Society by the University of Texas Press, 1974. Added: 11-21-2014Country music : white man's blues, John, 1941- New York : Paperback Library, [1970] Added: 11-21-2014The story of jazz. With an expanded bibliography and a syllabus of fifteen lectures on the history of jazz., Marshall Winslow. [New York] New American Library 1964, [c1958] Added: 11-21-2014Crosscurrents in the Black Atlantic, 1770-1965 : a brief history with documents Boston : Bedford/St. Martins, c2008. Added: 11-25-2014The pieceable kingdom, Mary Jane. Lombard, Ill. : Wallace-Homestead Book Co., ©1985. Added: 11-25-2014McCall's quilt it, book 2. By the editors of McCall's needlework & crafts. Editorial director: Rosemary McMurtry. Managing editor, Eleanor Spencer. Book editor: Betsy Emery. Art director: Ray Tatro. Staff designer: Sally Specht. [New York], [©1974] Added: 11-25-2014McCall's how to quilt it! By the editors of McCall's needlework & crafts. [New York], [Mc Call Pattern Co.] [[1973] Added: 11-25-2014Born Amish, Barbara Yoder. Randolph, Ohio : Jacbar Publications, ©1980. Added: 11-25-2014The big bands, George T., 1912-2001. New York :, London : Macmillan, Collier-Macmillan, 1968. Added: 11-25-2014Hank Williams : from life to legend, Jerry. [Place of publication not identified] : [publisher not identified], [1980?] Added: 11-25-2014The country music story : a picture history of country and western music., Robert, 1926-1995. Indianapolis : Bobbs-Merrill Co., ©1966. Added: 11-25-2014Loretta Lynn : Coal miner's daughter, Loretta. New York : Warner Books, 1977. Added: 11-25-2014Joel Whitburn's top country & western records. Menomonee Falls, Wis., Record Research. Added: 11-25-2014Hear me talkin' to ya : the story of jazz as told by the men who made it New York : Dover Publications, c1955. Added: 11-25-2014Billboard's top 2000, 1955-1985, Joel. Menomonee Falls, Wis. : Record Research, ©1985. Added: 11-25-2014Cowboy songs and other frontier ballads., John A. (John Avery), 1867-1948, compiler. New York, Macmillan Co. 1955. Added: 11-25-2014A history of playing cards and a bibliography of cards and gaming. Compiled and illustrated from the old cards and books in the collection of the United States Playing Card Company in Cincinnati., Catherine Perry. New York, Dover Publications [1966] Added: 11-25-2014Official WSM Grand Ole Opry history-picture book. Nashville, Tenn. : WSM, Inc. Added: 11-25-2014Texas history movies; illustrations by Jack Patton; text by John Rosenfield, Jr., Jack, illustrator. Dallas, Tex., Turner Co. ©1943. Added: 11-26-2014Hoffman, Albert W., Papers, 1919-1975, 1995-2008., Albert William, 1901-1975. Added: 12-10-2014De doorlughtige weereld : voorstellende een zeer nette genealogische, historische en politische beschrijvingh aller tegenwoordig levende keyseren, koningen, vorsten, en graven : nevens de staten en republiquen des geheelen aerdbodems ..., S. de (Simon), 1630- Amsterdam : François Halma, 1700. Added: 12-10-2014Wells' national hand-book : embracing numerous invaluable documents connected with the political history of America. Among which are the Declaration of independence, Constitution of the United States ... biographical sketches of the ex-presidents, with portraits of each, lives and portraits of the nominees for president and vice-president, platforms of the three political parties, Congress of the United States, etc., etc., etc., interspersed with the interesting incidents of each administration. Fifty-two illustrations., John G. (John Gaylord), 1821-1880. New York, J.G. Wells, 1857. Added: 12-10-2014Dictionaire des termes propres de marine, Mr. A Paris, : Chez Amable Auroy, rue S. Jacques; à l'image S. Jerôme, attenant la fontaine S. Severin., M.DC.LXXXVII. [1687] Added: 12-10-2014Dictionnaire de marine : avec huit planches, Jean-Baptiste-Philibert, comte, 1761-1845. Paris : Bachelier, 1831. Added: 12-10-2014Code-Reynold : internationale Schiffs-Telegraphie für die Kriegs- und Handelsmarine de Chauvency, Charles de, 1810-1877. Paris ; Leipzig : Hachette, 1859. Added: 12-10-2014The illustrated history of textiles New York : Portland House, 1991. Added: 12-10-2014Pillows, designs, patterns, projects, Mary Elizabeth Johnson, 1944- Birmingham, Ala. : Oxmoor House, ©1978. Added: 12-10-2014The banner book, Ruth Ann. Radnor, Pa. : Chilton Book Co., ©1995. Added: 12-10-2014To ornament their minds : Sarah Pierce's Litchfield Female Academy, 1792-1833, Theodore R. Litchfield, Conn. : Litchfield Historical Society, 1993. Added: 12-10-2014A Selection of Williamsburg restoration reproductions from the Craft House. Williamsburg, Va. : Williamsburg Restoration, Inc., ©1956. Added: 12-10-2014The container book : basic processes for making bags, baskets, boxes, bowls, and other container forms with fibers, fabrics, leather, wood, plastics, metal, clay, glass, and natural materials, Thelma R. New York : Crown Publishers, ©1977. Added: 12-10-2014