Recent Arrivals - Center for American History | All Materials | All Languages for American History | All Materials | All LanguagesSun, 01 May 16 00:00:00 -0500Farenthold, Frances Tarlton, papers, 1913-2015., Frances Tarlton, 1926- Added: 05-20-2016Child of God, Cormac, 1933- New York : Vintage Books, 1993. Added: 05-06-2016Mickelson, Sig, papers, 1930-2005., Sig. Added: 05-18-2016Uncoverings : the ... research papers of the American Quilt Study Group. Mill Valley, Calif. : American Quilt Study Group, c1981- Added: 05-13-2016Pan American Round Table of Austin records, 1922-2016. American Round Table of Austin. Added: 05-19-2016Vassar Clements [sound recording]., Vassar. Performer. [S.l.] : Mercury, p1975. Added: 04-27-2016Shaka Zulu [sound recording], Joseph. Burbank, Calif. : Warner Bros. Records, p1987. Added: 04-26-2016Troubadour [sound recording], J. J. Los Angeles, Calif. : Shelter Recording Co., p1976. Added: 05-03-2016Bandido rock [sound recording], Joe King. Cambridge, Mass. : Rounder Records, cp1987. Added: 05-09-2016Unconditionally guaranteed [sound recording]. Beefheart. Performer. [S.l.] : Mercury, p1974. Added: 05-09-2016Bluegrass holiday [sound recording], J. D. Performer. Floyd, Va. : Rebel Records, [1985?] Added: 05-12-2016Siyabamukela [sound recording] (Musical group) Performer. Cambridge, Mass. : Rounder, p1989. Added: 04-26-2016Banging and sawing [sound recording], Bob. Performer. Cambridge, Mass. : Rounder, p1985. Added: 05-09-2016It's a long story : my life, Willie, 1933- author. New York : Little Brown and Company, 2015. Added: 06-22-2015Los Lobos : dream in blue, Chris (Music journalist), author. ©2015 Added: 09-10-2015The collections : the University of Texas at Austin of Texas at Austin, author. Austin : The University of Texas at Austin, College of Fine Arts, 2016. Added: 01-27-2016A promising problem : the new Chicana Austin : University of Texas Press, 2016. Added: 03-10-2016Captivity beyond prisons : criminalization experiences of Latina (im)migrants, Martha D., author. Austin : University of Texas Press, 2016. Added: 04-01-2016Mexican migration to the United States : perspectives from both sides of the border Austin : University of Texas Press, 2016. Added: 04-05-2016Texas Federal Judiciary Evaluation Committee Oral History Project, 1984-2012 Federal Judiciary Evaluation Committee Oral History Project. Added: 04-27-2016Sherman, Max, Papers, 1971-1977., Max R. Added: 04-27-2016Stanley A. Arbingast Papers, 1976-1978, Stanley Alan, 1910- Added: 04-28-2016George G. Arnakis Papers, 1918-1975, George G. Added: 04-28-2016Thomas Belinoski Papers, 1975-1978, Thomas. Added: 04-28-2016Bell, Wayne, papers, 1974-1993, Wayne, 1933- Added: 04-29-2016Austin American-statesman. Added: 04-29-2016Austin Transit Corporation Item, 1970 Transit Corporation. Added: 04-29-2016Ball, W. B. "Jack" Oral History Interview, 1983 of Texas Institute of Texan Cultures at San Antonio. Added: 04-29-2016Barker, Nancy, papers, 1956-1994, Nancy Nichols. Added: 04-29-2016Barrow, L. T., papers, 1922, 1962, Leonidas Theodore, 1895-1978. Added: 04-29-2016Bell, Spurgeon, Papers, 1934-1958, Spurgeon, 1880- Added: 04-29-2016How to be a Texan : the manual, Andrea, author. Austin : University of Texas Press, 2016. Added: 05-04-2016Relentless : the stories behind the photographs, Neil, author, photographer. Austin : University of Texas Press, 2016. Added: 05-05-2016Haynes, William D., papers, 1965-2000, William D. Added: 05-05-2016Virgil Barnes Papers, Virgil. Added: 05-05-2016American Association of University Professors (UT Austin Chapter) Records, 1916-1983 Association of University Professors. Added: 05-05-2016Theodore Andersson Papers, 1969, Theodore. Added: 05-05-2016James W. Andrew Report, 1929, James W. Added: 05-05-2016Aberration in the heartland of the real : the secret lives of Timothy McVeigh., Wendy S. Walterville, OR : Trine Day, 2015. Added: 05-05-2016Jessie Andrews Collection, 1896-1928, Jessie. Added: 05-05-2016Telford L. Barnhouse Essay, 1930, Telford L. Added: 05-05-2016Annie Bettie Armstrong Papers, 1934, Annie Bettie. Added: 05-05-2016Babs Bartow Papers, 1958, Babs. Added: 05-05-2016Ragsdale, Paul B., Papers, 1959-2006., Paul B. Added: 05-05-2016Birnbaum, Norman, Papers, 1942-2009, Norman. Added: 05-05-2016Tales of Texas cooking : stories and recipes from the Trans Pecos to the Piney Woods and High Plains to the Gulf prairies ©2015 Added: 05-09-2016Pejsa, Jane Gayl, collection, 1944-2001., Jane Gayl. Added: 05-11-2016Nettie Lee Benson Oral History, 1991, Nettie Lee. Added: 05-11-2016Blocker, Clyde E., Papers, ca. 1952-1968, Clyde E. Added: 05-11-2016Bloebaum, Ray Pearl, Papers, 1919, 1957-1984, undated, Ray Pearl. Added: 05-11-2016Bold, Harold C., Papers, ca. 1970s-1980s, Harold Charles, 1909- Added: 05-11-2016Boyd, W. P., Items, 1930, 1933, undated, W. P. Added: 05-11-2016Brackenridge, George Washington, Papers, 1885, 1912, 1919, 1934, undated, George Washington, 1832-1921. Added: 05-11-2016Breland, Osmond Philip, papers, 1938-1982, Osmond Philip, 1910- Added: 05-11-2016Broman, I. J., Collection, 1890-1942, I. J. Added: 05-11-2016Brooks, Myrtis, Papers, 1962, Myrtis. Added: 05-11-2016Quilters' journal. [Mill Valley, Calif., J. Gross] Added: 05-12-2016Quilter's calendar Valley Quilt Authority, creator. Mill Valley, California : Mill Valley Quilt Authority. Added: 05-16-2016Maverick Family Papers, 1660-[circa 1980s]. (Family) Added: 05-13-2016Morgan Callaway, Jr. Papers, 1849-1968, Morgan, Jr. Added: 05-13-2016Brown, Norman D., Papers, 1921-1933, Norman D. Added: 05-13-2016Blair, W. Frank, Papers, 1935-1986, W. Frank, 1912- Added: 05-13-2016Brown, Ronald M., Oral History, 1974, Ronald Miles, 1931- Added: 05-13-2016Burlage, Henry Matthew, Papers, 1927-1969, Henry M., 1897-1978. Added: 05-13-2016Byrne, Lee, Papers, undated, Lee, 1876- Added: 05-13-2016Campbell, Phonsie, Papers, 1932, Phonsie. Added: 05-13-2016Carlson, George, Papers, 1967-1973, George. Added: 05-13-2016Christian Faith-and-Life Community Records, 1953-1958 Faith-and-Life Community (Austin, Tex.) Added: 05-13-2016Clark, Evert Mordecai, Papers, 1920-1957, Evert Mordecai, 1879-1961. Added: 05-13-2016Ava Nell Cole UT Scrapbook, 1932-1936, Ava Nell Added: 05-17-2016Clements, Nannie, Letter, 1916, Victor Added: 05-17-2016Casteel, Dana Brackenridge, Papers, 1908-1952, Dana Brackenridge, 1877-1958. Added: 05-17-2016Crow, M. M., Papers, 1938-1976, Martin Michael, 1901-1997. Added: 05-17-2016Danielson, Wayne, Papers, 1989-1996, Wayne A. Added: 05-17-2016Darter, William A., Papers, 1896, 1906-1972, undated, William Alexander Added: 05-17-2016Boyd, William Paxton, Papers, 1866-1985, William Paxton, 1897-1987. Added: 05-17-2016Boylan, Nelle Baker, papers, [circa 1866]-1927., Nelle Baker. 1895-1967. Added: 05-18-2016Ziehe, Ted and Velma, Beyond War Collection, 1985-2005. for Global Community (Palo Alto, Calif.) Added: 05-18-2016Barber, Amos, Papers, 1834-1880, Amos Added: 05-23-2016Katwijk, Paul van, Collection, 1923-1931, 1953-1958, 1974, Paul van, 1885-1974. Added: 05-23-2016Kantor, Seth, Papers, 1950-1993., Seth. Added: 05-23-2016