Recent Arrivals - Architecture Library | All Materials | All Languages Library | All Materials | All LanguagesTue, 01 Apr 14 00:00:00 -0500Bleak houses : disappointment and failure in architecture, Timothy, author. Cambridge, Massachusetts : The MIT Press, [2014] Added: 03-25-2014Eat, live, work : CCS Architecture, Cass Calder. Mulgrave, Vic. : Images ; Woodbridge : ACC Distribution [distributor], 2012. Added: 04-15-2014Contribuição propedeutica ao ensino da teoria da arquitetura. English, Lina Bo, 1914-1992. London ; New York : Routledge, 2014. Added: 03-25-2014Nieto Sobejano : memory and invention Ostfildern : Hatje Cantz, c2013. Added: 03-25-2014Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, Michael J., author. ©2013 Added: 03-25-2014Richard Meier, architect. Volume 6 New York : Rizzoli, 2014. Added: 03-25-2014The robotic touch : how robots change architecture, Fabio, 1970-, author. Zurich : Park Books, [2014] Added: 04-15-2014V&A future plan : transforming the world's favourite museum of art and design [London] : Emap, 2014. Added: 03-25-2014Shahestan Pahlavi : a new city centre for Tehran International. London ; Tehran : Llewelyn-Davies International, 1976. Added: 04-15-2014America's best architecture & design schools, 2013. Norcross, GA : Greenway Communications, for the Design Futures Council, c2012. Added: 03-25-2014Pardisan : plan for an environmental park in Tehran Collaborative (Firm) Philadelphia : Winchell Press, c1975. Added: 03-25-2014Islands & atolls, Luis, 1981- New York : Princeton Architectural Press, [2013] Added: 03-25-2014Catalyst : 2012-2013 UVa of Virginia. School of Architecture. New York, NY : Actar D, 2013. Added: 04-15-2014Sufi City : urban design and archetypes in Touba, Eric, 1962- Rochester : University of Rochester Press, 2006. Added: 04-15-2014Interrelaciones urbanas = Urban interrelations, Flavio. Buenos Aires : Piedra, Papel & Tijera, 2012. Added: 04-15-2014Austrian studies newsletter Minneapolis : The Center, 1989-2011 Added: 04-15-2014Urban wildlife manager's notebook. [Columbia, Md. : National Institute for Urban Wildlife] Added: 04-15-2014The temples of Nilakantha (Rajasthan) : a critical study, Meeta. Jaipur : Literary Circle, 2012. Added: 04-15-2014The planning and design implications of Islam and aridity, Max Z. [Baton Rouge, La.? : s.n., 1983] Added: 04-15-2014Wetland protection strategies for Kentucky Frankfort, Ky. : Kentucky Nature Preserves Commission, [1986] Added: 04-15-2014The landscape of Europe; four geographic studies. Cartography by Hans J. Stolle., James, 1927- [Toronto] McClelland and Stewart [c1966] Added: 04-15-2014The corporation and the environment : a report on the October 1968 conference held in Williamstown, Mass. and sponsored by the New England Governors' Conference, New England Regional Commission, New England River Basins Commission [and] Center for Environmental Studies, Williams College on the Corporation and the Environment (1968 : Williamstown, Mass.) Williamstown, MA : [Williams College Center for Environmental Studies], 1969. Added: 04-15-2014Leisure homes in the Berkshires, Sheafe. Williamstown, Mass. : Center for Environmental Studies, Williams College, 1969. Added: 04-15-2014Prairie in the city : naturalism in Chicago's parks, 1870-1940 Historical Society. Chicago, Ill. : Chicago Historical Society, 1991. Added: 04-15-2014Cleveland parks and recreation study, 1976 A. Behnke Associates. Cleveland, Ohio : Behnke, 1976. Added: 04-15-2014Urban natural areas : ecology and preservation Toronto, Ont. : Institute for Environmental Studies, University of Toronto, 1981. Added: 04-15-2014I don't want to but I will : the genesis of geographic knowledge, a real-time developmental study of adolescent images of novel environments, Denis. Worcester, Mass. : Clark University Cartographic Laboratory, c1973. Added: 04-15-2014A rural land use primer for Rhode Island, Cecilia. Providence, R.I. : LAND/RISD, 1976. Added: 04-15-2014Tennessee River and reservoir system operation and planning review : final environmental impact statement. [Knoxville, Tenn.] : Tennessee Valley Authority, 1990. Added: 04-15-2014The green land. Interregional Planning Program. [Hartford, 1966] Added: 04-15-2014The nature of vegetation, its management and mismanagement : an introduction to vegetation science, Frank E. (Frank Edwin), 1911-1996. Norfolk, Conn. : Egler, [c1977] Added: 04-15-2014The living land; an account of the natural resources of British Columbia. Produced by the British Columbia natural resources conference., Roderick Langmere, 1908-1976. New York, William Morrow, 1961. Added: 04-15-2014Open land in Metropolitan Chicago., John J. B. Chicago, Midwest Open Land Association, 1962. Added: 04-15-2014Land and resource planning in the national forests, Charles F., 1941- Eugene, Ore. : University of Oregon, 1985. Added: 04-15-2014Open space technology : a user's guide, Harrison, 1935- San Francisco : Berrett-Koehler Publishers, c1997. Added: 04-15-2014The ecological basis for land-use planning [by] G.A. Hills. Reprinted., G. Angus. [Toronto] Ontario Dept. of Lands and Forests, Research Branch, 1966. Added: 04-15-2014The race for open space; final report of the park, recreation and open space project. Plan Association (New York, N.Y.) New York, Regional Plan Association, 1960. Added: 04-15-2014Innovations vs traditions in community development : a comparative study in residential land use Washington, D.C. : Urban Land Institute, c1963. Added: 04-15-2014Georgian gardens : the reign of nature, David, 1948- Portland, Or. : Timber Press, 1984, c1983. Added: 04-15-2014A guide to the landscape architecture of Boston, Jack (John F.) Cambridge, Mass. : Hubbard Educational Trust, 1999. Added: 04-15-2014Planning for America's wildlands; a handbook for land-use planners, managers and executives, committee and commission members, conservation leaders, and all who face problems of wildland management., Arthur Hawthorne, 1892- [Harrisburg, Pa.] National Audubon Society, National Parks Association, Wilderness Society, Wildlife Management Institute, 1961. Added: 04-15-2014A preservation and conservation study : Northwestern Connecticut regional planning area, Joanna. Warren, Conn. : Northwestern Connecticut Regional Planning Agency, 1975. Added: 04-15-2014A landmark survey methodology : Lisbon, Ohio, 1-square mile of America, Michael W. [Kent, Ohio] : Kent State University, [1971] Added: 04-15-2014Chinatown, a legend of Old Cannery Row, Winston. [Orinda, Calif.] : Condor's Sky Press, c1965. Added: 04-15-2014Ruins as architecture : architecture as ruins, Thomas J. (Thomas Julian), 1925- Dublin, N.H. : William L. Bauhan, 1999. Added: 04-15-2014Charleston's historic houses : fourth annual tours [Charleston, S.C. : Foundation], 1952. Added: 04-15-2014Vegetation for the rehabilitation of pits and quarries in Ontario. [Toronto] : Ontario, Ministry of Natural Resources, [1975?] Added: 04-15-2014A report on historic preservation. Valley Regional Planning Commission. [Philadelphia] 1969. Added: 04-15-2014Proceedings of the first National Symposium on Environmental Concerns in Rights-of-Way Management, January 6-8, 1976, Mississippi State University Symposium on Environmental Concerns in Rights-of-Way Management (1st : 1976 : Mississippi State University) [Mississippi State, Miss.] : Mississippi State University, 1976. Added: 04-15-2014The Georgia coast; issues and options for recreation [by] Charles D. Clement., Charles Dwight. Athens, University of Georgia, 1971. Added: 04-15-2014The Great Meadows of the Connecticut River : Glastonbury, Rocky Hill & Wethersfield, State of Connecticut; an inventory and analysis of resources and recommendations for conservation and development. Amherst : [Dept. of Landscape Architecture] University of Massachusetts, [1969] Added: 04-15-2014Perception and measurement of scenic resources in the Southern Connecticut River Valley, Ervin H. Amherst : Institute for Man and His Environment, University of Massachusetts, 1974. Added: 04-15-2014The City book : the politics and planning of Canada's cities Toronto : J. Lorimer, 1976. Added: 04-15-2014Environmental design: research and practice; proceedings. Edited by William J. Mitchell. Design Research Association. Annual Conference (3rd : 1972 : University of California, Los Angeles) [Los Angeles? 1972] Added: 04-15-2014Public use development plan : Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, Virginia-North Carolina : environmental assessment Associates. [Newton Corner, Mass. : U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Northeast Region Five, 1979] Added: 04-15-2014Soils development guide Waukesha, Wis. : Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, [1969] Added: 04-15-2014Floodland and shoreland development guide. Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission. [Waukesha, Wis.] 1968. Added: 04-15-2014Mission 66: to provide adequate protection and development of the National park system for human use. States. National Park Service. Washington, 1956. Added: 04-15-2014Regional landscape planning : proceedings of 3 educational sessions, 1981 Annual Meeting, American Society of Landscape Architects Washington, D.C. : American Society of Landscape Architects, c1981. Added: 04-15-2014Metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas : new approaches to geographical definition Washington, D.C. : U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Economics and Statistics Administration, Bureau of the Census, 1995. Added: 04-15-2014A report of the Newark proceedings : Newark, New Jersey, August 16-20, 1964 Institute of Planners. Conference (47th : 1964 : Newark, N.J.) Washington : The Institute, c1964. Added: 04-15-2014The Press and the building of cities; proceedings of a working conference for 30 reporters from metropolitan newspapers. Proceedings editor, George McCue. Washington, American Institute of Architects [1962?] Added: 04-15-2014Urban-metropolitan open space study., Dean, Austin & Williams. [San Francisco?] 1965. Added: 04-15-2014Homage to the Square : picturing Washington Square, 1890-1965, Bruce, 1951- New York, N.Y. : Berry-Hill Galleries, c2001. Added: 04-15-2014Scenic resources of Lycoming County County Planning Commission. [S.l. : The Commission, 1973] Added: 04-15-2014Stewardship: modern methods of land preservation used by "good steward" landowners. [text by Charles E. Little and Robert L. Burnap]. Space Institute. New York : Open Space Institute, [1970?] Added: 04-15-2014Processes, procedures, and methods to control pollution resulting from all construction activity Washington, D.C. : U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Air and Water Programs : For sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O., [1973] Added: 04-15-2014A legal view of the flood plain., Edward W. [Knoxville? Tennessee Valley Authority] 1961. Added: 04-15-2014State parks in a new era., Phyllis. Washington, D.C. : Conservation Foundation, c1989. Added: 04-15-2014State grants for parklands, 1965-1984 : lessons for a new land and water conservation fund, Phyllis. Washington, D.C. (1250 24th St., N.W., Washington 20037) : Conservation Foundation, c1987. Added: 04-15-2014New community design to the rescue : fulfilling another American dream, Joel S. Washington, D.C. : National Governor's Association, c2001. Added: 04-15-2014Akalank's What will be Delhi in 2021 : MPD, 2021 : master plan for Delhi, 2021 with the perspective for the year 2021, w.e.f. 7th February 2007 Delhi : Akalank Publications, 2011. Added: 04-15-2014State parks in a new era : a survey of issues and innovations, Phyllis. Washington, D.C. (1250 24 St., NW, Washington 20037) : Conservation Foundation, [1986] Added: 04-15-2014Approaches to the study of urban settlement : history, planning, geography, Gilbert Arthur, 1933- [Waterloo, Ont.] : Faculty of Environmental Studies, University of Waterloo, [1974] Added: 04-15-2014Countryside planning : a pilot study of Huron County MacLaren Company. Toronto : Ontario Ministry of Housing, [1976?] Added: 04-15-2014Communities at risk : environmental dangers in rural America, Albert J. Washington, D.C. : Renew America, c1989. Added: 04-15-2014To save the escarpment : report of the Niagara Escarpment Task Force ; Review of submissions to the Niagara Escarpment Task Force Escarpment Task Force (Ont.) [Toronto : Ministry of Treasury, Economics and Intergovernmental Affairs], 1972. Added: 04-15-2014Pervasive external costs and the response of society, Allen V. Washington : Resources for the Future, 1969. Added: 04-15-2014Two studies of Tinicum Marsh, Delaware and Philadelphia Counties, Pennsylvania: The natural features of Tinicum Marsh, with particular emphasis on the vegetation [by] Jack McCormick. Tinicum Marsh as a water purifier [by] Robert R. Grant, Jr., and Ruth Patrick., Jack. [Washington] Conservation Foundation, 1970. Added: 04-15-2014Riparian and littoral rights; a survey of some of the legal problems involved in residential and commercial uses along the water's edge in relation to the substantive aspects of public policy., Carroll. New York, William-Frederick Press, 1970. Added: 04-15-2014Planning and design for sustainable urban mobility : global report on human settlements 2013 ©2013 Added: 04-15-2014Green-line parks : an approach to preserving recreational landscapes in urban areas of Congress. Environmental Policy Division. Washington : U.S. Govt. Print. Off., 1975. Added: 04-15-2014Friends of Morningside Park. [New York, N.Y. : Friends of Morningside Park, 1983?] Added: 04-15-2014Problems of decentralization in Metropolitan areas : proceedings of the first annual University of California Conference on City and Regional Planning, International House, Berkeley, California, May 22, 1953. of California Conference on City and Regional Planning (1st : 1953 : Berkeley, Calif.) Berkeley, Calif. : University of California, Dept. of City and Regional Planning, 1954. Added: 04-15-2014Palisades Interstate Park, 1900-1960. Interstate Park Commission. Bear Mountain, N.Y. [1960] Added: 04-15-2014Jamestown, Virginia : the townsite and its story, Charles E. Washington, D.C. : U.S. Dept. of the Interior, National Park Service, 1957. Added: 04-15-2014Renewal & upheaval tales from 16 cities New Delhi : Hazards Centre, 2011. Added: 04-15-2014The federal tax law of conservation easements : third supplement (1996-2000), Stephen J. Washington, D.C. : Land Trust Alliance, 2000. Added: 04-15-2014Playparks : with suggestions for their design, equipment and planting, Thomas, 1871-1940. London : Coronation Planting Committee, [1937?] Added: 04-15-2014Community views concerning urban forest recreation resources, facilities, and services'Leary, Joseph T. [S.l. : s.n.], 1982. Added: 04-15-2014Managing National Park system resources : a handbook on legal duties, opportunities and tools Washington, D.C. : Conservation Foundation, c1990. Added: 04-15-2014Akalank's Delhi Master Plan, 1962. New Delhi : Akalank Publications, 2011. Added: 04-15-2014Proceedings of the second Conference on Voluntary Preservation of Open Space : protecting the American landscape : Owen J. Roberts High School, Saturday, March 10, 1979 on Voluntary Preservation of Open Space (2nd : 1979 : Bucktown, Pa.) Pottstown, Pa. : The Trust, [1980?] Added: 04-15-20141965 urban design conference Design Conference (9th : 1965 : Harvard University. Graduate School of Design) [Cambridge, MA : Harvard University, Graduate School of Design, 1965] Added: 04-15-2014Federal architecture : a framework for debate : an interim report Endowment for the Arts. Federal Architecture Project. [Washington] : The Project, 1974. Added: 04-15-2014Designing neighborhood commons, James G. [Washington, D.C. : Washington Center for Metropolitan Studies, 1964] Added: 04-15-2014Survival in a nuclear attack; plan for protection from radioactive fallout, report to Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller. York (State). Committee on Fallout Protection. [Albany, 1960] Added: 04-15-2014Options for Cape Cod's future : APCC's growth report. for the Preservation of Cape Cod. Orleans, Mass. : Association for the Preservation of Cape Cod, 1985. Added: 04-15-2014Private trees and public interest : programs for protecting and planting trees in metropolitan areas, Robert E. Philadelphia, Pa. : Dept. of City and Regional Planning, Graduate School of Fine Arts, University of Pennsylvania, 1984. Added: 04-15-2014Decentralization for national and local development. Nations. Division for Public Administration. New York, United Nations, 1962. Added: 04-15-2014Design for maintenance : a park management aid [Washington? D.C.] : National Recreation and Park Association : U.S. Dept. of the Interior, National Park Service, [1983] Added: 04-15-2014National forest landscape management. States. Forest Service. [Washington] : Forest Service, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture : for sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. Govt. Print. Off., 1973- Added: 04-15-2014Experimental studies on architectural perception : carried out Sept. 1, 1965-July 1, 1969, Sven. Stockholm : National Swedish Institute for Building Research, 1971. Added: 04-15-2014Recovery and utilization of municipal solid waste; a summary of available cost and performance characteristics of unit processes and systems, by N.L. Drobny, H.E. Hull, and R.F. Testin., N. L. (Neil L.) [Washington] U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Solid Waste Management Office; [for sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. Govt. Print. Off.] 1971. Added: 04-15-2014Hilborn conservation area study : resource inventory, development and management of the site, Preston, Ontario [Waterloo, Ontario] : Division of Environmental Studies, University of Waterloo, 1971. Added: 04-15-2014Regional landscape planning : [Symposium at] Allerton House, November 3,4,5, 1961. in Regional Landscape Planning (1961 : Robert Allerton Park) Urbana : Dept. of City Planning and Landscape Architecture, University of Illinois, [1961?] Added: 04-15-2014An ecological analysis, and Natural resource management proposals for SUNY Upper Division College at Herkimer-Utica-Rome, New York., Robert E. Waterloo, Ont. : Ecoplans Ltd., [1971] Added: 04-15-2014Open space, conservation, and recreation : an element of the Oakland comprehensive plan (Calif.). City Planning Department. Oakland, Calif. : [City Planning Dept.], 1976. Added: 04-15-2014Perception and environment: foundations of urban design; proceedings. By Robert E. Stipe. on Urban Design (1962 : University of North Carolina) [Chapel Hill, N.C.] 1966. Added: 04-15-2014Developing a methodology for the evaluation of proposed new communities. Prepared for U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Electric Company. Technical Military Planning Operation. Santa Barbara, Calif., General Electric Co.--TEMPO, Center for Advanced Studies, 1971. Added: 04-15-2014New communities : systems for planning and evaluation Sciences Corporation. Jenkintown, Pa. : The Corporation ; Springfield, Va. : Distributed by TIS, National Technical Information Service, 1971. Added: 04-15-2014Toward a better environment : a beautification program for the city of Chattanooga and Hamilton County, Tennessee. and Simonds. Pittsburgh : Simonds and Simonds, 1968. Added: 04-15-2014Landscape resource potential; a study for the Lawrenceville, Illinois, Garden Club, conducted with the assistance of a grant from the Sears-Roebuck Foundation, by Ben Niemann, with supporting regional studies developed by the 1960 senior class in landscape architecture of the University of Illinois, Urbana. Staff advisor and final report editor; Philip H. Lewis, Jr., Philip H. [Urbana? Ill., 1960] Added: 04-15-2014Fleeting glimpses, or adolescent and other images of the entity called San Cristobal las Cassas [sic], Chiapas, Mexico., Denis. 1971. Added: 04-15-2014Environmental strategy and action : the challenge of the world conservation strategy with reference to environmental planning and human settlements in Canada, Peter, 1939- Vancouver : University of British Columbia Press, 1981. Added: 04-15-2014Site planning in practice; an investigation of the principles of housing estate development, by F. Longstreth Thompson. With a foreword by Raymond Unwin., F. M. L. (Francis Michael Longstreth) London, H. Frowde and Hodder & Stoughton [1923] Added: 04-15-2014Analysis of air-pollution-sensitive vegetation at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, T. V. (Thomas V.) Indianapolis, Ind. : Biotic Resources Program, Holcomb Research Institute, Butler University, [1984] Added: 04-15-2014The conservation of energy in housing Mortgage and Housing Corporation (Canada) Ottawa : The Corporation, 1977. Added: 04-15-2014Urban development and governance : issues, concerns and challenges : essays in honour of Prof. Ranvinder Singh Sandhu Seminar on "Urban Development in India: Challenges for Good Governance" (2010 : Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar) Jaipur : Rawat Publications, [2013] Added: 04-15-2014Public health and environmental exposure assessment for Unison PCB separation facility Henderson County, Kentucky : draft Atlanta, GA : U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 1986. Added: 04-15-2014A child's eye view of small Heath, Birmingham : perceptive studies for environmental education, David. Birmingham : University of Birmingham, Centre for Urban and Regional Studies, 1974. Added: 04-15-2014Learning from alleys : the back-alley in the American residential landscape, Michael D. (Michael David) 1995. Added: 04-15-2014Collected works of Gustav Stickley New York : Turn of the Century Editions, 1981. Added: 04-15-2014Energy flow in human communities : proceedings of a workshop in New York, New York, January 30- February 1, 1974 University Park, Penn. : Pennsylvania State University, 1974. Added: 04-15-2014The decay of America's cities : a call for leadership. Montgomery Curtis Memorial Seminar (1993) [Reston, Va. : American Press Institute, c1993] Added: 04-15-2014Boundaries of the city : the architecture of western urbanism, Alan. Toronto ; Buffalo : University of Toronto Press, 1993. Added: 04-15-2014Lakeshore land use controls, Frederic O. Burlington, Vt. : Vermont Agricultural Experiment Station, 1969. Added: 04-15-2014Regional plan of the Coastal Plains Regional Commission States. Coastal Plains Regional Commission. Washington : The Commission, 1968. Added: 04-15-2014Syllabus for 1963 AIA regional seminars on design. Institute of Architects. [Washington, 1963?] Added: 04-15-2014Reports on metropolitan dispersal for Project East River University. Department of Regional Planning. [Cambridge, Mass.] : Dept. of Regional Planning, Harvard University, 1952. Added: 04-15-2014The implementation of public programs of open space [by] William I Goodman., William I., 1919- [Urbana] Bureau of Community Planning and Dept. of Urban Planning, University of Illinois, 1965. Added: 04-15-2014A guidebook to comparing risks and setting environmental priorities. [Washington, DC] : U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 1993. Added: 04-15-2014Vieux Carré historic district demonstration study [technical supplements to Plan and program for the preservation of the Vieux Carré. of Governmental Research (New Orleans, La.) New Orleans, 1968] Added: 04-15-2014Proper use of variance., Gordon. [Los Angeles, Gordon Whitnall and Associates, 1957] Added: 04-15-2014Nature conservation day : seminar proceedings [March 26, 1980]. [s.l.] : Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, 1981. Added: 04-15-2014Private approaches to the preservation of open land, by Russell L. Brenneman., Russell L., 1928- [New London, Conn.] Conservation and Research Foundation [c1967] Added: 04-15-2014The spiritual dimension of green politics, Charlene, 1946- Sante Fe, N.M. : Bear, c1986. Added: 04-15-2014The Harvard forest models. Forest (Research facility) Petersham, Mass. : Harvard University, Fisher Museum of Forestry at the Harvard Forest, 1975. Added: 04-15-2014Maintaining the spirit of place : a guidebook for citizen, Harry Launce, 1941- [College Station, Tx. : Texas A & M University Printing Center], c1976. Added: 04-15-2014Classifying rangeland for conservation planning, Frederic Gordon, 1897- Washington, D.C. : U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service, 1962. Added: 04-15-2014Guiding growth and change : a handbook for the Massachusetts citizen, Sarah. Lincoln : Massachusetts Audubon Society, c1976. Added: 04-15-2014Decommissioning nuclear power plants : a landscape architect's perspective, E. Lynn (Ernest Lynn), 1932- University Park, PA : Pennsylvania State University, c1984. Added: 04-15-2014The evolution of our countryside., J. H. G. (John Harold George) London, D. Dobson [1952] Added: 04-15-2014Farm history., Grant. London, Methuen & company ltd. [1946] Added: 04-15-2014Landscape beautification guide. [Madison, Wis.?] : Wisconsin Council on Natural Beauty, [1967?] Added: 04-15-2014Management planning for park and recreation areas, George E. Arlington, Va. : National Recreation and Park Association, 1981. Added: 04-15-2014Taconite and the landscape in the Lake Superior South Shore area, Douglas, Baybield, Ashland, and Iron Counties, Ervin H. [Madison, Wis.?] : Dept. of Resource Development, [1963] Added: 04-15-2014The Barrington, Illinois, area, phase 2 : evaluation of growth and governmental alternatives Associates. [S.l. : s.n., 1970?] Added: 04-15-2014Environmental corridor study [Atlanta] : Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources, 1976. Added: 04-15-2014A century of women landscape architects and gardeners in Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, Pa. : Heinz Architectural Center, the Carnegie Museum of Art, 1996. Added: 04-15-2014The economic benefits of parks and open space : how land conservation helps communities grow smart and protect the bottom line, Steve. San Francisco, CA : Trust for Public Land, c1999. Added: 04-15-2014Kauai National Park, Hawaii : a proposal. [Washington, D.C.] : U.S. Dept. of the Interior, National Park Service, 1965. Added: 04-15-2014Wildlife management and conservation. Illustrated by Bob Hines. Prepared in cooperation with the Wildlife Management Institute., James B. Boston, D.C. Heath [1964] Added: 04-15-2014Parkways : past, present, and future : proceedings of the Second Biennial Linear Parks Conference, 1987. Parks Conference (2nd : 1987 : Roanoke, Va.) Boone, N.C. : Appalachian Consortium Press, c1989. Added: 04-15-2014Public transport, Christian Augustus, 1898-1980. Harmondsworth : Penguin Books, 1949. Added: 04-15-2014台北天后宮的歷史王世燁. 台北市 : 臺北天后宮管理委員會, 2011. Added: 04-15-2014Trees and forests for human settlements : Pl.05-00 Project Group on Arboriculture and Urban Forestry, International Union of Forestry Research Organizations : proceedings of papers presented during Pl.05-00 Symposia in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 11-12 June 1976 at the United Nations Habitat Forum and in Oslo, Norway, 22 June 1976 at the XVIth IUFRO World Congress. Toronto : Centre for Urban Forestry Studies, University of Toronto, [1976?] Added: 04-15-2014Edges : human ecology of the backcountry, Ray. Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, [1986], c1976. Added: 04-15-2014Jardinier de Versailles. English, Alain, author. New York : Rizzoli Ex Libris, 2014. Added: 04-15-2014Revealing architectural design : methods, frameworks and tools, Philip D. Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge, 2014. Added: 04-15-2014The skycourt and skygarden : greening the urban habitat, Jason. Abingdon, Oxon ; New York : Routledge, 2014. Added: 04-15-2014Essays. Selections. English, Paolo, author. Cambridge, Massachusetts : The MIT Press, [2014] Added: 04-15-2014Edra 1 : proceedings of the 1st annual Environmental Design Research Association conference [S.l. : s.n.], 1970. Added: 04-15-2014Collage and architecture, Jennifer A. E. New York : Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group, 2014. Added: 04-15-2014Spatial planning systems and practices in Europe : a comparative perspective on continuity and changes New York, NY : Routledge, 2014. Added: 04-15-2014Fundamentals of land measurement, John S. Chicago, Ill. : Chicago Title and Trust Co., 1964. Added: 04-15-2014The off-road vehicle and environmental quality; an updated report on the social and environmental effects of off-road vehicles, particularly snowmobiles, with suggested policies for their control, by Malcolm F. Baldwin and Dan H. Stoddard, Jr., Malcolm F., 1940- Washington, Conservation Foundation [1973] Added: 04-15-2014Lessons from the states : strengthening land conservation programs through grants to nonprofit land trusts, Phyllis. Washington, D.C. : Land Trust Alliance, c1992. Added: 04-15-2014The countryside on view : a handbook on countryside centres, field museums and historic buildings open to the public, Elisabeth. Swansea : Triskel, 1975. Added: 04-15-2014Edra 5 : man-environment interactions : evaluations and applications : the state of the art in environmental design research, 1974 [S.l.] : EDRA, c1974. Added: 04-15-2014Region building; community development lessons from the Tennessee Valley., James, 1904- New York, Harper [1955] Added: 04-15-2014Soils of the north central region of the United States. Madison : Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Wisconsin, 1960. Added: 04-15-2014Geography in the field, edited by K. S. Wheeler., Keith Stracey. London, Blond Educational, 1970. Added: 04-15-2014Eco-church : an action manual, Albert J. San Jose, Calif. : Resource Publications, c1992. Added: 04-15-2014A model of society: organization of research and problems raised by a new field, by the staff. of California, Davis. Institute of Ecology. Environmental Systems Group. [Davis, 1969] Added: 04-15-2014Einfamilienhäuser in der Gruppe. One family houses in groups. Eine Beispielsammlung. A collection of examples selected by Karl Krämer. (Übertragung ins Englische von Sylvia J. Roberts. 275 Abbildungen).ämer, Karl H. Stuttgart, Bern, Krämer (1966) Added: 04-15-2014Monroe Community College : campus plan, Rowlett, Scott. [S.l. : Candill Rowlett Scott, 196-?] Added: 04-15-2014Group house study and Christie. Towson, Md. : Wilson and Christie, [l96l] Added: 04-15-2014University-community tension and urban campus form [by] Robert L. Carroll, Hayden B. May [and] Samuel V. Noe, Jr., Robert Lloyd. [Cincinnati] University of Cincinnati, 1972. Added: 04-15-2014General guidelines for the preparation of environmental assessments. Environmental Approvals Board. [Toronto] : Environmental Approvals Branch, Ministry of the Environment, Ontario, 1982. Added: 04-15-2014Public space : environmental awareness in America during the latter nineteenth century [Cambridge] : [Harvard University], 1975. Added: 04-15-2014Government policy for the Parkway Belt: West Ministry of Treasury, Economics and Intergovernmental Affairs. [Toronto] : The Ministry, 1973. Added: 04-15-2014Taxation and development : the use of tax policies for preserving open space & improving development patterns in the bi-county region ... Capital Park and Planning Commission. Silver Spring, Md. : The Commission, 1968. Added: 04-15-2014Identification and evaluation of coastal resource patterns in Florida : pilot study in the coastal zone of Lee, De Soto and Charlotte counties : final report on contract no. CCC-01-72, between the Florida Coastal Coordinating Council and the University of Florida. of Florida. Interdisciplinary Team of Faculty and Students. [Gainesville? : s.n., 1972?] Added: 04-15-2014Urban land problems and policies. New York, United Nations, [1953] Added: 04-15-2014Natural resources mission to Germany : a special report to the President. States. Department of the Interior. Washington D.C. : Secretary of the Interior : For sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O., 1966. Added: 04-15-2014Open spaces and our cities Washington, D.C. : Office of the Administrator, Housing and Finance Agency, [1961] Added: 04-15-2014Open space in California: issues and options. Center for Community Education & Development. Los Angeles [1965?] Added: 04-15-2014Signs in the city : a study by graduate students of urban design in the Department of City and Regional Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge : Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1963. 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