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Finding Journals

Step by Step

Step 1: Finding print and online journals if you have a citation in hand

TIP: Search using the full journal title. Need help decoding a journal abbreviation? See Step #4

Step 2: Finding journal articles on a topic

First search in a subject database or index to journal articles. See the lists for indexes in Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy. Then, if possible, follow the links within the databases to recent journal articles. If your articles do not have links, move to step #1 to find the journals.

Step 3: Asking for help

Finding articles is not always an easy process, and PMA staff are ready and willing to help you. Phone: 512-495-4610.

Step 4: Finding Journal Abbreviations

Math journal abbreviations:

Physics journal abbreviations:

Astronomy journal abbreviations:

Citation Searching

Web of Science:
Use the Cited Reference Search to search for articles that cite an author or work.

Journal Impact Factors: see Journal Citation Reports (JCR): Science Edition
2003 Edition (ISI) Provides an annual analysis of scholarly journals in the sciences. Attempts to show the relationship between citing and cited journals in order to determine the relative importance of journals within their subject categories. Covers about 7,000 international science journals

Finding Journals at the PMA Library
  • Journals are shelved on the ground floor in alphabetical order by exact title. Disregarding initial articles, all other words are alphabetized [(the) Journal Of The Society Of…]
  • Bound journals can be checked out for three days.
  • Unbound Journals can be checked out for two hours.

Tip: Many journals are no longer available in print at UT. Instead, we have electronic access. Try searching the title in the Library Catalog as well as the Find a Journal site.


* Is my journal article available electronically?

Try step #1 – searching the journal title in the Library Catalog as well as the Find a Journal site.

* Can you give me the password to xxxx journal?

Sorry, we do not have passwords. Did you use the University Libraries website links to get to the journal? Try that first. Still having problems? Phone the PMA library staff at 512-495-4610, or visit the University Libraries Help Page.

* Do you have electronic access to articles from journal xxxx in the year

First search for the journal and click on the link or or click on the Find-It-At-UT yellow button.  A screen will pop up, and the years of electronic coverage are listed in small type. If your year is not included in the coverage, check the Library Catalog for print holdings, or contact us for assistance, 512-495-4610.

* I can't get to xxxx journal/database from off campus?

Use the links provided on the University Libraries website. You will need to type in a valid UT EID to access our subscriptions.

Either look up your journal in the Library Catalog and follow the link or search the Find a Journal site

Or look up the database in Find Articles Using Databases and follow the link.

* Trouble shooting for connection problems:

Robert Lee Moore Hall (RLM) 4.200
stepbystep Citation Journals FAQ