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Closed Studies for PhD Candidates and Faculty

There are approximately 135 closed study rooms in PCL available for assignment to University of Texas at Austin doctoral candidates who have reached candidacy status and to current University of Texas at Austin permanent faculty.

Applying and the assignment process

Applications are available at PCL Circulation Services, PCL 2.122. The Administrative Assistant, (512) 495-4300, makes assignments based on the order in which applications are received.

Assignments are made by the semester and may be renewed for one semester. Floor preference is honored if possible. Applicants are notified by email, post, or telephone, and should maintain current addresses and phone numbers with the Administrative Assistant to insure receiving notification; unclaimed assignments are re-assigned promptly.

If demand is high, applicants who file late in the semester may not receive assignment the following semester. Some occupants vacate before the end of the semester and those studies may be re-assigned; nevertheless, re-assignment of vacated studies to those on the waiting list is considered a full semester's assignment and those assignments may be renewed for the next consecutive semester only.

An occupant in the second semester of assignment may re-apply only after vacating the study, and may be assigned the next semester if there is space available.

Furnishings and maintenance

Studies are furnished with a desk, chair, shelves, and bulletin board. Occupants may not move in other library furniture. To request a typing table or to report lighting, air conditioning, or other problems, notify the Circulation Services Administrative Assistant. Occupants who lose the key or fail to return it pay a $30 rekeying charge.

Safety precautions

Unoccupied studies should be locked. The Libraries and the University of Texas assume no responsibility in the case of loss or damage to personal possessions kept in studies. Promptly report thefts, vandalism or other criminal activities to the PCL Circulation Desk Supervisor on duty and to the guard stationed at the exit.

Withdrawal of assignment

Library staff regularly monitor studies. The following violations are cause for withdrawal of the study assignment:

  • keeping unchecked-out library materials in the study
  • eating, drinking (except in spillproof containers) in the study
  • not using the study
  • transferring use to another person
  • using the study as a conference room or office
  • posting items outside the study
  • keeping heaters, coffee pots, radios or other small appliances in the study
  • substituting other library furniture for that supplied in the study


Renewal request forms must be returned by the date designated on the form. Assignments not renewed end the last day of the assigned term: January 14, May 14, September 14.

Clearing studies

If the study is not vacated and the key returned by the due date, or if the assignment is withdrawn, library staff will prepare the study for the next occupant by:

  • removing library materials, discharging and shelving them
  • sending personal materials to the University Lost and Found
  • billing the assignee $30 for replacing the lock




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