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Lockers are assigned free of charge for a one-year period beginning in September and ending August 15. Currently enrolled University of Texas at Austin students are eligible to apply. The lockers are located on the 3rd floor of PCL, in an area with security monitoring. Lockers are 11” tall by 27” wide by 16” deep.

Use of Lockers

Lockers may be used for storing personal belongings and checked-out library books. Any food and drink temporarily stored must be safely contained and stoppered. Staff inspect lockers regularly and may withdraw an assignment if these regulations are not adhered to.

The lockers have combination locks and are placed in an electronically monitored area. Nevertheless, do not rely on these measures for protection. Keep close watch on your electronics and other valuables. The Libraries and the University do not take responsibility for items stored in the lockers.

Applying for a locker

Students may apply online on the 10th, 11th and 12th class days of the fall semester. No applications will be accepted before or after the application period. The application period begins at 9am on the 10th class day and ends at 5pm on the 12th class day.

You will get an email telling you the status of your application within 2 to 3 weekdays after the end of the application period.Please make sure that your name, EID, and email address are current in University records (UTDirect: personal information: all my addresses).

Locker assignments

Lockers are assigned by a random selection process. Applying early during the application period, or applying more than once, does NOT improve your chances of getting a locker.

If a locker is available for you, you will be told where and when to come to get your locker assignment.

If a locker is not available for you, you will get an email telling you this. You will remain on the waiting list, but the chance of lockers becoming available after the initial assignment period is quite low.

Clearing lockers when the assignment ends

Toward the end of the assignment period you will receive email notification of the deadline for removing materials from your locker. Anything not removed will be disposed of in accordance with the University's policy for disposing of abandoned items.



Apply online here September 7-9 for 2016/17 assignment.


Questions about lockers in PCL? Email or call (512) 495-4300.



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