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Announcement: Between Friday, August 22 and the first week in September, the PCL Microforms will be moved to the Collections Deposit Library and may be unavailable during that time. Use the Pick It Up button or Ask A Librarian if the materials you need are unavailable.

PCL receives many items on microform.  Microforms are materials that have been reproduced photographically and stored either on a reel (microfilm) or on a flat sheet (microfiche).

Our microfilm and microfiche collection is housed on the ground floor of PCL in the labeled cabinets.

Microform readers are located near the microform cabinets.  Our microform readers can create photocopies or digital scans.

To search our microform collection, use the library catalog.  Limit the search to microforms by changing the "ALL Locations" drop box to "Microforms."

Below are several of our most popular microform sets:

You can also view a list of newspapers we hold on microform.  The list is organized by country/state and provides date ranges for our holdings.

Video Tutorial: Using Microforms @ PCL

Video Tutorial: Finding Newspapers on Microfilm @ PCL

Microfiche (MCFICHE)



American Biographical Archive I & II 16,673
American Public Opinion Index 1981- 9610
Archivo Biografico De Espana 1960-1995 16,674
ASI 1974- 4900
Bibliotheque Nationale Catalogue General... 1897-1959 11,983
Bibliotheque Nationale Catalogue General... Supplement 11,984
Bibliotheque Nationale Catalogue General... 1960-1969 11,985
British Biographical Archive Series 1 & 2 9603
CIS 1970- 4902
Congressional Hearings 4905
Congressional Hearings Witness Index 4906
Declassified Documents 2288
Deutsches Biographisches Archiv Series I & II 8142
Early American Imprints (Evans) 1639-1800 16,675
Early American Imprints (Shaw Shoemaker) 1801-1819 16,676
ERIC 4913
Federal Register 1953-1965 (microcards) 3852
Federal Register 1966-present 3853
House Of Commons Parliamentary Papers 1976-present 4924
IIS 1983- 4901
National Union Catalog Books 8159
National Union Catalog Audiovisual Materials 8445
National Union Catalog Register of Additional Locs 8506
NIDS - U.S. 9564
NIDS - United Kingdom 9879
Nursing Collection 4920
Serial Set (includes American State Papers) 4904
Soviet Biographic Archive 12,417
SRI 1980- 4899
Tests On Microfiche 2285
U.N. Offical Records 2618-2644
United States Newspaper Program National Union List 13,919
ValueLine Investment Survey 1980-present 16,345

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Microfilm (MicroFILM)



American Periodical Series 1800-1850 829
American Periodical Series 1850-1900 (Series III) 20,387
American Periodical Series 18th Cent. 828
Goldsmiths'-Kress library of economic literature* 9,840
The Papers Of Margaret Sanger 22,571
Papers Of the NAACP 17,412
Records Of Ante-Bellum Southern Plantations... 18,335
Southern Women And Their Families In the 19th C. 22,470
Village Voice (includes VLS, Voice Literary Supplement) 17,050

*Please search the catalog for this title, as there are additional resources located in non-microfilm form.

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