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PCL Collaborative Commons

Completed August 2013, the PCL Collaborative Commons is a renovated area on the 5th floor of the building. The renovations are the result of student feedback collected in the fall semester of 2012.

Students indicated they wanted the following:

  • More electrical outlets
  • Access to collaborative technologies
  • Increased seating capacity
  • More versatile and varied furniture options
  • More white boards

Those preferences guided the transformation of approximately 3500 square feet of space on the 5th floor and the addition of:

  • More than 150 new seats which can support up to 30 simultaneous study groups ranging in size from four to 15 people
  • Flexibility within the space to allow for even more small groups or fewer groups even larger than 15 people
  • Over 100 new electrical outlets, both on the floor and in the tabletops, so that each new seat has access to a plug
  • Three embedded walk-up media:scape stations (total of six screens)
  • Nearly 1,000 square feet of mobile and wall-mounted white board space, including 15 new rolling white boards
  • The latest, fastest wireless (wifi) access points to replace older technology in the area

While the Collaborative Commons is considered to be a discrete space within PCL, it will also be used as a prototype for future changes to PCL and the UT Libraries.

Click here for more information on the Collaborative Commons (PDF slide deck), including the information-gathering process.

The PCL Collaborative Commons

The goal of the colors, the variety of furniture styles, and the integration of technology in the Collaborative Commons is to inspire effective studying, dynamic collaborative efforts, and the creation of new knowledge.