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Staff Contacts

Name (click name for email) Title Phone Location Mail Code
Turnator, Ece G. Medieval Archivist-Postdoctoral Fellow 495-4125 PCL 1.128 s5476
Access Services
Name (click name for email) Title Phone Location Mail Code
Littrell, Stephen Head, Access Services -- Librarian III 495-4210 PCL 2.122B S5460
Schwartz, Philip Librarian I 495-4212 PCL 6.648 S5460
Acquisitions Services
Name (click name for email) Title Phone Location Mail Code
Arredondo, Katy Library Specialist 495-4227 PCL 1.300 S5451
Beaube, David Library Technical Assistant 495-4145 PCL 1.300 S5450
Bolmey, Esther Library Technical Assistant 495-4229 PCL 1.300 S5451
Elsik, Jennifer Library Specialist 495-4343 PCL 1.300 S5451
Glaser, Michal Library Specialist 495-4153 PCL 1.300 S5450
Henderson, Steven Library Technial Assistant 495-4146 PCL 1.300 S5450
Hernandez, Santiago Senior Library Specialist 495-4228 PCL 1.300 S5451
Hill, Cal Library Specialist 495-4150 PCL 1.300 S5450
James, Aubrey Senior Library Specialist 495-4198 PCL 1.300 s5450
Kelly, Cynthia Library Specialist 495-4152 PCL 1.300 S5451
Peoples, Jim Library Specialist 495-4197 PCL 1.300 S5450
Phelps, Dolores Library Technical Assistant 495-4151 PCL 1.300 S5450
Quagliana, Alisha Discovery & Access Coordinator-- Librarian II 495-4660 PCL 1.300 S5450
Quigley, Brian Head, Acquisitions Services -- Librarian III 495-4149 PCL 1.342H S5450
Selvaraj, Kristi Continuing Resources Coordinator -- Librarian II 495-4409 PCL 1.300 S5450
Silverman, Scott Library Technical Assistant 495-4338 PCL 1.300 S5450
Smith, Michelle Library Specialist 495-4264 PCL 1.300 S5450
Name (click name for email) Title Phone Location Mail Code
Abbey, Linda Constituent Relations Officer 495-4366 PCL 3.200 S5400
Barnett, Doug Chief of Staff 495-4388 PCL 3.238 S5400
Fradenburgh, Robin Associate Director, Technical Services 495-4159 PCL 3.200 S5400
Hamer, Catherine Associate Director, User Services 495-4321 PCL 3.200 S5400
Haricombe, Lorraine Vice Provost and Director 495-4350 PCL 3.200 S5400
Harper, Georgia Scholarly Communications Advisor 495-4653 PCL 3.200 S5400
Shuler, Gennell Administrative Assistant 495-4420 PCL 3.200 S5400
Sick, Jason Program Coordinator / Events Coordinator 495-4394 PCL 3.240 s5400
Bibliographic Database Management Services
Name (click name for email) Title Phone Location Mail Code
Brown, David Library Specialist 495-4486 PCL 1.339 S5452
Denmon, Edee Library Technical Assistant 495-4260 PCL 1.339 S5452
Fleming, Jane Library Technical Assistant 495-4479 PCL 1.339 S5452
Hallgren, Susan Senior Library Specialist 495-4199 PCL 1.339 S5452
Merritt, Chris Library Specialist 495-4183 PCL 1.339 S5452
Woolaver, Ja-Nice Manager, Bibliographic Database Management Services 495-4179 PCL 1.339 S5452
Cataloging & Metadata Services
Name (click name for email) Title Phone Location Mail Code
Acevedo, Loretta Manager, Rapid Cataloging 495-4168 PCL 1.300 S5452
Bartosh, Debbie Library Specialist 495-4174 PCL 1.300 S5452
Bienemann, Margi Library Specialist 495-4173 PCL 1.300 S5452
Brown, Karon Library Specialist 495-4386 PCL 1.300 S5452
Chapa-Guzman, Hugo Professional Cataloger, Latin American Monographs / Spanish & Portuguese Literature Bibliographer -- Librarian I 495-4182 PCL 1.300 S5452
Cofield, Melanie Metadata Coordinator -- Librarian III 495-4355 PCL 1.342E s5453
Davis, Jee-Hyun Head Librarian, Cataloging & Metadata Services -- Librarian III 495-4189 PCL 1.342D S5452
Delepiani, Oscar Hourly A&P 495-4575 PCL 1.300 S5452
Hartunian, Patricia Library Specialist 495-4114 PCL 1.300 S5452
Holicky, Ngocanh Library Specialist 495-4164 PCL 1.300 S5452
Lancaster, Amanda Senior Library Specialist 495-4128 PCL 1.300 S5452
Lawrence, Marjie Professional Cataloger, Music & Multimedia Resources -- Librarian II 495-4190 PCL 1.300 S5452
Lopez, Luisana Library Specialist 495-4276 PCL 1.300 S5452
Marchock, Lori "Ann" Coordinator of Digital & Monographic Resources -- Librarian II 495-4193 PCL 1.300 S5452
Melanson, David Coordinator of Online & Continuing Resources -- Librarian II 495-4180 PCL 1.300 S5452
Ovalle, Holly Library Specialist 495-4492 PCL 1.300 S5453
Ringwood, Alan Coordinator of Music & Multimedia Resources -- Librarian III 495-4191 PCL 1.300 S5452
Schreiber, Krista Coordinator of Cartographic Resources-- Senior Library Specialist 495-4546 PCL 1.300 S5452
Thompson, Deborah Library Specialist 495-4192 PCL 1.300 S5452
Tiller, Anna Library Specialist 495-4186 PCL 1.300 S5452
Circulation Services
Name (click name for email) Title Phone Location Mail Code
Alvarado, Margaret Circulation Coordinator 495-4302 PCL 2.122 S5467
Connors, Janeice Senior Library Specialist 495-4300 PCL 2.122 S5460
Coyle, Rose Library Specialist 495-4314 PCL 2.122 s5460
Custard, Douglas Library Technical Assistant 495-4300 PCL 2.122 S5467
Duff, Janice Library Specialist 495-4300 PCL 2.122 S5460
McFarland, Kenneth Library Specialist 495-4218 PCL 2.122 S5460
Nash, Tena Senior Library Specialist 495-4308 PCL 3.348 S5460
Nelson, Melissa Senior Library Specialist 495-4451 PCL 2.122F S5467
Rezaie, Sasan Library Specialist 495-4300 PCL 2.122 S5460
Tucker, David Library Specialist 495-4300 PCL 2.122 S5460
Collections & Licensing
Name (click name for email) Title Phone Location Mail Code
Aguilar, Lisa Library Specialist 495-4330 PCL 3.324 S5482
Algenio, Emilie Consortia Resources Coordinator - Librarian II 495-4235 PCL 3.307 S5482
Brown Real, Bonnie Librarian II 495-4382 PCL 3.316 s5482
Burlingham, Merry Chief Bibliographer & Collections Management Librarian -- Librarian III 495-4329 PCL 3.324 S5482
Correa, Dale Middle Eastern Studies Librarian -- Librarian I 495-4223 PCL 3.322 s5440
Cunningham, Carolyn Collections Administration Librarian -- Librarian II 495-4382 PCL 3.316 S5482
Macicak, Susan Collection Development Officer - Librarian IV 495-4335 PCL 3.324 S5482
Rader, Mary Global Studies Coordinator - Librarian III 495-4119 PCL 3.315 s5482
Rowe, Ronda Licensing and Content Management Librarian-- Librarian III 495-4110 PCL 3.310 S5450
Thompson-Young, Alexia Licensing Coordinator -- Librarian III 495-4251 PCL 3.307 S5482
Development Operations
Name (click name for email) Title Phone Location Mail Code
Moore, Natalie Development Specialist 495-4363 PCL 3.200 s5400
Perrin, Gregory Chief Development Officer 495-4349 PCL 3.242A S5400
Willmann, Travis Communications Officer 495-4644 PCL 3.200 S5400
Digital Curation Services
Name (click name for email) Title Phone Location Mail Code
Borrego, Gilbert Digital Repository Specialist 495-4105 PCL 1.300 S5453
Bush, Steve Senior Library Specialist 495-4454 PCL 1.402D S5481
Chang, Ting-Benn Technical Staff Assistant IV 495-4213, 5-4566 PCL 1.114 S5481
Eskridge, Heather Assistant Conservator II 495-4137 PCL 1.402 S5481
Henriksen, Vandy Technical Staff Assistant IV 495-4316 PCL 1.114 S5450
Hixson, Austin Library Specialist 495-4121 PCL 1.114 s5481
Jensen, Helen Library Technical Assistant 495-4139 PCL 1.402 S5481
Lamphear, Anna Audiovisual Digitization Coordinator -- Librarian II 495-4171 PCL 1.114 S5481
Lee, Jennifer Assistant Director, Technical Services -- Librarian IV 495-4383 PCL 1.342G S5452
Lyon, Colleen Scholarly Communications Librarian -- Librarian III 495-4244 PCL1.342F S5453
Marez, Joey Library Specialist 495-4137 PCL 1.114/1.402 S5481
Martin, Wendy Manager, Digitization Services and Conservator -- Librarian III 495-4138 PCL 1.402B S5481
O'Bryan, Sean Preservation & Digitization Services and Gift Services Processing -- Librarian II 495-4354 PCL 1.402A S5481
Pearson, Jon Library Specialist 495-4297 PCL 1.402 S5481
Sinclair, Luba Library Technical Assistant 495-4276 PCL 1.402 S5481
Thornton, Katherine Library Specialist 495-4137 PCL 1.114 S5481
East Asian Library Program
Name (click name for email) Title Phone Location Mail Code
Chao, Yueh-Shwu Library Specialist 495-4325 PCL 1.300 S5431
Ito, Momoko Library Specialist 495-4324 PCL 1.300 S5431
Su, Meng-Fen Head Librarian, East Asian Library Program -- Librarian II 495-4323 PCL 1.342B S5431
Engineering Collection
Name (click name for email) Title Phone Location Mail Code
Ardis, Susan Head Librarian, Engineering Collection -- Librarian III 495-4505 PCL 6.102 S5435
Dallas, Larayne Assistant Engineering Librarian -- Librarian III 495-4503 PCL 6.102 S5435
Rosenberg, Robyn Science Instruction Librarian -- Librarian II 495-4646 PCL 6.102 S5435
Facilities and IT Infrastructure
Name (click name for email) Title Phone Location Mail Code
Aker, Greg Senior Desktop Support Specialist 495-4232 PCL 1.404 S5478
Bahre, Geoff Project Specialist 495-4269 PCL 1.102BK s5470
Carter, Christian Assistant Director, Facilities and IT Infrastructure 495-4550 PCL 1.404 S5478
Corry, Mark Senior IT Manager 495-3266 PCL 1.304 S5471
Irwin, James Senior Desktop Support Specialist 495-4362 PCL 1.404 S5478
Kidwell, John Senior Desktop Support Specialist 495-4320 PCL 1.404 S5478
Meaker, Frank Project Specialist 495-4627 PCL 1.104 S5456
Moore, Barry Scott Mail Clerk 495-4280 PCL 1.204 S5456
Munoz III, Arthur Senior Desktop Support Specialist 495-4286 PCL 1.404 s5478
Pham, Lan Software Developer/Analyst 495-4169 PCL 1.404 s5478
Rahman, Ishtiak IT Coordinator 495-4117 PCL 2.240 S5478
Roberts, David Senior Software Developer/Analyst 495-4253 PCL 1.404 S5478
Shumake, William Information Analyst 495-3266 PCL 1.302 S5478
Stein, Steve Information Technology Coordinator II 495-4123 PCL 1.404 S5478
Fiscal Services
Name (click name for email) Title Phone Location Mail Code
Bonefas, Amy Administrative Associate 495-4206 PCL 1.102 S5470
Dougherty, Jim Financial Officer and Assistant Director for Administrative Services 495-4380 PCL 1.102E S5470
Harrison, Jean Administrative Associate 495-4203 PCL 1.102 S5470
Henley, John Procurement Officer 495-4112 PCL 1.102 S5470
McAlester, Aggie Administrative Associate 495-4652 PCL 1.102 S5470
Poplawski, Stacy Senior Financial Analyst 495-4248 PCL 1.102 S5470
Ramirez, Laura Adminitrative Assistant 495-4205 PCL 1.102 S5470
Ruiz, Esmeralda R. "Esmy" Administrative Assistant 495-4200 PCL 1.102 S5480
Stuenkel, Jeffrey Financial Analyst 495-4381 PCL 1.102 S5470
Interlibrary Services
Name (click name for email) Title Phone Location Mail Code
A De Araya, H Alonso Library Specialist 495-4131 PCL 1.343 S5463
Ballou, Rebecca Library Specialist 495-4134 PCL 1.343 S5463
Foroughi, Fahimeh Library Specialist 495-4134 PCL 1.343 S5463
Fuentes, Claudia Senior Library Specialist 495-4134 PCL 1.343 S5463
McArthur, Rachel Library Specialist 495-4131 PCL 1.343 S5463
Molina, Melissa Library Specialist 495-4134 PCL 1.343 S5463
Nesmith, Wendy Senior Library Specialist 495-4135 PCL 1.343 S5463
Ramirez, Andres Senior Library Specialist 495-4130 PCL 1.343 S5463
Ramzy, Christopher Library Specialist 495-4131 PCL 1.343 S5463
Reed, David L. Library Specialist 495-4339 PCL 1.343 S5463
Walker, Kristin Document Delivery Librarian -- Librarian III 495-4133 PCL 1.343 S5463
Youssefnia, Jonathon Senior Library Specialist 495-4132 PCL 1.343 S5463
IT Architecture and Strategy
Name (click name for email) Title Phone Location Mail Code
Ackermann, Michael Senior Systems Administrator 495-4157 PCL 1.356 S5477
Galewsky, Dan Senior Software Engineer 495-4393 PCL 1.332 S5477
Gibson, Jon Software Developer 495-4141 PCL 1.355 S5477
Gilmore, Fred Senior Systems Administrator 495-4318 PCL 1.363 S5477
Hanson, Ladd Assistant Director, IT Architecture and Strategy 495-4299 PCL 3.200 S5477
O'Balle, Alison Information Systems Librarian -- Librarian III 495-4390 PCL 1.366 S5477
Rangel, Minnie Software Developer/Analyst 495-4392 PCL 1.363 S5477
Templeton, Audrey Software Developer/Analyst 495-4540 PCL 1.363 S5477
Library Copier Services
Name (click name for email) Title Phone Location Mail Code
Ayers, Kyle Administrative Assistant 495-4122 PCL 1.102BG S5470
Bridges, John Cashier III 495-4124 PCL 1.102 S5472
Paine, Rigaud Tech Staff Assistant II 495-4126 PCL 1.102BF S5470
Library Human Resources
Name (click name for email) Title Phone Location Mail Code
Darocy, Carla Human Resource Services Assistant 495-4377 PCL 3.102 S5405
Haney, Jan Human Resources Representative 495-4376 PCL 3.102 S5405
Heath, Jennifer Assistant Director, Organizational Development and Human Resources 495-4375 PCL 3.102 S5405
Name (click name for email) Title Phone Location Mail Code
Rascoe, Paul Documents, Maps, & Electronic Info Services Librarian -- Librarian III 495-4262 PCL 2.402E S5462
Strickland, Katherine Manager, Library Services 495-4274, 5-4275 PCL 1.306A S5464
Middle East Library Program
Name (click name for email) Title Phone Location Mail Code
Kolodney, Uri Judaica and Hebraica Bibliographer -- Librarian II 495-4399 PCL 1.342A S5440
Research & Information Services
Name (click name for email) Title Phone Location Mail Code
Deputy, Brittany Communication Librarian -- Librarian II 495-4142 PCL 2.430E s5466
Dobbs, Joseph Virtual Reference Coordinator -- Librarian II 495-4224 PCL 2.402K S5466
Flaxbart, Jenifer Head, Research & Information Services / PCL Public Services -- Librarian IV 495-4266 PCL 2.200 S5466
Hedstrom, Janelle Education Librarian/Bibliographer -- Librarian III 495-4448 PCL 2.402J S5446
Hogan, Kristen English Literature and Women's & Gender Studies Librarian -- Librarian II 495-4414 PCL 2.402H S5466
Kessler, April Business Librarian -- Librarian III 495-4271 PCL 2.430E S5466
Kopplin, Bill Computer Science Librarian -- Librarian II 495-4268 PCL 2.430 S5466
Liu, Zhi Library Specialist 495-4564 PCL 2.430 S5466
Moreno, Pedro Social Work & Government Librarian / Bibliographer -- Librarian II 495-4654 PCL 2.402C S5466
Winchester, Shiela Head Librarian, Classics Library -- Librarian III 495-4254 PCL 2.430 S5466
South Asian Library Program
Name (click name for email) Title Phone Location Mail Code
Bhattacharjee, Barnil Library Specialist 495 4544 PCL 1.300 S5482
Teaching & Learning Services
Name (click name for email) Title Phone Location Mail Code
Barrera, Daniel Library Specialist 495-4699 PCL 5.518 S5475
Fisher, Cynthia Learning Technologies Librarian -- Librarian III 495-4333 PCL 5.509 S5475
Nacca, Elise Learning Programs Librarian -- Librarian II 495-4361 PCL 5.508 S5475
Ostrow, Michele Head, Teaching & Learning Services -- Librarian IV 495-4534 PCL 5.512 S5475
Wilbur, Andrew Media Support Technician 495-4449 PCL 5.513 S5475
Wyatt-Baxter, Krystal Instruction and Assessment Librarian -- Librarian II 495-4144 PCL 5.514 S5475
Technology Integration Services
Name (click name for email) Title Phone Location Mail Code
Choate, Aaron Head, Technology Integration Services - Librarian IV 495-4265 PCL 1.128 S5476
Diaz, Jade Business Analyst 495-4431 PCL 1.128 S5476
Hecker, Jennifer Software Developer/Analyst 495-4263 PCL 1.128 S5476
Jacobs, Daniel Captioning Services Coordinator 495-4416 PCL 1.128 s5476
Jones, Mason Senior Software Developer/Analyst 495-4331 PCL 1.128 s5476
Persoff, Ethan Webmaster 495-4384 PCL 1.128 s5476
Villalobos, Matthew Web Designer 495-4498 PCL 1.128 S5476
Texas Digital Library
Name (click name for email) Title Phone Location Mail Code
Bradley, Effie Senior Systems Administrator 495-4101 PCL 1.334 S5471
Krumholz, Gad Senior Software Developer/Analyst 495-4418 PCL 1.333 s5471
Lauland, Nicholas E. Systems Administrator II 495-4471 PCL 1.336 S5471
Park, Kristi Marketing Manager 495-4417 PCL 1.337 S5471
Steans, Ryan Director of Operations 495-4403 PCL 1.331 S5471