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Essays in economic development and conflict.
Ali, Hamid.

Performance of the hollow state: State and local responses to the devolution of affordable housing production.
Koerner, Mona.

Wage inequality and globalization: Evidence from manufacturing industries.
Kum, Hyunsub.

Cumulative effects assessment and sustainable development under the national environmental policy act.
Senner, Robin.


The effects of international trade on national sovereignty : The case of the Central American Common Market.
Bomba, Michael Stephen.

Victim satisfaction a model of the criminal justice system.
Stickels, John William.


Quality of care assessment: State Medicaid administrators' use of quality information.
Fickel, Jacqueline Jean.

Estimating differences in air emissions from industrial chemical production in Texas and Mexico.
Gilbreath, Jan.


A Children's disability policy in Canada, the United States and Mexico : A question of convergence.
Baker, Dana Lee.

The political economy of inequality: An assessment of the evolution of earnings inequality in Mexico and the Americas, 1968-2000.
Cantu, Vidal Garza, 1968-

Labor and service delivery : Training programs for women in non-traditional occupations.
Mastracci, Sharon Hogan.


Growth, technology and inter-industry earnings inequality in manufacturing : Evidence from a selection of OECD countries, 1970-1990.
Conceicao, Pedro Teixeira, 1969-

New federalism at work? : The case of the alcohol and drug abuse block grant and substance abuse spending in the American states.
Sim, Shao-Chee, 1969-

Public infrastructure investment and structural economic change : The spatial dynamics of public works in the United States.
Wilson, Matthew Charles, 1960-


Irrigation for sale: A case study of water marketing and conservation in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.
Hurlbut, David Joseph

Inequality and industrial change in China and the financial crisis in Thailand : An analysis using cluster and discriminant techniques and the Theil inequality measures.
Lu, Jiaqing, 1964-

The communication and interpretation of undergraduate admissions policies in central Texas high schools and middle schools.
Venezia, Andrea, 1969-


Re-thinking the educational production function paradigm.
Becker, Stephen Lewis, 1959-

U.S. federal budget structure 1962-1995 : Beyond incrementalism.
Berner, Maureen Michelle, 1967-

Local economic development planning in low-income urban America : The case of the empowerment zone and enterprise community initiative.
Cramer, Reid

How many years should I be married : Long term power contracts in the electric utility industry in Texas.
Levy Ferre, Alberto, 1962-

The Mexican telecommunications reform : A political economy approach.
Mariscal Aviles, Judith, 1958-


Macro evaluation of the Korean industrial policy : A wage analysis based on discriminant analysis.
Kim, Junmo, 1965-

The nature and extent of heroin addiction in Texas : A quantitative and qualitative study.
Maxwell, Jane Carlisle


Cooperation among competitors in research consortia : The evolution of MCC and SEMATECH.
Horrigan, John Brendan, 1961-