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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

The Evolution of International War Crime Tribunals
Lammer, Theresa Marie.
REPORT 2004 L18854 Public Affairs Library.

The report records the history of international war crime tribunals. It begins with the trial of Sir Peter Von Hagenbach by the Allied States of the Holy Roman Empire in 1474. It then moves on to the Hague Peace Conferences in 1898 and 1907, which attempted to codify international rules of conduct in war and define crimes of war in order to establish what was acceptable behavior even in war. It then moves to post World War I which ended in The Lausanne Treaty, which promised immunity in exchange for the end to war and the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, which signified the first attempt to establish a universal jurisdiction for the conviction of war crimes. Next it looks at the Nuremburg Tribunal, the Tokyo Tribunal, the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, and the International Criminal Court. It examines the difficulties and objections to each of them as well as their contribution to the evolution of war crime law.


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