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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

Billboard Regulation in Central Texas
Kong, Huijun.
REPORT 2004 K8368 Public Affairs Library.

This is a policy report on billboard regulation in Central Texas. Billboards have caused a series of environmental problems to this country. Many reports have addressed the problem especially from the federal and state regulation standpoint. But this report chooses another angle, i.e. from a local government stance. Survey and case studies are the two major methodologies applied in the report. The report discovers that loopholes in regulation, lax law enforcements, and application in new advertising technologies are attributed to the current backward situation of billboard regulations in Central Texas. The report particularly concentrates on the regulatory abilities of small towns in this area. The finding shows that they are facing more challenges than large cities. But big cities also have to tackle problems in resources constraints and nonconforming signs. The proposals include building a regional clearinghouse on billboard regulation, tightening local billboard regulations, setting up a travel information system to replace the directional function of billboards, applying new technologies in the law enforcement, and promoting citizen participation in the issue.


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