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Reframing School Choice: Implications for Civic Engagement.
Randazzo, Matthew Joseph.
REPORT 2003 R152 Public Affairs Library

America’s most recent attempt at systemic school reform, school choice, purports that increased competition in schooling will produce better schools, richer learning opportunities, and provide minority students with equal access to a high quality education. School choice, however, really amounts to little more than providing a minority of students with increased opportunity while forsaking those students whose parents may not be actively engaged in their schooling. The emphasis on school choice, therefore, treats education as a commodity and places private interests above the public good. In part, this professional report examines and critiques school choice as a reform effort. It also suggests that civil society should have a larger role in schooling and education so as to achieve the above stated goals and objectives. Additionally, the report explains the role of civil society as a moderator between market and government, thereby balancing public and private interests. Finally, the professional report addresses how individuals, schools, communities, and society benefit from an active civil sector.


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