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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

Corporate Decision-Making in the Face of HIV/AIDS.
Dadd, Cyril James.
REPORT 2003 D121 Public Affairs Library

In the midst of startling HIV infection rates across parts of the globe like sub-Saharan Africa, economists predict that AIDS will dramatically impact company profits. This possibility convinces some managers of companies that operate in highly affected countries, like South Africa, that they should do more to decrease new infections and mitigate the impact of AIDS. Most, however, continue to deny that AIDS will greatly impact their business. The growing number of companies that now provide workplace education, testing, and life-saving medications for their South African employees suggests that aggressive corporate AIDS interventions may be affordable, or even cost-effective. Other evidence indicates that managers also consider factors such as investor relations, competition and ethics. The diversity of motivating factors explored in this report suggests that corporate AIDS policy is a complex and evolving field.