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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

The Implementation of the Hudood Ordinance and Its Effect on Women in Pakistan
Ghori, Saba
THESIS 2002 G346 Public Affairs Library

In light of recent events in Afghanistan and the United States' involvement in the "War on Terrorism" increasing attention has been given to the role of Pakistan and its role in the region. This thesis analyzes the formation of Pakistan as a separate state for the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent and the affect that this philosophy has had on the politics, culture, and religion of Pakistan. Specifically, an assessment of the Hudood Ordinance and the political climate in which it was enacted will be addressed. I will focus on the role women have had on nationalist agendas within post-colonial contexts and within the process of Islamization. In doing so, I will address various aspects of the debate surrounding the Hudood Ordinance and will offer recommendations on how to deal with this issue. In making an analysis of the zina law within this ordinance, I will focus on the role of women within Pakistan, the connection between rape and domestic violence, and will note how honor is a cultural perception and reality that often drives and controls certain behaviors. Within this analysis, I will study the practices surrounding the implementation of the zina law within the Hudood Ordinance and how they have been carried out by the those people who deal with these cases on a daily basis. This includes the police, lawyers, doctors, and judges.