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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

Hospital access to reproductive services in Texas: where can a woman go?
Wolford, Laura Marie
Report 2001 W833 Public Affairs Library.

This report examines the limited access to reproductive services at hospitals in the United States, with a particular focus on hospitals in Texas. After discussing the decline in access to reproductive services and the importance of hospital provision of services, I discuss Catholic hospitals and the threat to reproductive services posed by Catholic hospital mergers with non-Catholic facilities. I also present newly collected data on access to reproductive services, particularly abortion and emergency contraceptives, at hospitals in Texas. This data represents preliminary results from written and phone surveys of all hospitals offering maternity services in Texas. Further, I present a case study of the lease agreement between Seton Healthcare Network and the City of Austin for the operation of Brackenridge hospital. Finally, I offer policy recommendations aimed at increasing access to reproductive services in hospitals.