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Master's Professional Reports Abstract

State implementation plans: a study of the policy-making process for areas of non-attainment in the state of Texas.
Schauer, Steven Samuel
Currently unavailable. Being processed for Public Affairs Library.

The first chapter of this professional report will briefly explain the Clean Air Act (CAA), State Implementation Plans (SIPs), and the emissions inventory (EI) requirement of the SIP. Chapter two will provide background information for the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) non-attainment area and describe the most recent control strategies for the DFW and Houston-Galveston Area (HGA) non-attainment areas. Essentially, chapters one and two provide the necessary background information for the main focus of the report, which takes place in chapter three; an examination of the SIP policy-making process in the State of Texas. The DFW non-attainment area will be the main focus of this study; however, the similarities between DFW and HGA will be touched upon. Following the description of the SIP policy-making process, chapter four will explain the relevance of this study by reviewing some of the pending issues in federal and state government that will have an impact on the SIP process in Texas. Finally, chapter five will provide a conclusion for this report by analyzing the SIP policy-making process in the State of Texas and by giving recommendations that may be used to improve this process.